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    R. Angelina

    prepared by mesoderma

  • *1-st concern of the patients: IS IT PAINFULL , DOC ???

  • *OVERALL VIEW Increasing number of people seeking treatment for aging skin Cosmetic treatment above all, has to be: -convenient -safe -effective -less pain/ painless -high desirability, compliance and result

  • *For doctors: Patients can be turned off from seeking aesthetic work because of their NEEDLE PHOBIA A painful experience bear the risk of losing patient ,as it involves multiple visits, and discouraging friends and family to follow suit. A good experience will create loyalty, help marketing and create a caring and gentle image

  • * Primum non nocere (First, do no harm )

  • *PAIN SENSATIONS INFLUENCED BY :1. Individual pain threshold2. Areas sensitivity3. Needles gauge4. Needles sharpness5. Speed of needle penetration6. Needles vibration7. Skins stability 8. Medication9. Speed of injection


    Affects all, varies in different degrees

    Factors affecting pain: PMS, anxiety, overall states of mind and health ( motivation and desire VS hesitation )

  • *ANXIETY CONTROL TALK TO YOUR PATIENT -Good information for treatment, pain sensation, duration, post treatment. It will help for better tolerate and minimized the stress

  • *ANXIETY CONTROL Non Pharmacological: -relaxing environment -soft music -warm and positive attitude -hot herbal tea, or wine (if the patient not driving) -acupuncture / acupressure for relaxing Pharmacological: tranquilizer?

  • *2. AREAS SENSITIVITY Notice the high sensitive areas

    First, do at the less sensitive areas

  • *AREAS SENSITIVITY Do at the less sensitif area first High sensitif area on the face:

  • *

  • *3.NEEDLES gauge Suggest: always use special needle for mesotherapy (mesoneedle)

    Mesorelle Mesalyse 27G, 30G, 32G, 4mm, 6mm, 13 mm

  • *4. NEEDLES SHARPNESS Manually : change the needle after few injections, bevel up Mesogun: - kit - mesoneedle - bevel down

  • *5. SPEED OF NEEDLE PENETRATION SNAKE BITE MESOGUN : very fast and precisely penetration

  • *6. NEEDLES VIBRATION Usually, your hands make some vibration before injecting, and affect the skin stability, therefore will make more painful. MESOGUN: more stabilized needle

  • *7. SKIN STABILITYStabilized the skin by pinching MESOGUN : SKIN STABILIZER / SKIN BRIDGE


  • *9. SPEED OF INJECTION Inject the product slowly, dont be in a rush MESOGUN: Beware of the injection speed

  • *PAIN CONTROL PO Medication Topical anesthetic Cooling methods Nerve blocks? etc

  • *P.O. analgesics Might add to the comfort Not really needed, rarely used in our practice except for special condition

  • *TOPICAL ANESTHETIC SINGLE AGENT Lidocaine : Elamax, Betacaine, etc Propitocaine: Anestop

    Multiple Agent: - Lidocaine+ Prilocaine : Emla , Topsy - Lidocaine+ Tetracaine : S- Caine - Benzocaine+ Lidocaine+ Tetracaine : MRS

  • *CHARACTERISTIC OF IDEAL CREAMS: Rapid onset of action Little adverse effects : allergy, irritation Duration of action : long enough to cover procedure time and short enough not to interfere with daily activities after procedure

  • *TIPS FOR PATIENT SATISFACTION1. LOCAL ANESTHETICApplied prior to treatment, not essensial but maybe helpful for sensitive patient or to sensitive area2. ICEApplied prior and after the treatment, ice will achieve the numbness of anesthetic and also help reduce swelling after PPC3. LOOSE CLOTHINGAfter treatment, loose fitting clothes can increase patient comfort, particularly after PPC4. MASSAGEEncourage 72 hours after treatment and continue daily between treatment, massage can be effective in reducing nodules

  • *MESOGUNAdvantages of mesogun including:1. Increased comfort level both for patient and practitioner2. Reduced pain due to skin stabilizer, speed of needle penetration, and consistency of injection3. Accuracy- programmable and consistent 4. Versatility- accurately perform continues, nappage, mesoperfusion, and domestic modes5. Speed- procedures are faster

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