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Tenants newsletter


  • Meres NewsFor all the local news about your community | Issue 18 Autumn 2011

    Tel: 0300 303 1190 Email: Web:

    In this issue... TARCA Garden Competition winnersPage 11

    Fun Day PicturesPage 5

    Millington Close Gardens Open DayPage 3

    Autumn already!See whats happening

    in Shropshire this Autumn

  • Stephen Donkersley MMHA Board Member

    2 Meet The Board/Our Services to you3 Gardens Open Day/Birthday celebrations4 Oil Tank Loans/Downsizing5 Group Pages9 Toilet Blockages/Your Feedback10 Taking A Closer Look/Board Size11 TARCA12 Competitions

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    You can contact us in a number of ways:

    1 PHONE 0300 303 11901 FREEPHONE 0800 43462891 EMAIL IN WRITING by sending your letter to us at

    Meres and Mosses Housing Association, Talbot House, High Street Wem SY4 5AA

    1 IN PERSON by coming along to the reception desk at Talbot House.

    OFFICE OPENING HOURSOur normal office opening hours are:8.45am - 5.00pm Monday - Thursday8.45am - 4.30pm Friday.

    STEPHEN DONKERSLEY lives in Wem and has been a Board Member of the MMHA Board of Management since December 2007. Stephen had a 33 year career as a probation officer and social work manager. He currently sits on a panel of independent persons investigating complaints against local authorities.

    meet the Board

    Tenant Involvement and Empowerment


    13 45 6

    213 45 6


    and Communities standard

    13 45 6


    Value for Money standard

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    2Tenancy standard

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    Governance and Financial Viability


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    2Home standard

    Our regulator, The Tenants Services Authority has asked all social landlords to produce local offers through six standards that cover the services we provide. Our current offers and the progress we have made are set out in the Tenants Report 2011 sent to you with this newsletter.

    All updates on the local offers will be marked with the appropriate sticker (see below) for the standard it applies to.

    2 | Meres News Autumn 2011 | Tel: 0300 303 1190


    OW T

    O C


    CT U


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  • A loan of 300 from Just Credit Union will cost 7.51 per week. 1.00 a week of this will go into your own personal savings account.

    So take advantage of a Just Credit Union Oil Loan

    Just Credit Union are available at MMHAs office in Wem, Tuesdays 10am 12noon or call them on 01743 252325.

    Are you struggling to pAy for your oil tAnk to be filled?

    IS YOUR HOME TOO bIG?OPTION 1A no strings attached cash grant of 2000 which is paid to you when you move. You make all the arrangements connected to the removal yourself, and you can spend the money as you wish.

    OPTION 2 A removal package, a named officer to arrange the move, and a smaller cash grant.

    The removal package includes: Advice and assistance Packing and transportation of furniture Reconnection of utility services Furniture removal and unpacking

    The total cost of the removals package will be deducted from the 2000 grant and any remaining money will be paid when you move.

    If you owe and rent to MMHA, this will be deducted from your grant. There is a limited amount of money available for the scheme, so payments will be made on a first come, first served basis.

    13 45 6


    13 45 6


    Have you completed you

    r Resident Census yet?

    If not, please go to our w

    ebsite, print off the form

    , and

    return it to us as soon as

    possible. Alternatively y


    can call us and we can ta

    ke the details over the p


    The more we receive back

    , the better we can plan o


    services to meet your nee



    If you find your current home too large to cope with, we can help you move to smaller more suitable accommodation. MMHA are currently running a downsizing scheme that will help you move to a smaller property.

    4 | Meres News Autumn 2011 | Tel: 0300 303 1190

  • The Your Viewpoint Funday was held at the Shrewsbury Sports Village in August and enjoyed by all who attended.

    Attendance was nearly double from last year and staff received some really good feedback from tenants about the

    day. If you have further feedback visit Here are some of the tenants who got involved. | Group News Autumn 2011

  • From March 2012 giro cheques will no longer be paid out by the Post Office to welfare recipients. Instead PayPoint will provide welfare payments (free of charge to customers) over the counter at PayPoint outlets in newsagents, community stores, and other local outlets.

    You could have your benefits paid into a Bank Account instead.

    Group News Autumn 2011 | Tel: 0300 303 1109

    Basic Bank accounts

    With a Basic Bank account you

    Dont get a cheque book

    Dont get an overdraft

    Can pay in cheques for free

    Can take money out at cash machines

    Can pay bills by Direct Debit or standing order (which usually means services are cheaper)

    Basic bank accounts are usually free UNLESS you dont have enough funds in the account when a direct debit is drawn. Then you will receive a charge - which can be up to 20 a time.

    When choosing a Basic Bank account

    check you can use cash machines near where you live or work for free (ask the bank or building society if you arent sure).

    check there is a branch of the bank/building society near you where you can pay in money and check your account.

    check you can pay money in or get money out at a Post Office branch, if this is important for you.

    check you will get the services you need like a debit card, Direct Debits or standing orders.

  • training!

    Shropshire Housing Group plans to work with the Citizens Advice Bureau to provide some simple training courses on how to manage your money. These courses will be FUN and easy.

    We will look at bank accounts, budgeting and simple ways to save money. If you have money worries we can also help you get some specialist support and help.

    If you are interested in attending any of these courses please contact our Customer Services team to put your name down, and we will contact you to let you know where the nearest one is in your area.

    Shropshire Housing Group works with Just Credit Union. They offer a basic bank account, training on how to use it and they have community branches at:


    Mondays & Thursdays office hours: South Shropshire Voluntary Action, Corve Street Thursdays 10.00 - 11.30: Rockspring Community Centre, Sandpits Estate

    craven arms

    South Shropshire Housing Association, The Gateway Tuesdays 14.00 - 16.00


    Meres and Mosses Housing Association, Talbot House Tuesdays by appointment:

    market drayton

    Community Information Centre Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9.30 - 1pm and 1.30. - 3pm; Saturdays 9.30.-1pm:

    You can also contact them on 01743 252 325 or go to: | Group News Autumn 2011

    FLexiBiLityInstead of carrying all of your money with you, you can use a debit card to make purchases or withdraw a small amount of money from various locations.

    saFetyMoney left in a home or on your

    person can be stolen or lost. Money in a bank account is

    insured against loss so even if your bank goes bankrupt, your

    money is still safe.

    convenienceMany employers insist on paying

    wages into a bank account.

    You can have all your welfare benefits paid into a bank account

    which means that you do not have to make time to go to a

    post office to cash a cheque.


  • There is much publicity around carbon monoxide poisoning and gas installations. However research shows that the risk of dying from carbon monoxide exposure is up to ten times higher from a faulty solid fuel appliance.

    Shropshire Housing Group are required under the Heath and Safety at Work Act to ensure all types of heating systems in its properties are safe to use and that records are kept in relation to annual servicing and safety checks.We will carry out a full annual service of your appliance and carry out a visual and smoke test on your flue. If required, further tests may be carried out and remedial action taken to ensure your appliance and its flue is functioning safely.

    This work is completely free to our tenants, however access is needed to the property to carry out the works. In addition to this, the appliance will need to be out of use for the work to be carried out. An appointment will be made with you at your convenience and to give you time to ensure your appliance is out of use. TRL will carry out this work.

    Solid fuel ser