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  • Mental Health

  • Mental Health Vocabulary

  • Mental Health How a person feels about themselves.

  • Self-Image How a person feels about their appearance and personality.

  • Self-Esteem The feelings that a person has about themselves.

  • Peers people of the same age group.

  • Peer Pressure Strong influence that people of the same age group have on another.

  • Can you think of a time when you experienced peer pressure?

  • What are some ways to say NO to peer pressure?

  • Body Language Nonverbal communication that includes the use of facial expressions and body movements.

  • Stress The bodies reaction to a demanding situation.

  • The Responsible Decision-Making Model

  • 1. Describe the situation that requires a decision.

  • 2. List possible decisions you might make.

  • 3. Share the list of possible decisions with a trusted adult.

  • 4. Evaluate the consequences of each decision.

  • Will the decision result in actions that:Are healthful?Are safe?Are legal?

  • Will the decision result in actions that:Show respect for myself and others?Follow the guidelines of responsible adults?Demonstrate good character?

  • 5. Decide which decision is responsible and most appropriate.

  • 6. Act on your decision and evaluate the results.

  • Decision De-Terminator


  • Health Suffers If You Cannot Handle Stress

  • Results of Not Handling StressHeadachesStomachachesLack of sleepLack of appetiteOvereatingLoss of confidence

  • What is one of the best ways to handle a conflict in a stressful situation?

  • Use of drugs to feel less stressedLoss of self-respectHarmful decisions and behaviorsResults of Not Handling Conflict

  • Ways to Reduce StressExerciseTalk about it with a trusted adultMusicRelaxation TechniquesDeep BreathingSeek Medical HelpMedicine

  • More Stress ReducersSportsClubsWritten ExpressionFresh AirProper NutritionSleepActivities that you find relaxing



  • Suicide Prevention Strategies

  • #1 - Warning Signs of DepressionMaking a direct statement about death, such as No one would miss me if I were dead. Talking about a method of suicide, such as using a gun or overdose.

  • #1 - Warning Signs of Depression Having a close friend or relative who attempted or committed suicide.Giving away possessions.

  • #1 - Warning Signs of DepressionRunning away.Using Alcohol or other drugs

  • #2 - Listen without giving advice.

  • #3 - Take any suicide threat seriously.

  • #4 DO NOT promise to keep the suicide threat a secret.

  • #5 - Call a parent, guardian, or another responsible adult right away.

  • #6 - Stay with the person until a responsible adult arrives.

  • Mental Health TEST


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