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  • 1.Men & Womens Clothing Above the WaistThese are general words that apply to both men and womens clothing.

2. Under garments: worn under your clotting 3. Underwear Clothing worn next to the skin and under other clothing 4. Slang: Tighty WhiteysBriefs Y-shaped underwear 5. Thongs Underwear that doesn't cover the bottom, but has a thin strip of material that passes between the buttocks. 6. Boxers Underwear in the form of shorts 7. Business Sportswear 8. Suit Two piece formal wear in the form of a smart jacket, and trousers or skirt 9. Top Any garment for just the upper body 10. Blazer A jacket worn as a uniform, usually less weather proof than a jacket 11. Cardigan Knitted long sleeved upper body garment with a full length opening at the front fastened by a zip or buttons 12. Vest, Waistcoat A thin sleeveless upper body garment without sleeves worn over a shirt, which usually has buttons down the front 13. Shirt An upper body garment with a collar, cuffs, and a full length vertical opening at the front with buttons 14. Cold Weather Clothing 15. Sweater Knitted upper body garment 16. Turtleneck A high, tubular, often rolled-down collar that fits closely about the neck. 17. Sweatshirt A knitted top with long sleeves, typically lighter than a sweater 18. Hoody Any top with a hood 19. Jacket A waist length coat 20. Coat An outer garment with sleeves, that is worn over other clothes, usually for warmth. It can be waist length or longer 21. Raincoat A waterproof or water-resistant coat worn to protect the body from rain. 22. Poncho A cloak with a hole in the center for the head 23. Casual Wear (Everyday wear): Wear to walk the dog, hang-out at home, grocery shop, work outside, cleaning, wear on the weekends, etc 24. Polo Shirt Thin short sleeved top with a collar with a few buttons down a slit below the collar 25. T-Shirt A thin short sleeved upper body garment 26. Slang: Wife beaterTank Top A thin sleeveless upper body garment 27. Tracksuit/ Jogging Suit A loose top and trousers, worn for sports, or informally 28. Robe A loose fitting piece of clothing with sleeves 29. Pajamas Trousers and top intended for sleeping in 30. Overalls/Dungarees Loose, full body protective clothing