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  1. 1. Crane Hire Melbourne
  2. 2. A crane is a type of machine generallyequipped with a hoist, wire ropes orchains and sheaves, that can be usedboth to lift and lower materials and tomove them horizontally.
  3. 3. Crane Hire includes a wide range of the latestcrane lifting equipment and technology. CraneHire provides crane lifting equipment, operatedby highly experienced quality operators andriggers.
  4. 4. Cranes are hire for the construction oftall buildings. Larger cranes were laterdeveloped, employing the use of humantread wheels, permitting the lifting ofheavier weights.
  5. 5. It is hired for the lifting of heavy thingsand the transportation of them to otherplaces. It involves the use of one or moresimple machines to create a mechanicaladvantage and thus move loads beyondthe normal capability of a human.
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