melissa vrana, elearning director 2007 elearning seminar

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  • Melissa Vrana, eLearning Director 2007 eLearning Seminar
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  • A Success! Twenty-five instructors representing different divisions of the college attended the 2007 eLearning Seminar, which took place on May 14 th to 17 th.Twenty-five instructors2007 eLearning Seminar They were trained to effectively produce different media pieces to elevate eLearning courses from being two-dimensional, primarily text-based webspaces, to interactive three- dimensional environments, by taking advantage of new multimedia technologies.
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  • A Success! To ensure continuation of the production of media pieces, instructors were provided with the necessary equipment to develop multimedia learning elements. The skills gained at the eLearning Seminar will benefit students by encouraging active learning and addressing the needs of learners with multiple learning styles.
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  • Tools Provided Logitech webcam Lavalier microphone 30GB iPod iPod Audio/Video cable iPod audio recorder CrazyTalk software Screen Corder software AuthorPoint software Audacity software
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  • Program at a Glance Day One - Audio Enhanced Lessons. Click here for a demo.Click here Day Two - A world of educational possibilities with iPod Audio Podcasts, Slideshows, and Video Podcasts. Click here for a demo.Click here Day Three - Multimedia enhance PowerPoint presentations with AuthorPoint. Click here for a demo.Click here Day Four - Creating lessons with a virtually animated character (CrazyTalk). Building your own tutorials (ScreenCorder). Click here for a demo.Click here
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  • Produced Media Pieces Vodcast - Abnormal Psychology, PSY281 Instructor: Jeffrey ScaggsVodcast ScreenCorder Sample - Introduction to PSY281 Instructor: Jeffrey ScaggsScreenCorder Sample Avatar - Humanities II, HUM 212 Instructor: Patricia BostianAvatar Vodcast - Elementary Spanish I, SPA 111 Instructor: Diana MibelliVodcast RSS Feed - Summer Spanish Class, SPA 111 Instructor: Diana MibelliRSS Feed RSS Feed - Spanish Club Instructor: Diana MibelliRSS Feed Find more at the eLearning Community WebsiteeLearning Community Website
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  • Testimonies Mike Hastings, Seminar TestimonyMike Hastings Sylvia Nikopoulos, Seminar TestimonySylvia Nikopoulos Kenn Compton, Seminar TestimonyKenn Compton Rebeca Fernandez, Seminar TestimonyRebeca Fernandez Gary Gilbody, Seminar TestimonyGary Gilbody