meet kitty kitty loves to sew! oh no! kitty ran out of fabric!

Download MEET KITTY Kitty loves to sew! OH NO! Kitty ran out of fabric!

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  • Kitty loves to sew!

  • OH NO! Kitty ran out of fabric!

  • Now Kitty has to take a trip to the fabric shop!

  • The fabric shop is 50 feet from her house.To walk to the shop and come home it will take Kitty 20 minutes.

  • How fast is Kitty traveling?Kittys House 50 feetFabric Shop 10 minutes50ft + 50ft= 100ft roundtripKitty has to travel 100 feet all together. We know it takes Kitty 20 minutes to walk to the fabric shop and back.50ft there50ft back

  • 100 ft 20 min = 5 feet / minute

    We can also say it would take kitty 10 minutes each way.

    Kitty is traveling at a rate of 5 feet per minute.Kittys House 50 feetFabric Shop 10 minutes50ft, 10 min50ft, 10 min

  • When Kitty arrived at the fabric shop she asked Charisma, the salesunicorn, for 12 inches of fabric.Oh No!The fabric only comes in feet!

  • How many feet of fabric does Kitty need if she wants 12 inches?There are 12 inches in a footTherefore Kitty needs 1 foot of fabric!

  • Half of the way home Kitty gets a phone call.Oh No! Kitty forgot her friend, Pepper, was coming over!

  • From the half way point Kitty runs home twice as fast!How long did it take kitty to get from the fabric shop to her house?

  • It had already taken kitty 5 minutes to get to the half way point.|2 1/2 min5 min|The rest of the trip was only 25 feet. Because Kitty was going twice as fast as 5 minutes per 25 feet, it took Kitty only 2 and a half minutes to get the rest of the way home.It took Kitty 5 minutes + 2 and a half minutes to get home. She got home in 7 and a half minutes

  • When Kitty gets home Pepper is waiting for her with. a surprise!!


  • THE END!

  • CREDITSPuppeteer - Meagan WhiteleyKitty as KittyPepper Jerky as Pepper