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  • The Short Look on design-oriented workshops

    organised in Europe

  • MEDS Meeting of Design Students was founded in 2010 by students from different countries and different departments of design. It was created with the aim to

    join all design departments together. Architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, graphic design and all other departments of design.



    MEDSMEDS organizes international events for students of all design disciplines to pursue their ideas and showcase their talent in different cultural envi-


    Events take part each summer in different countries, focusing on vari-ous issues, themes, topics and set-tings that will help any designer to

    expand their experience. It is a chance to get in touch with diverse ap-

    proaches to design, different building techniques, traditions and skills.

    MEDS events are not only practical but also theoretical with several con-

    ferences taking part.

    MENCMENC is a meeting for the MEDS team and national contacts. Each year it is held in a different country and unites

    the MEDS family. It is organized to discuss the progress of MEDS, events, workshops, future work etc. All NC's

    attend this meeting to represent their country. The aim of MENC is to im-

    prove MEDS as an organization as a team and to share ideas for forthcom-

    ing events.



    ZANA KOPITARfounder,

    previous CEO

    CAN BAYSALco-founder,

    previous CEO

    NATIONAL CONTACTSmultiple nationalities

    We work and worked as a union to develop workshopswhole year, as a part time activity.

    To do that , we need to discuss and point out ideas, and also as part organisers of every edition.


    Every years edition selects proposal for a project made by design students and young proffesionals starting their

    career in project oriented district.Due to diffrent skills and backgrounds, tutors and

    participants creates projects with suprisingly diffrent manner and result:

  • OUR AIMAs a polish National Contacts ,

    we won the proposal for Meeting of National Contacts in Katowice,

    Wuth the date set on 11-15 October 2015.Our goal is Encourage fereigners


    Conference of Young Architectsand Designers organanising

    international design workshops


    If youre curious for more information, read our sponsorship offer:

    Or check out our sites and materials:

    for DESYN magazine by MEDS and current materials:

    Official Site:

    Current Workshops Site: