Meditation- Winning the battle against the mind

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Everyone deals with an unfocused mind which prevents one from concentrating on the task at hand. Not only that it also results in stress and loss of creativity. At present our mind behaves like a spoilt child. If only we could learn to channelize its thoughts in one right direction, we could achieve so much more from life and work. This is why the technique of meditation is so powerful.


  • 1. MEDITATION : WINNING THE BATTLE AGAINST THE MIND This content has been created by JKYog for the dissemination of true knowledge of spirituality and Yoga as prescribed in ancient Vedic philosophy. JKYog is a part of the worldwide mission of Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj. For more details visit: I

2. PROBLEMS OF AN UNFOCUSED MIND Just when we try to focus on a subject, the mind throws up all kinds of thoughts. Which results in: Lack of creativity Increased stress Loss of memory Feeling of discontentment Visit: I 3. FIRST UNDERSTAND THE MIND The mind is a subtle machine that constantly generates thoughts. The nature of thoughts in a persons mind reflects in the personality and physical appearance. Visit: I 4. PRESENT CONDITION OF OUR MIND At present our mind is scattered. Just as, if the channel button of television set is spoilt, the channels keep changing sporadically. Similarly our mind keeps flipping from topic to topic. We cant derive full benefit of its potential. Visit: I 5. WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO? If only we could channelize the thoughts in our mind and learn to concentrate it, we could increase the extent to which we are able to utilize its potential. Visit: I 6. MEDITATION Meditation has given us the power to harness the latent potential of our mind. Simply put, Meditation is the practice to persistently direct our thoughts to one focal point. Visit: I 7. DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES OF MEDITATION Meditation on breath, eyebrow centre, psychic centres in the spinal cord, tranquil lake etc. Visit: I 8. REMEMBER In order to tame the mind through meditation, it requires repeated practice, akin to physical practice. Visit: I 9. Meditation is truly a journey within us. Through meditation, we can reach deep within and cleanse the mind of endless times of dross. By learning to hold the mind in concentration, we can work upon it to harness its latent potential. - Swami Mukundananda Visit: I Swami Mukundananda is a renowned spiritual teacher from India, and is the senior disciple of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj. He is the founder of the Yogic system called Jagadguru Kripaluji Yog, widely known as JKYog. Swamiji is a unique sanyasi who has degrees from IIT and IIM. He is the author of many books on Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality.


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