Medieval Monks, Nuns and Church

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Medieval Monks, Nuns and Church. By: Justin Pike Period 1. Religion In General. The church dominated every aspect of daily life. The main religion was catholic. The church had rule of the land and made laws. The Church Hierarchy. MONKS. Tonsure . Lived life by three vows: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Medieval Monks, Nuns and Church</p> <p>Medieval Monks, Nuns and ChurchBy: Justin PikePeriod 1Religion In GeneralThe church dominated every aspect of daily life. </p> <p>The main religion was catholic.</p> <p>The church had rule of the land and made laws </p> <p>The Church Hierarchy </p> <p>MONKS</p> <p>Lived life by three vows: The Vow of Poverty The Vow of Chastity The Vow of ObedienceChores:Daily chores included reading, worship and manual labor.Examples: Washing and cooking for the monastery, making alcoholic beverages, and providing medical care.</p> <p>Tonsure MONKS CONTINUED</p> <p>Monks daily lives revolved around the book of hours.</p> <p>They had eight prayer services a day. The first was a 2am and the last was at 6pm.</p> <p>Overall Monks, lived a very simple yet very strict life.Medieval NUNS</p> <p>A Nuns main job was to care for the less fortunate in their community. </p> <p>They went to church eight times a day along with the monks.Why to become a Nun or Monk</p> <p>The reason people became a nun or a monk was to devote their lives to God. Some people also just wanted to live quite and peaceful and escape from the violent world.Where did Monks and Nuns live?Monks lived in monasteries.</p> <p>Nuns lived in nunneries.</p> <p>Bibliography Works Cited"Choose a Guide." Web. 24 Feb. 2011. ."The Middle Ages -- More About Religion." Web. 24 Feb. 2011. .Middle Ages. Web. 24 Feb. 2011. .</p>


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