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Medieval Art and Architecture. By Brentd. Medieval Art. 455 - 14 8 5. Early Christian Art. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • ByBrentd

  • 455 - 1485

  • Archangel Michael -This panel of art is only one-half of a diptych (which means the other part is lost), a hinged two-leaved tablet. The marks of three holes on the left border indicate the points at which the two panels were connected. This diptych was a book cover, whose illustration reflects the waning influence of classicism giving way to the simplistic medieval style. Early Christian Art

  • Pyxis - The Pyxis features scenes from the tragic martyrdom of the fourth century Egyptian saint, Menas. The Pyxis was perhaps used to hold incense, or relics. The Pyxis has lost its cover and base, lock and hinge.Early Christian Art

  • The Condemnation of Christ and the Denial of Saint Peter -A continuous account of the events surrounding Christ's condemnation are squeezed into a narrow space: Pilate washes his hands to the left, Christ carries the cross in the center, and Peter, with rooster perched above him, denies Christ, a woman pointing accusingly at him. The art is one of four panels showing religious themes. Early Christian Art

  • The Death of Judas and Crucifixion of Christ - This panel contains one of the earliest known depictions of the crucifixion. Mary and John stand to the left of the cross, a Roman soldier to the right. On the far left of the panel, Judas hangs himself. This piece of art is also one of the four panels showing religious themes. Early Christian Art

  • Top - Apse mosic.St Catherine's Monastery, Sinai.Bottom - The Transfiguration, c. 565/6. Apse mosic.St Catherine's Monastery, Sinai.Early Christian Art / Byzantine Art

  • Charlemagne- The way Charlemagne is represented on this tenth /eleventh century statuette was directly inspired by and actually copied from the equestrian statue of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The original statue is still standing in Rome and continuing to serve as a model for equestrian statues of rulers and victorious warriors.Romanesque art

  • Peasant Carrying a Bundle of Hay (left)Mower Sharpening his Scythe (right) The original peices of these panels are situated on the Door of the Virgin on the west front of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. The jambs on the Door are composed of panels which represent the signs of the Zodiac and the Labors of the Months of the year. The left panel represents June and the right represents Romanesque art

  • 455 - 1485

  • The main theme during this period is the introduction and absorption of classical Mediterranean and Christian forms with Germanic ones creating innovative new forms.The Pre-Romanesque art would bring rise to the Romanesque art in the 11th century fairly quickly.

  • *Pre-Romanesque Church of Saint Donatus in Zadar, from the Ninth Century. (right)* Saint Frutuoso Chapel in Braga, Portugal. (left)

    Pre-Romanesque art and architecture

  • Characterized by semi-circular arches and pointed arches.Each building has clearly defined forms and they are frequently of very regular, symmetrical plan so that the overall appearance is one of simplicity when compared with the Gothic buildings that were to follow.

  • South transept of Tournai Cathedral, Belgium, 12th century. (right)Facade of Angouleme Cathedral, France. (left)Romanesque Architecture

  • Known for having the style of architecture for many of the great Cathedrals.This is also the architecture of many castles, palaces, town halls, guild halls, and universities. The gothic style of architecture is most powerfully expressed with its characteristics lending themselves to appeal to the emotions.

  • The western faade of Reims Cathedral, France. (right)

    Interior of San Zanipolo, Venice, Italy. (left)

    Gothic Architecture



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