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Keep up with developments ~ Week is a rare opportunity to hear what some of the key figures from across Glasgow’s vibrant and youthful Media Industry have to say and to quiz them about just how ‘glitzy’ working in the Media actually is. All of the events are free to attend and open to everyone. The talks and workshops mostly take place in the Williams Room, just up the front stairs in the John McIntyre Building. We’re proud of what we think is a fantastic programme of unique and interesting events organised for the week. Have a browse of the event listings and hopefully we’ll see you soon..


17th - 21st Jan

the media controls what you see and when. It informs, entertains and challenges. It is responsible for the thousands of adverts which bombard us every day. Yet despite its considerable influence on our daily lives, the workings, skill sets and people behind it often remain exotically obscure to consumers. Media Week is a rare opportunity to hear what some of the key figures from across Glasgows vibrant and youthful Media Industry have to say and to quiz them about just how glitzy working in the Media actually is. all of the events are free to attend and open to everyone. the talks and workshops mostly take place in the Williams Room, just up the front stairs in the John McIntyre Building. Were proud of what we think is a fantastic programme of unique and interesting events organised for the week. have a browse of the event listings and hopefully well see you soon. Luke Winter sRC VP MC The SRCs job is to support the students of the University of Glasgow and ensure their time here is as enjoyable, safe and interesting as possible. Day-in, day-out were here to help, or even just listen to, the concerns of students. We also proudly support the four student media organisations. Keep up w whats happening from the SRCs facebook- ith glasgowuniversitysrc thanks to ouR PaRtneRs ~

Mon 17th Jan

Politicians and the MediaCharles Kennedy / liberal demoCrats Being a politician cant be easy. unflattering pictures of them are regularly daubed as entertainment across blogs right through to newspapers. We read critiques of their every move; judge their lifes work on one garbled 5 second soundbite. Whats it like to be on the other side of the lens? the Right honourable Charles kennedy will discuss the complex relationship between politicians and the media. Charles is MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber and Rector of our fine University. Ex-President of the GUU, he also led the Liberal Democrat party for 6 years and has recently been a vocal critic of increased tuition fees, voting against the measures in Parliament. Mon 2PM ~ WILLIaMs RooM

writing skills you university brainboxes already have and looking at how to apply them to working in a print media environment. We need to say a quick thanks to apple for lending us a suite of Macs for the weeks workshop events. Rena and James both work at Glasgow University Magazine (GUM) the student magazine at this very University. Published three times a year it prides itself on tight, edgy writing and stylish design. Mon 4PM ~ WILLIaMs RooM

Panoramic Photographydr daniel K oi / PhotosoC Learn how to make interactive, high res, 360 degree panoramas. Photosoc's in-house technology sage Dr Daniel k oi will demonstrate how to do this in software with photos taken from any camera at all. the talk will be followed by open questions and then a dash to the pub with a bunch of photographers. PhotoSoc meet regularly for screenings, talks, workshops studio shoots, trips and exhibitions. Mon 7-8:30PM BoYD oRR Lt2 (GRounD fLooR)

Writing Workshoprena smith & James Foley / GUm maGazine I wanna be a journalist, I can write, easy. ok, lets do it. Writing doesnt have to be rocket science, but university academics expect far drier prose from your essays than is often needed in the adjective soaked, neon coloured, hyper reality of the media industry. GuM are running this writing workshop on common journalistic techniques and style - transferring the academic

tue 18th Jan

A GRAND TOUR OF THE BBCbbC sCotland PaCiFiC QUay the BBC have kindly invited us down to have a look about the nooks and crannies of their highly polished operation down on the Clyde. theyre offering a tour of the studio facilities, followed by a special tour of the archive services and talk about digitisation - a rare opportunity given its never normally open to the public. Places for this one are limited to 15, and we need to give security names by friday 14th. to book a place email quicksharp. The BBC make original television and news programming from their shiny Scottish headquarters on Pacific Quay in Glasgow. tue 10aM ~ BookInG RequIReD

you are a university society or a global company, the principles are the same. Come along to find out more. Kirsty works for Yomego, a leading social media agency based in Glasgow who help brands to build, retain and monetise digital communities. They were recently featured on BBC News for an app which compiled festive w ish lists based on analysis of public messages posted to Facebook and Tw itter. tue 12PM ~ WILLIaMs RooM

How I met Benga 94 times - The mysterious world of Music Promotingboom monK ben / mixed bizness Working in student media can lead you down the rabbit hole of the music promotion industry - a labyrinth of email addresses, foreign mobile numbers, tour managers, promoters, handshakes and wry glances. If theres anyone in Glasgow who knows how to de-tangle that mess its former subcity head of events Boom Monk Ben. Glasweigan DJ extraordinaire, hes toured the world spinning platters for brands who want to matter, and booking some of his fellow super-luminary DJ friends to play at many of his outstanding parties in this fair city. hes also an ace at promotion, both online and offline and hell be sharing some of his professional know-how and stories of his exploits.

Sexing Up The Durex Social Media PresenceKirsty bell / yomeGo have you ever liked a brand on facebook? have you ever tweeted about a brand and wondered if anyone at the company has actually read it? Brands are increasingly investing in social media to increase awareness and drive customer loyalty. Yomego has been working with Durex to sex up their social media - from global strategy development, to implementation and daily monitoring. If you want to learn how to build a brand on social media, whether

Ben started Mixed Bizness in 2004 to share music that excited him. In 2010 he put on acts including Big Boi, Starky, Fake Blood, Magnetic Man and, of course, Benga. tue 2PM ~ WILLIaMs RooM

How to Get 200 Strangers on a Bus to a Party in a Secret Location, and Why 400 Want to Come next timeshaUn mUrPhy & sam mUrray / Vitamins starting up a brand which aims to do things a little differently is no small task, and recently Vitamins have been making a name for themselves in the

Glasgow clubbing scene primarily for a party they threw in august 2010 in a secret wooded location a hundred miles outside the city. shaun & sam will explain how the event was managed from conception to booking acts, promoting it, selling tickets, setting up a tented mini-club in a forest and organising 3 coach loads of people there and back safely. topics will include brand building, online promotion, event organising and general skulduggery. Shaun has worked at Subcity since 1806 - previously as station manager and head of events and currently as a general guru. Sam is ex- Subcity head of PR and currently part of the events team. Along w Cheesy and Luke, ith theyve been selling out unique parties as Vitamins since May 2010. tue 3PM ~ WILLIaMs RooM

WeD 19th Jan

Digging For Dirtthe diGGer after falling spectacularly out of favour with a certain national newspaper, a reporter who has now landed at the Digger will be coming in to talk candidly about the ups and downs of a roller coaster career in the national news media and how working at the Digger keeps them on their toes as they dig for dirt reporting on stories about Glasgows criminal underworld.

The Digger reports on gangs, drug dealing, guns and police. Its bold stance on investigation has led to well-known individuals suing the magazine and harassment from lawyers in a bid to keep them from reporting the news they publish in their weekly paper. WeD 11aM ~ WILLIaMs RooM

Shooting Professionallytommy Ga-Ken Wan / PhotoGraPher everyones a photographer now: the notion has quickly become cliche. few, however, make the leap from amateur snapper to professional. the greater the volume of information shared online, the harder its increasingly becoming to stand out amidst the digital deluge. tommy Ga-ken Wan is an exception. arguably Glasgows most popular photographer hes amassed a huge following on flickr and works professionally for a host of exciting clients. hes coming in to talk about his work, and life as a professional photographer. T ommy is a freelance photographer based in Glasgow, whose photos have been viewed over 3 million times on Flickr. Recently he was flown across the ocean to be a judge on reality photography TV show The Big Shot, for Channel 5 Singapore. WeD 2PM ~ WILLIaMs RooM

to sun themselves. this session gets into the nitty gritty of some sound engineering principals - setting up and troubleshooting common DJ playback and control systems, from vinyl to ableton to serato, traktor and CDJs. no technical knowledge required, come and have a fiddle about, for one day geeks shall inherit the earth, and its probably best to be among them. Steve and Emily head up the tech team at Subcity Radio which regularly sets up recording sessions for bands and brings in the ridiculous PAs the station hires in for its parties. Their most recent success was constructing a two-tier 10 foot high stage from steel deck for the Halloween event. WeD 4PM ~ WILLIaMs RooM

Writing a CV to get noticed in Media and Getting into a Career in MediaUniVersity oF GlasGoW Careers serViCe the university Careers service, staunch advocates of finding full time employment, are running two sessions to dispense practical advice about the ins and outs of the generally form filled entrance paths to the media. first up is a session on writing effective CVs targeted to roles i