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    -17 years old: She is quite young and fits the age range we were wanting -Doing an A-Level in media: She will already know the camera movements needed and can contribute extra to the music video as she is already working on it. This also means she will know what to do. -Has some previous experience with music videos: Crystal has already worked in one of our previous music video, "Kill em with Kindness" by Selena Gomez, so she will understand the way in which Selena acts in her music videos. It also means she has experience with lip syncing. -Close to each location: This means Crystal can travel to each location with ease. This causes the filming to be able to filmed promptly.

    -No experience in acting: Crystal hasn't taken drama GCSE so she may not know how to present herself to the audience.


    -17 years old: Annie is also quite young as well meaning she suits the age we were looking for. -Dark hair: Her dark hair is similar to Selena's and can draw more connectivity to Selena's character. -Doing an A-Level in media: Due to this, Annie will be helpful when understanding the conventions needed.

    -Not studying the same genre in media: May not know the way to act in our music video. -There may be difficulty to get to each location: Annie lives in Honiton which can cause implications with getting to Newton Poppleford. She will have to rely on the busses which can change and not be as reliable.

  • Cameron

    -17 years old: Quite young meaning he fits the age range we wanted. -Has previous experience: Cameron has done drama as a GCSE in the past meaning he already has experience with acting. He also played one of the main roles in the school musical. -Doing an A-Level in media: This means he will understand what we are trying to achieve in our video and can contribute by knowing the conventions of our genre.

    -May not fit into the genre: He may be too tall for the role since in pop music videos, the actor is only slightly taller than the actress.