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  • 1. Bollywood Next?

2. Competence Aims International English Culture, society and literature The aims of the studies are to enable pupils to analyse and assess the role of some English-language media in international society 3. Where is Bollywood? Bollywood is located in Mumbai in India 4. What is Bollywood? Indian film industry Produces films in the Hindi language In 2006 Bollywood sold a million more tickets internationally than Hollywood India is the largest movie- producing country in the world Produces approximately 900 films annually Indian movies are increasing in popularity - mostly seen by Indians in India and abroad 5. The Bollywood Films Usually musicals most films have at least one song-and- dance number Films often last for 3 hours or more Indian audiences want it all: songs and dances love stories comedy thrills and excitement The plots are often melodramatic: They often contain: star-crossed lovers corrupt politicians twins separated at birth conniving villains angry parents courtesans with hearts of gold dramatic reversals of fortune convenient coincidences. 6. Singing and Dancing Singing and dancing are important ingredients in Bollywood films They comment on the action taking place A song is well-integrated into the plot so that a character has a reason to sing Songs often tell about characters thoughts or foreshadow events to come in the film The event is usually two characters falling in love 7. The Item Girl Most Bollywood films have item numbers That is a beautiful girl who is not part of the plot or cast of the film She sings and dances Usually she wears few clothes so that her lovely body is visible 8. What Is Bollywood Dancing? Modern Indian dancing A combination of classical Indian dance + folk dancing It's fun and very expressive There's a lot of deep meaning behind music in the films This meaning is expressed through the graceful movements of the body. 9. Looking for Stardom Bollywood attracts thousands of aspiring actors and actresses, all hoping for a break in the industry Models and beauty contestants, television actors, theatre actors and even common people come to Mumbai with the hope and dream of becoming a star Just as in Hollywood very few succeed 10. Changes Bollywood is changing Bollywood movies are becoming more like Hollywood movies Film kisses used to be banned now theyre common Naked skin is also common 11. Whats the Future for Bollywood? The future looks bright for Bollywood Big US film companies such as Warner Bros and Twentieth Century Fox are setting up offices in India YouTube - The Queen of Bollywood -Kajol Devgan part 1 12. By Nina Sandstrm Angelsen Selbu videregende skole