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  • 1. Media andPoliticalCorrectness

2. Political Correctness is a term which denotes language, ideas,policies, and behavior seen as seeking tominimize social and institutional offense inoccupational, gender, racial, cultural, sexualorientation, certain other religions, beliefs orideologies, disability, and age-relatedcontexts, and, as purported by the term, doingso to an excessive extent 3. Political Correctness:- Cultural pluralism- Different kinds of equality(social, national, socaial) 4. PC and Cultural Marxism3 parallels: totalitarian ideologies single-factorexplanations of history declare certain groupsvirtuous and others evila priori expropriation( ) 5. J. Wilsons comments in U.S.Republic, 1793: The states, rather than the people, for whosesake the states exist, are frequently theobjects which attract and arrest our principalattention... Sentiments and expressions ofthis inaccurate kind prevail in our common,even in our convivial, language... The UnitedStates, instead of the People of the UnitedStates, is the toast given. This is notpolitically correct." 6. Ethnic Question negro Negro black African-American/ member of AfricanDiaspora, person of black races Eskimo Native Alaskan/Inuit Hispanics Latino/Latina;Chicano/Chicana; SpanishAmerican Oriental Asian Jew Jewish Person 7. This fall the college has opened a new AccessCenter in Hyattsville, the geographic heart ofthe countys Latino population (The Gazette) Now the nation`s largest minority, Latinosare the prize in the defining battle of politicsin the new millenium (Newsweek) 8. Female Question Cameraman- cameraoperator Fireman fire fighter policeman policeofficer Actor/actress actron Waiter- waitron 9. Age Question Japanese toy makers nowsee senior citizens as theirmost dinamic market.(Newsweek) For Ms Jose there is nomoral dilemma in breakingthe law to bring people fromMexico most of themelderly or needing medicalcare to their tribal hospitalin Sells. (The Dallas MorningNews) 10. Disability Question The money will be used to provide before-and-after-care educational and social servicesfor children under eight and students withdisabilities. (The Gazette) I would prefer to see a much more focusedeffort on reducing class size for kids that havespecial needs, or disadvantaged areas,Professor Lazear said. (The New York Times) "visually challenged/ hearing impaired 11. Politically Correct" Phrases: "Mentally challenged" in place of "Retarded" and other terms "African American" in place of "Black," "Negro" and otherterms. (However, "Black" is used in English-speaking countriesother than the U.S.) "Native American" (or "First Nations" in Canada) in place of"Indian" "Caucasian" in place of "White", and other terms "Gender-neutral" terms such as "firefighter" in place of"fireman "Persons of color" in place of "ethnic minorities" or "non-whites" in countries populated predominantly by people whoare white. "Holiday", "winter" or "festive" in place of "Christmas" 12. Euphemisms the poor - the needy - the ill-provided - the deprived- the socially deprived - the underprivileged - thedisadvantages - low-income people Cripple - differently abled - physically different fat - big-boned - differently sized bald - hair-disadvantaged Deaf aurally inconvenienced blind - unseeing learning disable special - mentally challengedpeople 13. Satirizing PC: 14. Thank you foryourattention!