MEDALS AND ??NAZI and GERMAN WEHRMACHT and LUFTWAFFE and MARINE MEDALS AND INSIGNIA About 200 different medals and insignia. All pieces in excellent condition, and all medals have ribbons

Download MEDALS AND  ??NAZI and GERMAN WEHRMACHT and LUFTWAFFE and MARINE MEDALS AND INSIGNIA About 200 different medals and insignia. All pieces in excellent condition, and all medals have ribbons

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<ul><li><p>NAZI and GERMAN WEHRMACHT and LUFTWAFFE and MARINE </p><p>MEDALS AND INSIGNIA </p><p>About 200 different medals and insignia. All pieces in excellent condition, and all medals have ribbons Also the various ORDERS. </p><p>POUR LE MERITE of WORLD WAR I, cased, perfect copies, $15 ppd. It is known as the BLUE MAX. Also UNIFORM ITEMS, PERFECT. </p><p>20-page CATALOG, beautifully PRINTED, giving detailed descriptions and exact dimensions. A real REFERENCE W0~(. </p><p>Please remit 50# to cover cost (by AIRMAIL, 75). SPECIAL TRIAL OFFER: CATALOG and $1.50 INSIGNIA or MEDAL, both $1.50 (AIRMAIL, $1.80). </p><p>KENNETH LANE, Postfach 36, SULZ-ROTHIS (Vorarlberg), AUSTRIA. </p><p>WANTED: Any items to the Bavarian Order of St. Michael. Chuck Bell, Ocean Center Buildingr Long Beach~ California 90802. </p><p>A~ENTION </p><p>NAZI AND JAPANESE COLLECTORS </p><p>A NEW MAGAZINE FOR YOU "DER ~&amp;KEN KREUZ" </p><p>ARTICLES~ LOTS OF PHOTOS AND A CLASSIFIED SECTION </p><p>SEND 25 FOR TRIAL COPY </p><p>TO </p><p>DER HAKEN KREUZ P.O. BOX 7582 TULSA, OKLA. 741o5 </p><p>Protect Decorations; Keep ribbons from fading; Keep in ring binder. Plastic sheet holds twelve Decorations. View both sides any time. Binder metal hinged and bound and I5 sheets $9.00 Post Paid. IGNATIUS J. RATH~ 1102 Wyoming Street~ St. Louis~ Missouri 63118 </p><p>FOR SALE </p><p>I WANT TO BUY AL__~L TYPES OF MEDALS, POLITICAL PINS, NAZI ITEMS, WAR RELICS, ETC. I also have these items for sale. </p><p>Don Beck 1828 Ida Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808 ADVERTISING RATES - Continuous copy, 70 character/spaces per line constitutes Classified ads. Cost is 50 per each four line unit or fraction thereof. Display copy will be done on a line-for-line basis according to advertisers instructions or spaced accordingly to fill any space desired. Rates for display advertising are as follows: 0ne-fifth page $ 2.50 0ne-fourth page $ 3.00 0ne-third page $ 4.00 0he-half page $ 6.00 One full page $10.00 For more information write to: </p><p>Please send advertising copy to Mr. L. Richard Smith 2857 N. Western Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60618 </p><p>CLOSING DATES: February issue - November 25th March issue - December 25th </p><p>April issue - January 25th </p></li><li><p>ORDERS &amp; DECORATIONS </p><p>AUSTRIA. Grand Silver Bravery Medal, Kaiser Kar! (1917-18). Large, 1.6in silver medal; portrait, obverse. HS 977. Extremely Fine ..... $ 7.50 </p><p>BELGIUM. Order of Leopold If. Grand Cross Badge, Star and full- length Sash. Badge: 52mm, 64gm, silver-gilt and enamel, with A950 silver HM and makers punch on ring. Star: 88mm, 123 gm, HM (as badge) on pin. Sash: heavy, watered-silk original. Werlich figs. 99 and I00. Superb ................................. 115o00 </p><p>BULGARIA. Military Bravery Order. Honor Cross, Model 1941. </p><p>Pinback, silver and enamel cross with Swords. In original, </p><p>gilt-stamped, green leatherette case of issue Choice ............ 32.50 </p><p>Military Merit Order. Knight II Class with Swords Silver </p><p>and enamel cross. WoW. I Issue W 142. Very fine .............. 18.00 </p><p>GERMANY: BRUNSWICK. Waterloo Medal 1815 Bust of Duke Friedrieh </p><p>Wilhelm (killed in action at Waterloo), obverse. Named to Hein- </p><p>rich Sehottel, 2nd Jaeger Battalion. VF, original suspender ...... 35.00 </p><p>GERMANY: BAVARIA. King Ludwig Cross 1916. His portrait in the </p><p>conjunction of the obv. arms. HS 271. EF, black-toned iron ...... 6.75 </p><p>GERMANY: THIRD REICH. Sudetenland Medal, 1 October 1938. VF, br... 4.50 GERMANY: WUERTTEMBERG. Pair: Silver Military Merit Medal, Model </p><p>1891-1918, bust of King Wilhelm If, HS 1965, VF; Long Service Decoration III Class (9 Years), HS 2045a, Model 1917-1921, VF. Mounted as worn .............................................. 8.50 </p><p>GREAT BRITAIN. Military Cross Group: (I) Military Cross, reverse named; (2) British War Medal; (3) Victory Medal; (4) France: Legion of Honor, Officer in HM silvergilt and enamel. 2/Lt. H. K. Turner, Kings Royal Rifle Corps. MC verified, recipient attached to Machine Gun Corps VF-EF, mounted as worn ............ 65.00 </p><p>East and West Africa Medal, bar "Gambia 1894." Staff Commander W.J.N. Baird, HMS Alectoo Bar rare to naval officers. Extremely Fine, biographical details available .................... 32.50 </p><p>GREECE. Golden Cross of Valor 1940. The highest war decoration awarded to members of the Greek armed services and most sparingly bestowed. The Golden Cross is restricted to officers. Superb .... 38.50 </p><p>Silver Cross of Valor 1913 with Star for subsequent award. The Silver Cross is awarded to NC0s and Men. EF, Rare ........... 35.00 </p><p>HUNGARY. Grand Silver Bravery Medal, Admiral Horthy; his portrait obv. Early issue in actual silver. Extremely Fine, rare ......... 15.00 </p><p>NETHERLANDS. Expeditionary Cross 1869, three bars: "Borneo 1859- 1863", "Deli 1872", "Atjeh 1873-80". Heavy, nickel cross with portrait of King Willem, obverse. Extremely Fine ................. 8.50 </p><p>PAPACY. Siege of Rome Medal, 1848. F-VF, bronze ................... 6.95 POLAND. Cross of Merit II Class. Communist Model, Hieronymussen </p><p>311. Extremely Fine, silvered and enamel ......................... 15.00 PORTUGAL. Military Order of Christ. The Star, Republican Model </p><p>(1910-to date) in silver-gilt and enamel, with Lisbon makers plaque, reverse. 71mm, 43,9gm. Hieronymussen 332. Superb ....... 35.00 </p><p>RUSSIA. Czar Nicholas II Coronation Medal, 1896. His portrait, obverse 28mm, Silver. Extremely Fine ........................... 7.50 </p><p>Romanov Jubilee Medal 1613-1913. Busts of Mikhail, the first Romanov and Nicholas II, who was to be the last Romanov to occupy the Russian throne. 28mm, gold-bronze. EF ........ ~ .... 8.00 </p><p>TURKEY. Crete Campaign Medal 1867. 36,7mm Silver. See Dr. Klietmann, "The 01d Crete Medal of 1867" in the Medal Collector Vol. XII/2 (March-April, 1961). Very Fine, rare .................. 18.50 </p><p>All pieces genuine and with correct ribbons. </p><p>JACK SWEETMAN 0MSA 565 Po0. BOX 8542 0RLAND0~ FLA. 32806 </p><p>FOR TRADE -- U. S. War Medals and Decorations. Send stamped and addressed envelope for list. New lists issued each month. WANTED -- U. S. Military medals; miniature medals; ribbon bars; lapel buttons; clasps; citation certi- ficates; marksmanship badges. Send list with values. </p><p>0. M. S. A. No. 978 Bob Johnstone P. O. Box 676 Winona, Minnesota </p></li><li><p>R. WERLICH 3218 "0" ST., N.W. </p><p>WASHINGTON, D.C. 20007 </p><p>I AM HAVING AN IMPORTANT MAIL AUCTION (OVER THREE HUNDRED ITEMS) OF ORDERS, DECORATIONS AND MEDALS 0F ALL NATIONS IN EARLY 1968. IF YOU WISH TO INCLUDE YOUR DUPLICATES, PLEASE CONTACT ME. DESCRIBE FULLY CONDITIONS, CLASS, ETC., WITH THE LOWEST BID YOU WILL ACCEPT. BIDS BELOW YOUR LOWEST EVALUATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. COMMISSION ON MY PART WILL BE FIFTEEN PER CENT (15%) OF HIGHEST HID RECEIVED AND PAID. MATERIAL WILL BE RETURNED OR PAYMENT MADE TO CONSIGNORS WITHIN SIXTY DAYS OF AUCTION. </p><p>THIS SALE WILL ALSO INCLUDE THE COMPLETELY AUTHENTICATED. ORDERS AND DECORATIONS AWARDED JOACHIM V0N RIBBENTROP, FOREIGN MINISTER OF THE THIRD REICH. THIS COLLECTION HAS BEEN APPRAISED AT OVER TWENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS ($28,000) AND WILL BE SOLD AS A LOT OR BROKEN UP IF INDIVIDUAL BIDS EXCEED THIS FIGURE. </p><p>IMPORTANT: EVEN IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO SUBMIT MATERIAL, PLEASE INFORM ME IF YOU WISH TO RECEIVE THE CATALOG. </p><p>WANTED - 01d musicians medals - especially Sousa, Vo Herbert, 22 Nyng - any showing musical motifs, badges, lyres, clothemblems - older buckles. </p><p>Police Gazette Ragtime Piano Medal. </p><p>All types of medals given to teachers. </p><p>Bee Keeping Awards. </p><p>Williams Medal - Shows WW I GIs in Bayonet charge. 1918. </p><p>Medals pertaining to the Bronx. </p><p>E. WOLF~ 221-11 99th Avenue~ Queens Village~ New York 11429 </p><p>WANTED </p><p>Following WoW. II Canadian cap badges: Argyll Light Infantry, Prince </p><p>Rupert Regiment (MG), Manitoba Mounted Rifles, New Brunswick Regiment </p><p>(ta~(), Prince Edward Island Regiment, 8th Recce, Cdn. Garrison Htn., </p><p>Ist A. P. C. Regiment, (Kangaroo), Ist Special Service Force (crossed </p><p>arrews)~ Please state price in first letter. </p><p>M. KAROLY, 12023 90th Street, Edmonton, Alta. Canada </p><p>WANTED </p><p>ANY ENGRAVED MEDAL OF HONOR </p><p>ANY NUMBERED U. S. CAMPAIGN MEDAL </p><p>SEND LIST WITH TRADE VALUE </p><p>CHARLES HENRY JAMES, BOX 125, WILDWOOD, NEW JERSEY 08260 </p><p>40 </p></li></ul>