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  • 1.Measurement and Metrics inModel Driven SoftwareDevelopmentA short survey research Ahmet Selman Bozkr

2. Today Introduction A Model-driven Measurement Approach Measuring Model Transformation inModel Driven Development Conclusion 3. Intro Model driven software development is akind of new concept after object orientedapproach in software development field. Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is anapproach to software development thatadvocates the creation of domain-specificlanguages (DSLs) 4. Intro DSL is specified with a metamodel, fromthe point of view of MDE and a programwritten in a DSL is called a model. To address safety-critical concerns andquality assurance, models need to bemeasured 5. Intro 6. A Model-driven Measurement Approach A Model-driven Measurement ApproachMartin Monperrus, Jean-Marc Jezequel, Joel Champeau andBridgette HoeltzeACM/IEEE 11th International Conference on Model DrivenEngineering Languages2008 7. A Model-driven Measurement Approach Is it possible? To generate measurement software from an abstract and declarative specification of metrics? 8. A Model-driven Measurement Approach They named their contribution asmodel-driven measurement approach It specifies metrics as instance of metricspecification meta-model and then thesemetric specifications are used to generatea complete measurement software 9. A Model-driven Measurement Approach Core Contributions:-it measures models of a model-drivendevelopment process-it uses models as unique and consistentmetric specifications (metric specificationmetamodel)-it serves application & domainindependent measurement 10. A Model-driven Measurement Approach Figure: Model-driven measurement: actions and artifacts The, MSM is used to generate the measurement software itself.(fully automated) 11. A Model-driven Measurement ApproachDerivedMetricSpecification: arithmetic and function based metrics.CollectionBasedDerivedMetricSpecification: high order metrics. Statistical operators.Predicate: is a function from the set of model elements to the truth values.SigmaMetric: is the count of model elements that satisfy a predicate. Predicate can be ascomplex as needed.TauMetric: is the count of model links (i.e: link between two model elements) 12. A Model-driven Measurement Approach A metric specification starts with;- declaration of its type- a mandatory identifier- optional description 13. A Model-driven Measurement Approach 14. A Model-driven Measurement ApproachA Case Study:Maritime Surveilliance System-16 domain metrics implemented- took 1 week (1 day for metrics, 4 days to solve bugs in the measurementsoftware generator prototype)-for comparision agent based similator took several months-it reduces the development cost of by an order by magnitude(involves creation of domain metamodel from scratch) 15. A Model-driven Measurement Approach 16. Measuring Model Transformation in Model-driven Development Motoshi Saeki and Haruhiko Kaiya (Tokyo Institute of Tech.) Proceedings of the CAiSE 2007 2007 17. Measuring Model Transformation in Model-driven DevelopmentHow to identify what transformation can show theimprovement of the model quality?How to define metrics for model transformation? 18. Measuring Model Transformation in Model-driven Development In MDD, model transformation is one the most importantsteps. If a metrics value can express the quality of a model, apositive increasing the metrics vales during thetransformation process can present the model quality.For this, the formal definition of a transformation mustcover the definition of metrics of model quality in order tocalculate. 19. Measuring Model Transformation in Model-driven DevelopmentContribution:Use a meta modeling method to describe model-specificmetrics.Develop a graph rewriting system to formalize modeltransformation. 20. Measuring Model Transformation in Model-driven DevelopmentTechnique:Adopt a class diagram of UML to specify meta modelsUse Object Contraint Language (OCL) for constraints onmodels. 21. Measuring Model Transformation in Model-driven DevelopmentTechnique: Embed metrics and their calculation methods into a meta model 22. Measuring Model Transformation in Model-driven Development 23. Measuring Model Transformation in Model-driven Development 24. Measuring Model Transformation in Model- driven DevelopmentAuthors propose the technique to specify the metrics ofmodel transformations based on graph rewriting systemsAuthors state the importance of collecting usefuldefinitions of metrics. Furthermore, evaluation ofthese metrics is also a good future direction.