Meaningful Surveys that Drive Engagement Before, During & After Events

Download Meaningful Surveys that Drive Engagement Before, During & After Events

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Are you sick of receiving event evaluations that only give you feedback on the temperature of the room and food quality? Join this session to talk about using surveys to aid with crowdsourcing content, identifying key event ambassadors and getting back insightful data from which you can build event programs that engage long after your last attendee has departed. Watch this entire webinar and others by Highroad U on our YouTube channel:


  • 1.Meaningful Surveys Driving Engagement Pre-During & Post-Event

2. The New Good fundamental changes to thinking about the customer 3. Tech-Driven Changes in Customer Centricity Old School Member Satisfaction Annual survey Product/program development & launch was performed internally Waterfall methods New School Engagement Scores Frequent surveys Aggregated index scores for engagement, influence & value of member Crowdsourced product/program development Agile methods 4. Satisfaction=Stasis 5. No News is Bad News -Email CTR -Voice listens & text reads -Direct mail response -Website stats -Tweets -Posts in social media groups -Facebook likes 6. Brand Marketing: WOMM matters/2012/03/word-of-mouth-insights-when-marketing- comes-naturally/ 7. Premise in Pleasing Customer is Change, Challenge & Care 8. Know Your People 9. Best Way to KYP? 10. New Ideas for Surveys Multi-channel. Multi-touchpoint. User-Centric. 11. Contribute! Pre-Survey 1) Held small group face-to-face meeting with key stakeholders 2) Took stakeholder feedback/questions to larger group to test accuracy, etc Collected data via eSurvey 12. Core to Group Q We have a Fab 5 team of hard core users that have given us feedback on the following topics that they find of interest. Do you agree with the Fab 5? Please rate your interest level for the following topics: 13. Understand Intent By checking this box, I confirm that I am an overachiever, have valuable opinions and am /will take the HighRoad at all times. I am open to participating in the user group by providing my know-how, creativity and energy and acknowledge that checking this box obligates me to nothing more than saying "I'm open to participating". I further acknowledge that HighRoad Solution is the coolest technology provider in the universe because they respect me & get my life--I have great intentions, but also have limited time. 14. Understand Format We want to design the conference using a format and event elements that works for you. Please check the statements below with which you AGREE: If the session is longer than 45 minutes and I'm not getting paid, I'm out I can't go longer than 15 minutes without checking email & text messages before I start hyperventilating (I start squirming at 7 minutes and a rash might break out at 20) If you make me work in "break out" groups, I won't come If you promise me that I don't have to participate and can just listen, I will love you I hate people that like "meet'n'greet" and "networking" sessions. I find this part of an event awkward and physically painful I find the most valuable part of any conference when I hear from my peers & get to talk about common challenges The faster the better. Please don't include slow talkers as speakers I really want to find out what I'm not doing now that I could be doing I admit it. I'm competitive. I want my organization to have the best communications program and am looking for how to get an edge (I also want to be the best personally) The best part of events is the free food, but I hate when the white wine isn't cold enough 15. Ask for Involvement You knew we were going to ask. We learned how to ask for volunteers from the masters--YOU! Would you kindly check any that you are willing to do? Speak on a panel Create a short video Write a blog post Follow us on Twitter Be interviewed for an article Like us on Facebook 16. At Event: Peer Learning 1) Took most FAQs & what we wished people were talking about/where we wanted them to head 2) Created list of questions formulated to be answered in yes/no or number as answer 3) Facilitated discussion 17. Interactive Benchmarking- At Event Survey Got people participating, interacting, sharing & discussion flowing 18. Post-Event: Net Promoter Score Q: How likely are you to recommend (membership/conference/book/certificati on) to a friend/colleague? 19. Rank NPS Scores (0- 10) 20. Plan for Haters & Celebrators 9 & 10s: Reward 7 & 8s: Passive 0-3: Call to find out why theyre a hater 4-6: Call to find out what went wrong 21. Taking NPS Seriously Looking to change operations around NPS scores Putting in new systems & new programs that address NPS score areas Constantly re-tooling, re- evaluating 22. Reporting Back to Attendees Include pie charts & graphs of event survey results at each stage Include a paragraph on findings in newsletters Make promises / be transparent about the parts to change 23. Next Event Reflect back on past results & whats changed/ whats new Point out & praise people that gave feedback...regardless of what kind of feedback Offer discounts to people who participate in surveys & not based on date of registration! 24. Survey Summary Use surveys to plan for content, test timeliness/accuracy of content topics & identify ambassadors/dissidents Use surveys throughout the event lifecycle Report back surveys to base Reward survey participants 25. HighRoad U Archives