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    Meal Replacement ShakeReviews | Best ShakesReviews HereSearching for proven meal replacement shake reviews?Good for you! Lets check out some of the meal replacementshake reviews, which will be reviewed from either theexperience or the research behind some of the leading shakes.When it comes to losing weight, having a healthy meal, or both,meal replacement shakes can work significantly. But withvarying prices, different ingredients, and different choices,which is best? Today we will explore that with themeal replacement shake reviews.At, I have certain standards that we follow tomake sure that we are maximizing health. The below standardsfor the best meal replacement shake reviews must meet thefollowing standards:

    Meal Replacement Shake and NOT Protein Shake There is a large difference between protein shakes andmeal replacement shakes. Protein shakes are good foryou, but if you are looking to replace an entire meal, youmust have more than just protein. So our reviews willbe on shakes that truly give you not only protein, but abalanced source of nutrition as well.

    Natural Ingredients Anything that includes pooringredients, such as Aspartame, Artificial Coloring, HighLevels of Sugar (over 10g per serving), or Preservativesare not in any of our reviews. The goal of a MealReplacement Shake is to lose weight. In order to loseweight, you cant have bad ingredients. Sorry SlimFast, Body by Vi, and QuickFast, these have unnaturalingredients and will not be reviewed. So, rest assuredthat everything on this site will have the best qualityingredients possible.

    Good Value for the Money Based on the reviews of thecompanies and the customers, we will let you know whatthe best values are for your money. You have spent a lotof time earning all of that money, so it needs to be wellspent!

    All Meal Replacement Shake Reviews will include thefollowing points:

    Price Flavors/Taste Results for People who Tried the Shake Nutrition Factor

    IdealShape Meal ReplacementShake Reviews #1Unlike the standard meal replacement shake, IdealShapeoffers a full system. This includes options for a mealreplacement shake, fitness program, diet plan, and support.If you are someone who is looking for an all-around solutionfor fitness and weight loss, this could be a good option for

    you. Lets check out the Meal Replacement Shake portion ofIdealShape and its relationship to the major review factors wenoted above.Price The price for this shake is moderate. You can get a full30-day supply for only $49.99. The nice thing about this shakeis it does come with the shaker cup that you see in the imageto the left. Why I love the shaker cup is that it makes it supereasy to mix up the shake when you drink it each day, withoutfussing with a blender or spoon.Flavors/Taste IdealShape flavors include Vanilla orChocolate. The people who have tried both flavors complimentits taste and furthermore the love of how it suppressesappetite so well. In the customer reviews, there are no specificpreferences over chocolate or vanilla.Customer Reviews- Some of the best results we have seeninclude replacing those fattening meals and losing on average10-15 pounds in the first month. The customers who first startcompliment the taste and flavor a lot. Those who have beendrinking the shake for more than 30 days discuss the benefitsof how well it helps their appetite suppression. You can seemore reviews here.Nutrition Factor- IdealShape has over 19 vitamins in eachserving, and uses Slendesta to reduce hunger and avoid thosejunk food cravings. The Slendesta is a natural potato proteinextract that the company has found to give promising resultsto its many customers. The original fad of loading people upwith a lot of fiber in Meal Replacement Shakes just didnt work,according to IdealShape. Instead, the ability to maximize theright vitamins and protein blend will maximize the results fortheir customers, and it seems it is highly successful. As a result,this is a recommended option for a GOOD Meal ReplacementShake!

    Lean Body Shake MealReplacement Shake Reviews #2We were pretty impressed with Lean Body for two reasons.First, it comes in Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor which justtastes amazing. Secondly, it has an incredible amount ofprotein (90% daily value), which is important for all-aroundhealth. Within our Meal Replacement Shake Reviews, wewanted to feature this shake, which you can get from theVitamin Shoppe. I do recommend this to those who exercise. Ifyou are looking for a meal replacement shake without exercise,check out options 3 and 4. Lean Body is meant to be usedalongside of someone who does exercise.Price The price for Lean Body is moderate. For 20-packets, the price is $53.49. It is a little more expensive thanIdealShape, but all-in-all it does provide a little more when itcomes to nutritional factors (explained below).Flavors/Taste- With a flavor like Chocolate Peanut Butter,where can you go wrong?? Of course, if you are someonewho does not like the flavor of chocolate peanut butter, thiswouldnt be the best taste for you. As for the reviews, manypeople compare this shake to the Reeses Peanut Butter eggcandy, without the extra sugar!

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    Customer Reviews Many customers rave about the tasteand the ability to suppress appetite. The negative mealreplacement shake reviews for Lean Body are for those whoarent exercising. This shake could potentially put on weightfor someone if they arent taking the time to exercise. If you doexercise, this shake will place you so much further ahead withlosing weight and building muscle simultaneously, accordingto customer reviews.Nutritional Factor- Lean Body only has 2 grams of sugar whichis very impressive. There are 290 calories in each serving,and a total of 45 grams of protein which is outstanding for ameal replacement shake. There are also many other importantvitamins and minerals added to this shake, including B-Vitamins which can help boost your energy substantially(Vitamin B-12 alone weighs in at 100% daily value per serving.

    Shakeology My Favorite Pick Meal Replacement Shake Reviews#3Shakeology is made by Beachbody, the same company whomanufacturers the famous P90X Workout Program. Theyclaim to be the Healthiest Meal of the Day, boasting over70 healthy ingredients and 23 vitamins and minerals. Therewas also an independent study done with this shake thatwe will talk about under the Customer Reviews portion ofthis shake. This shake is expensive compared to all of theother shakes. The reason it is so expensive is because of theincredible amount of superfood blends in each serving. This isthe Mercedes-Benz of the Meal Replacement Shake Reviews,hands-down.Price As mentioned above, Shakeology is on the higher-endof pricing, mainly because of its nutrition content. For a 30-day supply, the price is $129.95. If you choose to get this shakeon their monthly auto-ship option, you will have the ability tosave with Free Shipping available. Also, they offer an exclusive30-day money back guarantee, even if the bag is completelyempty.Flavors/Taste of all of the meal replacement shake reviews,Shakeology has the most flavor options. There are a totalof four Shakeology Flavors available. Chocolate, Greenberry,Tropical Strawberry, and Chocolate Vegan. Both the ChocolateVegan and Tropical Strawberry flavors are in Vegan formulafor those who are living a vegan lifestyle. Most people agreethat Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry flavors are the best,and Greenberry is the worst taste.Customer Reviews An independent study was completedon Shakeology from a panel of consumers. They all receivedcomplete physicals from the doctors and then startedreplacing one meal per day with Shakeology. After the 30-day test, they received the same physical exam. On average,consumers lost 10 pounds, lower their cholesterol 30%, andhad more regularity in their digestion. Many customers drinkthis shake monthly and it has received a lot of criticism andpraise. People claim to have reduced acid reflux (GERD),indigestion, and weight loss problems.

    Nutritional Factor- There are over 70 healthy ingredients,and only 6 grams of sugar in each serving. Of the nutritionalingredients, there is a large amount of B-Vitamins and asuperfood blend like no other. The superfood blend includesworldwide ingredients such as Sachi Inchi, Camu Camu, andHimalayan Salt. Each shake only ranges between 140-160calories depending on the flavor you choose.

    Beachbody Meal ReplacementShake Best Price MealReplacement Shake Reviews #2This is the final meal replacement shake reviews I will providehere. But, this is the Best Price option for those on a budgetthat are looking for a good shake. This meal replacement shakecombines a few of the benefits out of all of the shakes weexplored above without wrecking your budget.Price- For a 30-day supply of the Beachbody MealReplacement Shake, you will pay $39.95. This is by far the bestprice we have found for a quality meal replacement shake thathas no unnatural or artificial ingredients.Flavors/Taste This meal replacement shake offers either aChocolate or Vanilla flavor. While it tastes good, compared tothe meal replacement shake reviews provided above, this is theleast tasteful when comparing customer reviews and my ownreview.Customer Reviews- There are a mix of customer reviews onthis particular shake. Some love it, and some are skeptical thatit doesnt work as well as they wished. Keep in mind that youdo get what you pay for regardless. Check out this review froma customer which seems honest and straightforward:

    I was a little concerned by some of the reviewsIve read. Some said it was nasty, not effective, andnot worth the investment. Ive tried many productsand for the first time, an actual meal replacementproduct made me feel full. I love the taste and addingit to water and a few ice cubes is all I need. I dranksome 2 1/2 hours ago and still feel full. Seems like awinner to me!!!! If anything changes, I will re-post.

    Nutritional Factor The Beachbody Meal Replacement Shakefocuses a lot on its blend of whey and soy. This is the abilityto increase cardiovascular strength through the soy and give agood foundation for building muscle with the whey protein.

    I hope you enjoyed this content on the best meal replacementshake reviews. Be sure to share this with those you love andcare about. If you have any questions, comment below!Yours in Health and Fitness Success,Bob SharpeAbout Bob Sharpe In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 poundsoverweight and struggling with Acid Reflux. After getting hislife in shape, he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now,after losing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life,his goal is to help others do the same through his Beachbody

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