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The MD/MSC Nastran Installation and Operations Guide (IOG) provides instructions on how to install,customize, and use MD/MSC Nastran 2010 on UNIX and Windows systems.


MSC Nastran Installation and Operations Guide MSC Nastran R2.1 Installation and Operations GuideMD Nastran 2010 &MSC Nastran 2010Installation and Operations GuideWorldwide Webwww.mscsoftware.comDisclaimerMSC.Software Corporation reserves the right to make changes in specifications and other information contained in this document without prior notice.The concepts, methods, and examples presented in this text are for illustrative and educational purposes only, and are not intended to be exhaustive or to apply to any particular engineering problem or design. MSC.Software Corporation assumes no liability or responsibility to any person or company for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of any information contained herein.User Documentation: Copyright 2010 MSC.Software Corporation. Printed in U.S.A. All Rights Reserved.This notice shall be marked on any reproduction of this documentation, in whole or in part. Any reproduction or distribution of this document, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of MSC.Software Corporation is prohibited.This software may contain certain third-party software that is protected by copyright and licensed from MSC.Software suppliers. PCGLSS 6.0, Copyright 1992-2005, Computational Applications and System Integration Inc. All rights reserved. PCGLSS 6.0 is licensed from Computational Applications and System Integration Inc. METIS is copyrighted by the regents of the University of Minnesota. A copy of the METIS product documentation is included with this installation. Please see "A Fast and High Quality Multilevel Scheme for Partitioning Irregular Graphs". George Karypis and Vipin Kumar. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Vol. 20, No. 1, pp. 359-392, 1999. MSC, MD, Dytran, Marc, MSC Nastran, MD Nastran, Patran, MD Patran, the MSC.Software corporate logo, OpenFSI and Simulating Reality are trademarks or registered trademarks of the MSC.Software Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.NASTRAN is a registered trademark of NASA. PAMCRASH is a trademark or registered trademark of ESI Group. SAMCEF is a trademark or registered trademark of Samtech SA. Revision 0. October 27, 2010NA:V2010:Z:Z:Z:DC-OPSCorporate Europe Asia PacificMSC.Software Corporation2 MacArthur PlaceSanta Ana, CA 92707Telephone: (800) 345-2078FAX: (714) 784-4056MSC.Software GmbHAm Moosfeld 1381829 MunichGERMANYTelephone: (49) (89) 43 19 87 0Fax: (49) (89) 43 61 71 6Asia PacificMSC.Software Japan Ltd.Shinjuku First West 8F23-7 Nishi Shinjuku1-Chome, Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo 160-0023, JAPANTelephone: 0120-924-832 (toll free, Japan only)Mobile phone: 03-6911-1222Fax: (81) (3)-6911-1201Cont ent sMD/MSC Nastran 2010 Installation and Operations Guide MD/MSC Nastran Installation Guide PrefaceList of MD/MSC Nastran Books xivTechnical Support xvInternet Resources xvi1 IntroductionDocument Scope 2Key for Readers 2Definitions Used in this document 2Document Structure 3Supported Hardware and Operating Systems 4Changes to MD/MSC Nastran 2010 5MD/MSC Nastran 2010 5The nastran Command 5Building External Servers 5Deleted, Modified, and New Keywords 5The Directory Structure 7Multiple Products Support 7Multiple Computer Architecture Support 72 Installing MD/MSC NastranOverview 14Installing MD/MSC Nastran on UNIX Systems 15Installation Notes 15Installation Procedures 17MD/MSC Nastran 2010 Instal-lation and Operations GuideMD/MSC Nastran Installation GuideMD/MSC Nastran 2010 Installation and Operations Guide ivConsole Installation 18Silent Installation 19Installing MD/MSC Nastran on Windows Systems 20Installation Notes 20Installation Procedure 213 Configuring MD/MSC NastranOverview 24System-Specific Tuning 25All Systems 25AIX 25HP-UX 27Intel 27Windows Server 2003 27Systems Running on Intel Processors with Hyper Threading 27Using the md20101 or msc20101 Command 29Using the mscinfo Command (UNIX) 30Managing MD/MSC Nastran Licensing 31FLEXlm Licensing 32Node-locked Authorization Codes 39Activating MD/MSC Nastran Accounting 41Enabling Account ID and Accounting Data 41Enabling Account ID Validation 41Securing the Accounting ID Settings and Files 47Determining System Limits 48HP-UX 48IBM pSeries - AIX 49Intel IA-32 - Linux 49Intel IA-32 - Windows 50Intel IPF-Linux 50Intel 64 - Linux 50SGI R8K, R10K, R12K - IRIX 51Sun SPARC - Solaris 51Managing Remote and Distributed Hosts 52Sample dmpdeny Implementation (AIX) 52v CONTENTSLimiting memory Requests 54Customizing the News File 55Customizing the Message Catalog 56Defining a Computer Model Name and CONFIG Number 58Generating a Timing Block for a New Computer 59Customizing Queue Commands (UNIX) 62Special Queues 64Customizing the Templates 66Keyword Reference Syntax 67Keyword Reference Examples 68Using Regular Expressions 714 Using the Basic Functions of MD/MSC NastranOverview 74Using the mdnastran or nastran Command 75File Types and Versioning 76Using Filenames and Logical Symbols 77Using the Help Facility and Other Special Functions 79Using the Basic Keywords 81All Systems 81UNIX Systems 81Queuing (UNIX) 81Specifying Memory Sizes 83Maximum Memory Size 84Determining Resource Requirements 86Estimating BUFFSIZE 87Using the Test Problem Libraries 88Making File Assignments 89ASSIGN Statement for FORTRAN Files 89ASSIGN Statement for DBsets 89Using Databases 92Using the dbs Keyword 93MD/MSC Nastran 2010 Installation and Operations Guide viUsing the ASSIGN Statement 95Using the INIT Statement 96Using the INCLUDE Statement 98Specifying the INCLUDE Filename 98Requesting Subdirectory Searching 100Locating INCLUDE Files 100Using the SSS Alter Library 104Resolving Abnormal Terminations 105Interpreting System Error Codes 105Terminating a Job 106Flushing .f04 and .f06 Output to Disk (UNIX) 106Common System Errors 1075 Using the Advanced Functions of MD/MSC NastranOverview 112Using the Advanced Keywords 113All Systems 113AIX and Linux64 Only 114IRIX Only 114IRIX and LINUX IPF (SGI Altix) Only 114Solaris Only 114Queuing (UNIX) 114Using the MD NASTRAN or NASTRAN Statement 116AUTOASGN 116BUFFPOOL, SYSTEM(114) 117BUFFSIZE, SYSTEM(1) 117PARALLEL, SYSTEM(107) 117SYSTEM(128) 117SYSTEM(198), SYSTEM(205) 117SYSTEM(207) 117SYSTEM(275) 117Managing Memory 118Managing DBsets 120I/O Performance Libraries 120Using the SYS Field 120Using File Mapping 122Using Buffered I/O 123vii CONTENTSUsing Asynchronous I/O 125Interpreting Database File-Locking Messages (UNIX) 126Interpreting the .f04 File 129Summary of Physical File Information 129Memory Map 130Day Log 130User Information Messages 4157 and 6439 131Memory and Disk Usage Statistics 132Database Usage Statistics 132Summary of Physical File I/O Activity 133Running a Job on a Remote System 134Installing/Running MSCRmtMgr 141Running Distributed Memory Parallel (DMP) Jobs 143Determining Hosts Used by DMP Jobs 150Managing Host-Database Directory Assignments in DMP Jobs 153Managing Files in DMP Jobs 155DMP Performance Issues 155Alternatives to OpenMPI on Linux 159Configuring and Running SOL 600 160Hardware and Software Requirements 160Compatibility 160Definitions 160Network Configuration 161How to Run a Network Job 163Solver 166Troubleshooting 166SOL 600 Parallel Processing on Windows 168Hardware and Software Requirements 168Network Configuration 170Installation Notes 170User Notes 173Configuring and Running SOL 700 (MD Only) 177Hardware and Software Requirements 177Compatibility 177Definitions 177Network Configuration 178Installation Notes 178Platform Specific MPI Configurations 178User Notes 181MD/MSC Nastran 2010 Installation and Operations Guide viiiRunning an ISHELL Program 183Defining Command Processor Associations 185Using the ISHELL-INCLUDE Statement (!) 187Improving Network File System (NFS) Performance (UNIX) 190Creating and Attaching Alternate Delivery Databases 1916 Using the Utility ProgramsOverview 196ESTIMATE 197Keywords 198Rules 205Examples 207F04REPRT 208Options 209Examples 210HEATCONV 211Keywords 211Examples 211MSCACT 212Keywords 212Examples 213Accounting File Format 214MSCPLOTPS 216MSGCMP 217Examples 217MultiOpt (MD Only) 218Special Requirements for using MultiOpt on Windows Platforms: 219NEUTRL 221Keywords 221Examples 221OP4UTIL 222Keywords 223OPTCONV 225ix CONTENTSKeywords 225Examples 225PLOTPS 226Keywords 226Examples 228Using the String Optimization Feature 228RCOUT2 229Keywords 229Examples 229RECEIVE 230Keywords 230Examples 230TRANS 232Keywords 233Examples 233XMONAST (UNIX) 235Menu Bar Commands 236Buttons 236Examples 236Resources 237XNASTRAN (UNIX) 238Menu Bar Commands 238Main Window Items 238Resources 240Building the Utilities Delivered in Source Form 2417 Building and Using the Sample ProgramsOverview 244Building and Using BEAMSERV 245Building BEAMSERV 245Using BEAMSERV 246Building and Using DDLPRT 247Building DDLPRT 247Using DDLPRT 247Building and Using DDLQRY 249MD/MSC Nastran 2010 Installation and Operations Guide xBuilding DDLQRY 249Using DDLQRY 249Building and Using DEMO1 251Building DEMO1 251Using DEMO1 251Building and Using DEMO2 253Building DEMO2 253Using DEMO2 253Building and Using DR3SERV 255Building DR3SERV 255Using DR3SERV 256Building and Using MATTST 258Building MATTST 258Using MATTST 258Building and Using SMPLR 260Building SMPLR 260Using SMPLR 260Building and Using a Spline Server 262Building SPXSERVA 262Using the Spline Server 263Spline Server Source Files 264Building and Using TABTST 265Building TABTST 265Using TABTST 265Beam Server Source Files 267DRESP3 Server Source Files 268MSC.Access Source File


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