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  • McCracken County Public Schools Offers Online Lunch Payment Service for Parents/Staff Convenient online service offered through

    McCracken County School District is pleased to announce new online cafeteria meal service options. Through, each school

    now offers parents the ability to view their childrens cafeteria account and also make online payments for school meals..

    MySchoolBucks offers a secure and convenient way for parents to use Visa or MasterCard, either credit or debit, to add money to their childs meal


    Here are a few reasons to register now and begin using mySchoolBucks:

    Peace of mind Virtually eliminates worries about your child carrying money to school

    Convenience Make payments when its convenient, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Control With mySchoolBucks, parents can view their childrens meal purchases at the school cafeteria. They can also set up an automatic e-

    mail reminder to alert them when a payment is due. Subscribers to mySchoolBucks can set up an automatic payment when a payment is

    needed for a childs meal account.

    Efficiency Make payments for all children at once, even if they attend different schools in the district.

    To get started, all parents need is a computer, Internet access and an e-mail account. They will also need their childs birthdate; student ID number is

    not a must.

    There is no fee to use mySchoolBucks to set up an account and view your childs meal purchases and balances, and to set up automated e-mail

    notices when your childs meal account falls below a specified dollar amount.

    However, there is a convenience fee of $2 per transaction (not per child) if you are using mySchoolBucks to make an online payment.

    Cash and checks will still be accepted at each school cafeteria.

    When mySchoolBucks is used to pay for meals, it automatically deposits the money into the students meal account at school within one to two

    business days.

    To register online, visit mySchoolBucks. The user-friendly instructions allow parents to set up an account in just a few minutes.

  • New to mySchoolBucks

    start here

  • Add from drop down

    Kentucky State ..


  • Select the McCracken

    County Schools


  • Add your personal information.

    The email is the address to notify

    when account is low. Continue

  • Add your child keep adding if

    the is more than one.

    Find student

  • Next you will see the

    accounts of your


    If you do not need or wish to

    make a payment this is all

    you need to do.


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