(mbaskills.in) from failing in engineering to co-founding a million dollar company

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Part 1film making

I want to become a film makerWhat!!! Look at your son, he has lost it! Maybe I wont be successful film maker

Are you crazy! Think before you say such stupid things!Maybe I wont make enough money think.Anu AuntyMom

Engineering- Fail

Stop thinking too much

Directed a music video for PentagramDirected a promotional video for AR RahmanDirected a video with Preity Zinta for Shankar Ehsan Loy

Part 2Start up

To make merchandise for students for every school and college of this country

Started a small stall at Old Boys day at Bishops CottonSold 3500 hoodies on the first day itself!

What are you doing? Cant you do something normal ever!!! We wont get any dowry if you dont work for Infosys

I dont know whats wrong with my sonYour son Varun has become a T-shirt salesman

I failed in engineering once and nothing bad happened. If I fail in this whats the worse that can happen- varun agarwal

More than 50 newspaper articles3000 schools and colleges, across 200 cities with over 4 lakh students

Part 3Author

Made the biggest adversity into a brand ambassador

Live a life that you want to live, dont live a life that somebody else wants you to liveDont give up on your dreams!

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