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  1. 1. Mazama WaresCollege Student LineAshlynn Persing, Chelsea Newgard, Jordan Butler, Anna Teadtke
  2. 2. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE: Discover what college students value in coffee cups. How canMazamaWares create products for college students?Research Questions: If Mazama creates lines of water bottles and portable drinkcontainers, they will be preferred by college students If Mazama focuses on increasing brand awareness (to bothcollege students and other target markets), more purchasesof Mazama products will be made.Survey Details: 60 Respondents Distributed through social media 80% Women vs. 20% Men All college students Schools from all over the country were represented,majority of respondents were located in PortlandConclusions College students require alternative marketing strategiesthan those used with Mazamas current target market. The majority of respondents found the productsaesthetically pleasing but had never heard of the company
  3. 3. An Observation It was consistently observed in both morningand afternoon classes that the majority ofcollege students had with them, either awater bottle or some other portable beverage. 11 out of 20 students in an 8:10 accountingclass had coffee or some other warm beveragein a to go cup. We observed that on an average day, in thequad, 8 in 10 students had a water bottle ontheir person.
  4. 4. Rank these items in the order of price youwould pay for them (1being the most, 3being the least)Answer 1 2 3 Total ResponsesCoffee mug 4 17 37 58Portable/ travel coffee mug(with lid)27 23 8 58Water bottle 27 18 13 58Total 58 58 58 -Key take away: people are willing to pay more for aportable travel mug or water bottle than they are for acoffee mug.
  5. 5. Do you drink coffee, tea, hot chocolate,or other warm beverages?# of respondentsKey take away: almost everyone drinks some kind of warmdrink.
  6. 6. How many hours do you spendaway from home on an averageday?Hours away from homeKey take away: college students are busy people who spend alarge amount of time away from home. This creates ademand for portable beverage containers.# of respondents
  7. 7. How often do you takeyour warm beverageswith you on the go?Answer Response %Always 20 36%Sometimes 31 56%Never 4 7%Total 55 100%How often do you take yourwater bottle with you whenyou leave the house ?Answer Response %Always 37 65%Sometimes 16 28%Never 4 7%Total 57 100%Key take away: only 4 individuals said they NEVER takeeither a water bottle or a warm beverage with them onthe go.
  8. 8. -Do you consider yourself to be eco friendly- Do you own water bottle or coffee mugKey take away: people who own sustainable drinkingvessels no longer associate themselves with the stigma ofbeing eco-friendly. The convenience of having a portablevessel is an added value for college students beyond beingeco-friendly.
  9. 9. Rate these 5 qualities based on theirimportance to you:Key take away: college students value price, functionality and durability overartisanal and hand made qualities. This shows that college students requiredifferent marketing drivers than the current target market.
  10. 10. -Have you heard of MazamaWares-Do you find these products aestheticallypleasingHave you ever heardof the Portland basedcompany MazamaWares?Key take away: almost everyone who took the surveysaw the products as aesthetically pleasing and saidthey would purchase, yet they had not heard ofMazamaWares.
  11. 11. Recommendations: Without brand awareness, Mazama is closingitself off to potential customers and revenuefrom sales Explore the possibility of partnerships in order toincrease market share and brand awareness Marketing to college students is a differentgame then marketing to normal functioningmembers of society (adults) Revamp of marketing strategy with a focus onattributes such as convenience, durability,functionality and price.