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    May 12-16, 2009, Hilton MinneapolisHotel, Minneapolis, MN. The 2009North American Research Conferenceon Complementary & Integrative Med-





    DfoismisisedenomDthAPlaza, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL60606;;312/899-4829; or fax, 312/899-



    2portant clinical topic. If you have icine will showcase original scientific4812.

    009 by the American Dietetic Association Journal of the AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION 937from th


    l for Papers

    e Journal of the American Dieteticsociation is issuing a Call for Pa-rs on the topic of parenteral nutri-n. All related aspects of this themell be considered. Papers on specificulations (ie, home patients, adults orldren with gastrointestinal failure,morbidly obese), electrolyte manage-nt, nutritional assessment, glycemictrol, discipline-oriented (RD, RN,h, MD), vitamin, mineral or tracement deficiencies or excesses, or ad-se events are welcomed. A review ond-base disorders demonstrating al comprehension of the physiologyd the resulting changes in paren-al nutrition prescription is specifi-ly sought. However, a broad range ofics is encouraged.eviews, Research and Profes-nal Briefs, Research, PerspectivesPractice, Practical Clinical Solu-ns and Commentaries are all suit-le article categories. Please refer to

    Journals Guide for Authors fortails. Papers are requested to bebmitted byNovember 30, 2009 forestimated publication date in early

    DA CALENDAR009 ADA Food & Nutritiononference & Expoctober 17-20, 2009;enver, CO

    010 ADA Food & Nutritiononference & Expoovember 6-9, 2010;oston, MA

    011 ADA Food & Nutritiononference & Expoeptember 24-27, 2011;an Diego, CAe assocy questions, please contact the As-tant to the Editor-in-Chief, Clairelkey, at c-zulkey@northwestern.u or 312/908-5749.

    est CADE Accreditation Decisionslished Online

    e Commission on Accreditation foretetics Education is ADAs accredit-agency for education programs

    paring students for careers as Reg-ered Dietitians and Dietetic Techni-ns, Registered. CADE establishesd enforces eligibility requirementsd accreditation standards that en-e the quality and continued im-vement of nutrition and dieteticscation programs.he accreditation decisions madethe most recent CADE meeting areailable at and include the status ofgrams which have received candi-cy for accreditation, initial accredita-n, continued accreditation, provisionalreditation, substantial equivalency,bationary accreditation, and volun-y withdrawal from accreditation.

    nating Journals

    mbers often inquire about donatingir old Journals to a good cause, butt know where to start. The Web sitethe Health Sciences Library at theiversity of Buffalo provides a list ofanizations that accept donations ofjournals and redistribute them toeloping countries, found at The Jour-

    l encourages our readers to take ad-tage of this opportunity to share ourowledge.


    ference on Complementary andegrative MedicineiationPEOPLE & EVENTSplementary and alternative medi-e (CAM) research through keynoted plenary sessions, oral and postersentations, and innovative scientificsions. Areas of CAM research pre-ted and discussed at this conferencell include research in basic science,nical research, methodological re-rch, health services research, andcation research. Call for scientific

    stracts and workshop submissions:ptember 30, 2008. For additionalference information, visit or

    eadline for submitting materialr the People and Events sectionthe first of the month, 3onths before the date of thesue (eg, May 1 for the Augustsue). Publication of anucational event is not andorsement by the Association

    f the event or sponsor. Sendaterial to: Ryan Lipscomb,epartment Editor, Journal ofe American Dietetic

    ssociation, 120 S. Riverside

    ell Us Your Issue . . .e care about the concerns of ADAembers and want to hear fromou. There are four easy ways toubmit your issues: 312/899-4790.Phone 800/877-1600 ext 5000.Contact your delegate.

    You will receive immediate confir-ation that your message has beeneceived and action will be takenithin 2 months. For more informa-on, visit ADAsmember home pagend click on Member Issues or

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    938betes Workshop

    ne 1-3, 2009, Embassy Suites, Al-aretta, GA. The Vanderbilt Diabe-Center presents Sugar is Not a

    ison (SNAP): The Dietitians RoleDiabetes Management. Save thete for this 2.5-day workshop thats been approved for 23 CEUsough the Commission on Dieteticgistration. The workshop will pre-re registered dietitians to become anegral part of the diabetes team; pro-e diabetes Medical Nutrition Ther-y (MNT) for patients with type 1,e 2, or gestational diabetes; and de-op confidence in the delivery of dia-es MNT. Visit the workshop Webe at for moreormation, or e-mail with any questions.

    ernational Congress on Nutrition

    tober 4-9, 2009, Bangkok Interna-nal Trade & Exhibition Centre,ngkok, Thailand. The 19th Annualernational Congress on Nutrition,med Nutrition Security for All,ll provide the highest quality scien-c program featuring internationallyognized speakers and experts in theld. The most up-to-date nutrition-re-ed issues will be covered in the ple-ry lectures, dialogues, parallel sym-ia/workshops, and panel discussions,well as oral and poster presentations.r more information, visit



    rmer ADA Board Member Cor-ll Scott Diesornell Scott, MPH, died on August

    , 2008, at the age of 73. Scott, execu-e director of the Hill Health Corpo-ion in New Haven, CT, with whichwas associated for 40 years, wasown and honored for his work onalf of federally supported commu-y health clinics. Scott was the Publicmber of the American Dietetic Asso-tions Board of Directors for 1997-98 and 1998-1999. Scott was also an

    istant professor of pediatrics and 20

    May 2009 Volume 109 Number 5blic health at Yale University Medi-School, where he was chairman ofboard of the Yales African-Ameri-Cultural Center and a member ofYale Womens Health Advisory

    mmittee, and an instructor in theool of Allied Health at the Univer-y of Connecticut. Scott held boarditions in a number of communityalth care organizations, includingCommunity Health Network, the

    nnecticut Association for Humanrvices, and New England Commu-y Health Centers Association, Inc.served as secretary of the board

    Connecticut Community Care, Inc,d was a member of the board of di-tors of the American Lung Associa-n of Connecticut, Connecticut Pri-ry Care Association, and Nationalsociation of Community Health Cen-s, Inc. A native of Arkansas, Scottduated from the University of Ar-nsas and earned aMasters degree inblic health from Yale University in68.ormer ADA Board Memberhn B. Coombs Diesohn B. Coombs, MD, died on Janu-19, 2009, at the age of 63. He wasded by colleagues as an advocate foral health and a national leader inproving health care for underservedulations. Coombs was the Publicmber of the American Dietetic Asso-tions Board of Directors and amem-of the Boards Task Force on Aging2003-2004. A past president ofWashington State Academy of

    mily Physicians, Coombs was associ-dean, and later associate vice pres-nt for medical affairs and vice deanregional affairs for the University ofshington School of Medicines stu-t training programs in rural health,mary care, and family medicine.ombs oversaw the schools Regionaldical Education Program, whichers Washington, Alaska, Montana,ho, and Wyoming, and was respon-le for graduate medical educationgrams with more than 1,200 resi-ts and fellows in 65 programs. Be-e coming to the University of Wash-ton, Coombs was vice president fordical affairs at MultiCare Healthstems in Tacoma. A graduate ofUniversity of Washington, Coombsned a Masters degree in nutritionalence and a medical degree from Cor-ll University.guilina Royal, RD, February09, joined the American Dietetic As- indiation in 1965. Royal graduatedm Philippine Womens Universityth a bachelors degree in Nutrition,ned a Masters degree in Educationm Loyola University in Chicago, IL,d completed her dietetic internshipCook County Hospital in completing her internship, sheained at Cook County Hospital,ntually becoming the dietetic in-nship director. Royal was an activember of the Dietetic Educators ofactitioners Dietetic Practice Group,d was active in developing profes-nal standards for dietetics educa-n.argaret Alexander Williams,, February 2009, was a Life and

    -year member of the American Die-ic Association. She received bothchelors and Masters degrees fromnnsylvania State University, wherealso taught. In addition to teachingCarnegie-Mellon University andlifornia State University, Williamso worked at DuBois Hospital andurelton State Hospital, both innnsylvania.


    driguez Honored for Nationalrls and Women in Sports DayDA Member Nancy Rodriguez,D, RD, was honored by the Univer-y of Connecticut as part of the 23rdnual celebration of National Girlsd Women in Sports Day. Rodriguez,rofessor in the University of Con-cticut Department of Nutritional Sci-ces with joint appointments in Kine-logy and Allied Health, was honoredher contributions to the Division ofhletics in raising the awareness oftrition and wellness to student-ath-es and the development and imple-ntation of a variety of programs fo-ed on the role nutrition plays informance and health.rez Wins Silver Plate AwardDA member Betty Perez, RD, hasn the 2009 International Food-vice Manufacturers Associationsver Plate Award in the Healthre category. Perez is the director ofod and Nutrition at the UniversityMedicine and Dentistry of New Jer-. One of the industrys oldest hon-, the Silver Plates are selected by anel of industry experts and haveen given annually for 55 years toognize operational excellence and

    ustry achievement.