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Mattresses in Melbourne

Mattresses provide superior comfort, excellentrecovery and a high level of pressure relief along the whole body. Mattresses provide a firm yet comfortable and supportive feel and can adjust to the individual needs of the body.

ADVANTAGES Superior comfortAlleviates shoulder numbness, stiffness & pain Corrects spine alignment

General PractitionersOccupational TherapistsPhysiotherapistsOsteopathsChiropractorsMyotherapistsRemedial & Relaxation Masseurs

Specific mattresses are created in conjunction with a number of health professionals in order to ensure a quality nights sleep. Research has been conducted looking into sleep habits, mattresses, and bed bases.

These professionals include:

Rest and rejuvenation is important for the active body. If our bodies don't recover properly during sleep, ongoing issues of aches, pains and stiffness can occur.

Conventional beds at first feel fine but you will soon find their non-conformity to your body shape, their softness/hardness or sagging (hammock style) will all add to body stresses when the body is meant to be rejuvenating. Ensure you make an informed choice based on your needs, activity level and individual requirements of couples rather than just going with what feels nice.

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