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  • Mastery Objective:To: Answer questions on the worksheet about the media center policies and resources in order to perform basic tasks in the media center such as: check out a book locate fiction and non-fiction books locate reference books locate the media center web page locate research databases on the media center web page. Save to their h-drives.

  • 1.Read a book, magazine or the newspaper in paper or Internet format.2.Do your homework.3.Do research for assigned projects. 4.Work on PowerPoint and Excel Projects.5.Use the Internet for school work.6.Use Microsoft Word to type assignments.3.Do research for assigned projects. 4.Work on PowerPoint and Excel Projects.

  • North Library is open Mon. and Wed. until 3:50 p.m. South Library is open Tues. andThurs. until 3:50 p.m.Regular Library Hours are: 7:20 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.However, the After School Hours are as follows:

  • When may Freshmen go to the North Media Center?Freshmen may go to the North Media Center after school on Mondays and Wednesdaysand during the school day with permission

  • You will ALWAYS need your ID to check out items! All computers have --- USB flash drive ports. The school store sells flash drives for $19 & $20. The media center will have a few available for $19.Photocopies are 10 a copy.

  • There should NEVER be: Food / Candy / Drinks / ipods / mp3 players OR Cell Phones in the Library!

  • Make an attempt to stay on task in the library. Respect others at all times. Dont talk loudly to anyone in the library.

  • Ms. Van Artsdalen, South Secretary and Mrs. Miller, North SecretaryMrs. Martinez, North Media SpecialistMrs. Dennis, South Media SpecialistMrs. Bakanas North & South Media SpecialistMs. Burrell, Assistant Principal and English & Media Center SupervisorMrs. Kelley, North & South Library Media AssistantMs. Mayher, English and Media Center Coordinator

  • Tall Bookcases = General Collection May be checked out for 2 weeks with your ID card.

  • Low Bookcases = Reference CollectionMay be checked out overnight with your ID card.Encyclopedias

  • What do you think is acceptable use of the schools computers?The AUP states the purposes and rules that You must follow when using the Internet.

  • The Lenape Regional High School District AUP CardEveryone must read, agree to follow the rules, and sign the AUP policy agreement before ever using the network and Internet.

  • Your signature means that you will abide by the rules in the AUP policy.

  • NOTE: The Lenape Regional High School District AUP is displayed on the computer before you log on.

  • When you click OK, you are agreeing to abide by the AUP.

  • Use Social E-Mail, Chat Rooms, or MySpaceDisplay, send, or print obscene/ pornographic messages or pictures!

  • Play and/or Download GamesViolations of AUP could result in: disciplinary referral.

  • REMEMBER: Nothing you type is private; therefore NEVER give out any personal information on the Web. People you meet online are not always who they seem to be. It is best not to respond to email from anyone that you dont know. Never arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone you meet in a chatroom. If you receive threatening information, tell your parents, teacher, or guidance counselor.For more tips, click on the Internet Safety link to the left under Departments on the media center web page.

  • USERNAMEYour student number is your USERNAME and it will never change so you need to REMEMBER it for all 4 years you are at Cherokee.PASSWORDYour PASSWORD is PRIVATE and should not be shared with any of your friends! **If you share your password with someone, you are giving that person permission to go onto your personal h-drive. He/she could tamper with your work or even delete your work.

  • Your student numberYour personal password

  • * Research Databases / eBooks* Internet* Cherokee Book and Audiovisual Catalog* Computer Applications


    Click onINTERNET EXPLORERto bring up the: Cherokee High School web page.

  • To access the media center page, click on Departments:

  • The Media Center Web (URL) Address is:

  • To search for books, click on:

  • E-BOOKS Gale Virtual Reference Library includes numerous e-booksDrugs in Society and Facts About Drugs

  • Passwords are needed to use the databases at home. Pick up a bookmark with passwords in the media center or look in your 2008-2009 Student Handbook 2008-2009 for passwords to the databases

  • Internet Reference Tools

  • Current News

  • Search Engines

  • Start ... Save all Microsoft Office jobs from school as Microsoft Office 2003 --to ensure they will open at home. If you use WORKS at home, you must save your documents as a Rich Text Format (RTF) so that it will open properly at school.

  • Always Save by clicking on File then SAVE AS!Never use the disk iconNever save to the C Drive

  • Save as to your H or Removable Disk DriveH - driveFlash driveH-drive

  • Never use the printer iconNever print e-mails, game codes, song lyrics, etc. ONLY school work is allowed!Never print more that 10 pages without asking first Always press Print Preview firstNext Click on File then PrintNever waste paper; it will cost you 10 per page

  • Before logging off, SAVE ALL WORK!Then close all open programsYou may now log off the computerALWAYS use the log off optionNEVER use Shut Down or Restart the computer!If you dont log off, someone could destroy your work!

  • As librarians-teachers, we are here to help you! Please, come see us for any reason!