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<ul><li><p>Master Class </p><p>Design Thinking and Lean Startup Digitalization drives organizations to innovate faster. But what is the best way to do so? Design Thinking and Lean Startup have become very popular frameworks for innovation, suggesting different roads to innovative products and services. Design Thinking and Lean Startup both are customer-centric and iterative approaches to find solutions to complex problems but differ in their point of views. Design Thinking focuses on user needs to ensure desirability of solutions, proposing the intuitive, creative way of thinking of designers. The Lean Startup combines customer development with agile product development to ensure viability via a repeatable and scalable business model using a scientific method of testing hypotheses. In this 1-day workshop we will explore how to combine Design Thinking and Lean Startup, to address desirability and viability to innovate more successfully. We will play serious games to try out the Lean Startup concept, reflect the differences to Design Thinking and discuss different use cases. Your outcome will be a better understanding what Lean Startup is about, and how you could combine it with Design Thinking to create products or services that your customers love while adding value to your business model. The workshop will cover these questions: </p><p> What is Lean Startup? What could be the raison to decide for one of the frameworks? How to combine Design Thinking with Lean Startup to innovate faster? </p><p> The workshop mode will focus on practice, serious games and hands-on exercises. It addresses design thinking coaches, innovation managers, product managers &amp; owners and academics interested in the field of innovation. Date and Time: 15.03.2017 | 10:00 17:00 </p><p>Number of participants: max. 20 </p><p>Requirements: Basic understanding of Design Thinking, openness to discuss and share experiences. </p><p>Investment: 50,- </p><p>Location: HPI School of Design Thinking, House D </p></li><li><p> Trainers: Jens Otto Lange (Design Thinking Coach) and Stefan Haas (Agile Innovation Coach) from #PoDojo </p></li></ul>