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Masonry HeatersDesigning, Building, and Living with a Piece of the Sun

Ken Matesz$39.95 US Paperback ISBN 9781603582131 8 x 10 352 pages Pub Date: September 2010

For media inquiries contact: Elliott Bent 802.229.4900 ext. 112 Author Events Coordinator: Jenna Dimmick 802.229.4900 ext.120

WhenItravelintheNorthernstatesoftheU.S.particularlyNewEngland,wheremostpeopledepend onheatingwithoilIfearforthesemillionsoffolksforwhomdepleting,climate-changingfossilfuelsare all that stand between winter comfort on one hand, and death by freezing on the other. Masonry Heaters exploresoneofthemostpromisingalternatives,anditsmessageneedstogetoutfarandwide,andfast. RichardHeinberg,SeniorFellow,PostCarbonInstituteandAuthorofThe Partys Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies

A Hearth for a Carbon-Neutral Home In Masonry Heaters, author and professional mason Ken Matesz describes how to design and build one of the healthiest, most efficient, and aesthetically pleasing means of home heating that no one knows about. Masonry Heaters is the ideal book for those interested in home heating, energy efficiency, and self-sufficiency from fossil fuels. Professional contractors will find this a useful tool to consult, and homeowners considering building or remodeling will find all they need to know about this fascinating and often unknown form of heating in these pages. Masonry heaters are: Carbon-neutral Renewable 80to90percentefficientvs.averageheaters55to70 Aestheticallypleasing Thebookdiscussesdifferentmasonryheaterdesigns(includingEuropeanvariations),andoffersanewunderstanding ofmassiveheatstorageandgentle-but-persistentradiantheat.Thebookalsocontainsmanylustrousphotosandillustrations of real-world masonry heater projects.

Ken Matesz first learned about masonry heaters in the early 1980s, built his first one in the early 1990s, and opened the Masonry Heater Store, LLC after the turn of the new century. Mateszs first solo heater project in 1994, a Finnish-style heater in his own home, gave his family heating energy independence. With his new book Masonry Heaters, he hopes to show many others how they can achieve the same freedom and a better standard of living using this simple but elegant way of heating. He lives in Swanton, Ohio. Digital Press Kit:


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