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    With 25 successful years in the travel industry, Martsam Travel is a 100 % Guatemalan Tailor-Made Tour Operator and Destination Management Company (DMC), that it is distinguished for its professionalism, commitment, flexibility, authenticity, and quality of our day trips, Guatemala Tour Packages, Family Vacations and Luxury Tours.

    Our Tours and vacation packages are a journey through world heritage sites, natural treasures, national parks, native markets, art galleries, museums, art centers, and beaches. Fantastic places in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and South of Mexico, where you will have the opportunity to live your adventure trip, be in touch with our ethnic groups and their customs, have encounters with wildlife or be part of a colorful festival and Maya celebrations.

    The best value of our company is the in-depth knowledge and professionalism of our team: travel advisors, guides, and drivers, all of them have a long background in fieldwork and the best training. The national culture and nature are part of their life, so they are the best people to make you live the best experiences in Guatemala.

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    Fuego Volcano, Antigua Guatemala

  • Specialty Travel

    As a Guatemalan Tailor-Made Travel specialist we offer over 25 years of experience and success managing inbound tourism. We develop authentic programs for all this special travelers that are looking for Specialty Tours such as Textiles & Native Markets, Archaeology, Art, Shamanism, Bird Watching, Culinary Tours, Spanish Lessons, weddings, Honeymoons and more. Carefully selected by our team as the best available at each region, recognized scholars and specialists in different topics will take you through authentic experiences and real contact with our nature and culture.

    Culinary Adventures


    Shamanic Experiences

  • Archaeology Martsam Travel offers the opportunity to travel through time and history, a colorful cultural experience in the heart of the Mayan World. Cultural immersions inside of unique Maya sites located across the center of the American continent where centuries ago the ancient cultures thrived in the land of mountains, flowers and developed their science, arts, beliefs, rituals and gods. Our specialist tour guides and scholars will take you through unique destinations full of magic and mysticism, hiking within millennial temples, plazas, causeways and altars where you will be able to discover the hieroglyphic writing system, architecture, sculpture, and beautiful work presented on in paintings, pottery, stone and jade. These destinations are encountered in exceptional natural surroundings where diverse species of wildlife together with impressive structures will make your archaeological trip in Guatemala a truly unique experience.

    Copan, Honduras

  • Eco- Adventures

    The abundant biodiversity of Guatemala has placed in the top of the countries with larger diversity of natural resources of the planet and a destination to amaze the most demanding adventurers. Millions of species reside in their varied ecosystems, rare and endemic birds, mammals as the jaguar and the tapir, great variety of fish, reptiles and insects reside in their tropical jungles and seas, mystic Mayan cities, rivers, lakes and national parks as a whole, have created a tropical paradise and present a seductive opportunity for adventurers and explorers. Climbing active volcanoes, rafting in torrential rivers, the best of the sports fishing in the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean, diving or Snorkeling in the coral reefs of the Mesoamerican barrier reef, hike in the tropical rainforest, horseback riding, biking, discover millenarian caves, visit indigenous communities or enjoy coffee tours in sustainable projects.

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    Jungle Adventure

    Semuc Champey

  • Beach & Relaxation Belize and Honduras’ main attraction is constituted by marine attractions, this submarine paradise around of the second largest coral reef of the planet that counts with approximately 100 species of coral, 185 miles of coast, hundreds of islands with fantastic white sand beaches and turquoise water where abundance and the variety of marine life are impressive.

    Fishing, Kayaking, wind surfing, kite surfing boarding, parasailing, Snorkeling and diving become the activities preferred by the visitors and the popular sites include atolls, the worldwide well-known Blue Hole, Shark Ray Alley Park, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, South Water Caye Marine Reserve, San Pedro Ambergris, Caye Caulker, Placencia’s incomparable beaches and the famous Bay Islands in Honduras.

    From exotic adventures to pacific relaxants vacations in a luxurious private island the Caribbean is your option.

    M artsam


  • Incentive Travel

    Our passion in Martsam Travel is to be out of the ordinary turning your incentive travel ideas into unique experiences by supplying innovative customized incentive travel programs for your groups. As a regional Travel Specialist, we design incentive travel programs that combine unique and authentic activities, the best hotels and amazing destinations creating lifetime experiences. Land vehicles, airplanes or helicopters, natural landscapes, Colonial cities, archaeological sites, active volcanoes, wildlife sanctuaries, sacred Mayan caves, shamanic rituals, jungle adventures, white sand beaches in the Caribbean and spa treatments; everything is possible to fulfill the greatest demanding expectations of our customers. Let us know your needs and expectations and we will present exclusive and innovative proposals to be able to plan the best of journeys based on your goals.

  • Birding & Wildlife Expeditions M

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    Our expeditions are an encounter with the wonderful birds’ world of the Maya World.

    Our Company designs bird watching tours based on biological research of bird populations. We integrate the best possibilities to spot endemic and rare birds alongside the aim of sighting as many species as possible.

    The best value of our tours is the deep knowledge of our guides, local guides, drivers and staff at the office. All of them have a long background of field work and the best training. The national culture and nature are part of their lives, so they are the best people to make you live the best experiences in our region.

    Wine-throated Hummingbird HelodermaResplendent QuetzalPink-headed Warbler

  • Guatemala M

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    Tikal National Park

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    Located in the heart of the Mayan World, Guatemala is a multicolored destination with an extreme geographic diversity, climatic and ethnographic variety that made of Guatemala a country with an extraordinary natural and cultural wealth that stands out for the contrast that offers its landscape, its history and its living culture.


    Chichicastenango Market

    Acatenango Volcano, Antigua Guatemala

    Lake Atitlán

    Resplendent Quetzal

  • Antigua Guatemala Named as worldwide cultural patrimony by the UNESCO, Antigua Guatemala is an exquisite Spanish Colonial town that goads thousands of visitors annually to walk on his cobbled streets, churches, ruins, Spanish schools, charming hotels, restaurants, art galleries and antiques’ stores as well as his market of handicrafts. The holy week in Antigua is one of the best experiences for all visitor, sawdust carpets with various and colored motives wait for the processions carrying their saints and remembering Christos‘ passion. The atmosphere turns into a world of energy that with the smell of the incense and the music of the drum and the chirimilla make of this celebration one of the most memorable and mystic moments of our traditions. .

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    ve l Antigua Guatemala Market

    Calle del Arco, Antigua Guatemala

    Holly Week, Antigua Guatemala

  • Lake Atitlán

    Explosion of colors, fantastic landscapes, Mayan living culture, lake and volcanoes form the magical Guatemala that captivates every one that visits us.

    The mixture of indigenous beliefs and Catholicism are shown at every day by the ethnos that inhabit the surroundings of Atitlan’s lake, to the northwest the Kaqchikel and to the southeast the Tz’utujil.

    Approximately 85.000 years the area of Atitlan’s lake experiences an intense and violent cataclysm forming an enormous crater. San Pedro’s, Toliman’s and Atitlan’s volcanoes formed 60.000 years after, giving origin to Atitlan’s lake.

    Several activities are possible to practice in this privileged place like: Hikes, birdwatching, horseback riding, aquatic sports, etc. Panajachel, San Marcos la Laguna, Santa Cruz la Laguna, San Pedro la Laguna, Santiago Atitlan, to name some of the places that present a fantastic experience with multicolored markets with variety of earthenware, wood and textiles. Lake Atitlan

  • The “holy city” of Chichicastenango was settled by indigenous nobility fleeing the Spanish in Utatlan (Quiche Capital 12 miles away) in the late 1520’s. Though the Indians were unable to avoid the conquest, for years they continued worshipping