martiros manoukian (1947)

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  2. 2. Contemporary artist Martiros Manoukian was born in a cradle on Mount Ararat, and climbed to the top of Olympus art in less than half a century it was August 5, 1947 in Yerevan, the Armenian capital. I was born an artist. God gives us something at birth, and thats it. I always believed in myself. Artistic ability allowed him to enter the Academy of Fine Arts right after graduation from high school. As a child, Martiros was absorbed in classical painting, liked to visit the galleries and museums, looking for quiet contemplation of paintings of great artists. Manoukian started painting seriously at the age of 11. He entered the Academy of Art in Yerevan in 1967. And also studied in Moscow and Leningrad. He was admitted to the USSR Union of Artists aged only 26. His first exhibition was in 1972 in Yerevan. He had many more untill 1987 when he emigrated to the United States. My style is life, and I like life very much. Some works by Martiros reflect something of antiquity in his homeland, reflections of centuries-old icons of Russian Orthodoxy. Others express contemporary images. All in one way or another, celebrate love of life and freedom. Great art history, great masters were my teachers. I was stunned by their ability to solve problems, I admire how they were feeling, what was the basis for the great art. I have many favorite artists, I see them all as a great bouquet, the absence of at least a single flower of which would be a big loss. I would like to have the light of Girodet, line of Ingre, courage of Picasso and Chagall color. Actually, I do not know what I feel when I draw, I just draw my spirit feeling that it is impossible to catch with eyes.
  3. 3. Angel lovers Starry Night
  4. 4. Blue Madonna
  5. 5. Yesterday/Today
  6. 6. Lady Face in Black Red And Gold 1990
  7. 7. Turnadot 1990First duet 1990
  8. 8. Sound: Lilit Pipoyan Mi lar; Night; Gulo (Koulo) Text & pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foioreanu