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Marriage Plan Your Promise Today-Their Celebrations Tomorrow Slide 2 I I nvest in your Childs Future EFU LIFE MARRIAGE PLAN Provides you with the fulfillment of this lifelong dream of your childs marriage. Ensuring an ideal marriage for ones child is not longer just a dream! A wedding gift is the gift of a lifetime. F F und selection option You have the flexibility to select from one of the following unit savings fund based on your risk appetite and investment objective. EFU Managed Growth Fund EFU Guaranteed Growth Fund EFU Aitemad Growth Fund Slide 3 F F und Acceleration Premiums M M onitoring Service EFU monitors performance of the plan and advises adjustments to achieve the target fund E E ngagement Bonus EFU Marriage Plan EFU Marriage Plan also provides you with Engagement Bonus to recognize the need for extra funds to cover expenses associated with your childs engagement. Policy yearBonus Allocation 1515% of average annual basic premium 2025% of average annual basic premium Minimum FAP allowed in a year Rs. 15,000 Maximum FAP allowed in a year 5 x Basic Plan Premium Slide 4 G G uaranteed Future I In the unfortunate event of your death prior to maturity of the Plan, you would want to make sure that future plans for your children are still fulfilled C C ontinuation Benefit future contributions Ensures that all future contributions will be paid by EFU so that funds originally planned will still be available E E xtra Layer of Protection The Plan also provides an extra layer of protection for Accidental Death of the parent. In case of death of parent due to accidental causes during the plan term, the Plan provides a sum assured of 10 times your basic plan annual contribution up to a maximum of Rs. 10 million Slide 5 The plan also takes into account the effect of annual inflation To retain the purchasing power of the Plans benefits Each year the contribution would increase by 5% of the initial contribution Security and Peace of Mind I I nflation Protection N N ext Generation Benefit T This benefit gives the flexibility to opt for receiving 90% of the fund value as lump sum cash on maturity to cover the immediate marriage related expenses of the child. The remaining 10 % of the fund can be utilized to purchase EFU Lifes Education and/or Marriage Plan for ones first born. Slide 6 D D eath Benefit On death, the total annualized contribution to the Main plan will continue to be paid by EFU Life until the maturity of the plan, under the built in Continuation Benefit. M M aturity Benefit At maturity of the Plan, the accumulated fund value is paid. A dditional Benefits I I ncome Benefit A fixed amount payable quarterly to fulfill day to day expenses of the family W W aiver of Premium EFU pays the contribution in case the parent is unable to engage in his/her occupation due to sickness or accident Slide 7 O ther Important Details Any period between 10 and 25 years. T T erm E E ligibility I I nvestment Management Charge 0.125% of the fund value per month. B B id/Offer Spread 5% of the contribution. Minimum: 18 years next birthday Maximum: 60 years next birthday U U nit Allocation Policy yearAllocation percentage 125% to 35% based on plan term 280% 390% 4 onwards100% 11 onwards 105% if basic plan premium is over Rs. 20,000, otherwise 100%. A A dministrative charges Rs. 240 per annum. M M inimum Contribution Rs. 16,000 per annum.