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1. Presenting a consistent image Being true to yourself Showing what you are capable of Looking the part Dressing appropriately 2. Resumes CV (Curriculum Vitae) Cover letter Portfolio ePortfolio 3. Your name, address, email and telephonenumber, clearly displayed Is your email address appropriate? Is the message on your mobile phoneappropriate? 4. Only include this if the job you are applying for Is part of your career plans Is related to a special interest 5. Your school Current year level Grades 6. Awards Leadership positions in school and sport Certificates Special responsibilities Membership of Associations, Choirs, ServiceGroups eg lifesavers Membership of sporting teams and years ofinvolvement Achievements in the Arts Music, Art, Drama 7. Write your achievement statements startingwith a strong verb eg Achieved, Created,Lead, Managed, Won, Assisted or a passiveverb egAwarded, Given. Let your achievements tell a story 8. Languages High level of mathematical ability Musical ability Technology Skills 9. Basic computer use(Indicate the level) Word Excel PowerPoint InternetOther technology skills Office machinery Electronics Film makingAdvanced computer skills Graphics Photoshop Video editing Excel Solving hardwareproblems Solving softwareproblems Programming 10. Paid, informal and volunteer work all tell theprospective employer a lot about you. 11. Any work that you have done for an employerwhere you had to give them your tax filenumber Job title Name and address of employer Dates that you worked for them eg Jan 2009 April 2010 Achievements/responsibilities 12. Baby sitting, helping in a family business, petcare or gardening, school work experience. Job title Name and address of employer Dates that you worked for them eg Jan 2009 April 2010 Achievements/Responsibilities 13. Fundraising Door-knocking for recognised charities suchas Red Shield Appeal Caring for elderly relative or neighbour Assisting at a school or church functionTell the story What was it for? What did youdo? What was the outcome 14. Let them know something about you as anindividual eg singing with a band, running infun runs, surfing 15. Someone who Knows and respects you Is willing to be telephoned by a prospectiveemployer Believes in you. 16. Try to show them in the statements youmake in the resume and/or cover letter Can be a separate section .. but what yousay needs to match what you candemonstrate through your resume. 17. Simple clean layout One font throughout Consistent formatting No spelling mistakes (Dont trust spellcheckon the computer!) No grammar mistakes No typos 18. Correct letter layoutStart withDear .Re: Job you are applying for 19. 4 or 5 paragraphs: How you know about the job A bit about yourself and your availability Why they should employ you Personal characteristics A friendly signing off. 20. Your documents Art /graphics Music Performance Resume 21. Be about 10 minutes early Smartly dressed Well groomed Dress appropriately for the job No tats, piercings, or obscene T-shirts No extreme hairstyles No strong makeup 22. Jenni ProctorCareer