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My partner and I analyzed a past Sephora ad, then created a Sephora email advertisement with an offer and call-to-action in hopes of driving traffic and click-throughs to the website and the store.


  • 1. Natalie AndrewsJasmine Leong EmailMarch 8, 2013
  • 2. AUDIENCE18-35 year old womenSocially active living inurban areasCollege/full-time jobMiddle to High IncomeSpend a lot of time gettingready/going outTarget Audience because:Product use from beginning to end of Mardi Gras partyRepresenting a partier/social younger womenLikes to have fun and let looseConcentrated on physical appearance
  • 3. SUBJECT LINEStrategy: Curiosity Effective for:o Loyal consumerso Curious customers/those who have free time tobrowse Ineffective for:o Once-in-awhile consumers Could be improved by:o Communicating contento Mentioning Mardi Gras
  • 4. OFFER/CALL TO ACTIONOffer: Actual products advertised; 3-day shipping; free shippingover $50; free mini MAKE UP FOR EVER eyeliner Effective if consumer is:o Leaning towards splurging on special occasion itemso Searching for similar itemso Interested in items advertised Ineffective if consumer is:o Not as involved or loyal to Sephorao Doesnt want to spend a good amount of money on beautyproductsCall-to-Action: Purchase and create the look before Mardi Gras! Effective because:o Sent out a week or a few in advance of the holidayo Must-Haves creates illusion of necessity
  • 5. CREATIVE DESIGN/COPYLayoutClean, Crisp and SimpleProduct emphasizedZigzag pattern of contentDesignEffectiveVibrant colorsAttention to product/contentCopy (Text)Short sentencesCatchy and simpleEffective and retentive
  • 6. From: Sephora, to promote our brand/make us easilyrecognizableTo: Jan Ahrens, to show brand familiarity/recognition and apersonal relationshipSubject: Trend-informative, clever, interesting;communicates emails contentOffer: Temporary sales promotion/discount to encouragegeneral store purchases & promote new additions to theNARS spring collectionCall-to-Action: Sense of urgency through expiration date forsale promotion
  • 7. Content and DesignSimple and to the pointColor scheme with productand brandCatchy sentences to retainattentionPositioning offer and CTA forreaders attentionTarget AudiencerepresentedMultiple descriptions ofproductLink to Sephora websiteVisuals of product