Marketing Tips for Classical Music: Digital Content Marketing – midem 2012 presentation

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  • Marketing Tips for Classical Music:

    Digital Content Marketing

    Christopher Gruits, Director of eStrategy Carnegie Hall

    New York, NY, USA

    11:30 AM 12:15 PM Direct2Fan Riviera Hall

  • Outline What is Content Marketing?

    Creating Content Online

    Case Studies

    Distribution and Measurement

    Questions and Mentoring Sessions

  • What is Content Marketing? an umbrella term encompassing all

    marketing formats that involve the creation

    and sharing of content in order to engage

    current and potential consumer bases*.

    *Accessed on January 23, 2012. Content Marketing:

  • What are the Formats?

  • Why Bother? Digital requires a multifaceted approach

    Facilitate dialogue between artists and audiences

    Enhance audience experience by providing context

    Provide the why, not just the what and when

    Engagement Imperative!

    - Allow users to participate and have input

  • Why Bother? 15% of adults in the US participate in the arts

    through electronic media only.

    26% of those who participate in musical activities

    do so through recordings or broadcasts only.

    If youre not there, you need to be!

    * Novak-Leonard, Jennifer L. and Brown, Alan WolfBrown, 2011. Beyond attendance: A multi-modal understanding of arts participation. National Endowment for The Arts Report.

  • Creating Content Who is the audience?

    What story are you telling? What are you trying to


    Where is the audience?

    How can it support your mission/yearly priorities?

    When do you want this to happen?

  • What should it achieve?

    People will forget what you tell them, but will never forget how you make them feel.

    Maya Angelou

  • Creating Content What content do you already have?

    - Archives, written material, images, audio, etc.


    Low-cost production is great, but high-quality content is better!

    How fast can you produce it?

    What will audiences want to share/comment on?

  • Creating Content Unexpected+



    = Viral!


  • Case Study: Blog Series Schedule and

    calendar your posts

    Mix post-type within series

    Give artists a platform

    Create dialogue

  • Case Study: Blog Series Formulaic


    Editorial features


    Utilize staff

    Clear SM Links

  • Case Study: Artist Interviews

    We all do them!

    Important for providing context

    We can diversify and experiment

    Have you involved the audience directly?

    Have you asked artists to choose their format?

  • Case Study: Artist Interviews

  • Case Study: Artist Interviews

  • Case Study: Microsite

    120th Anniversary Celebration

    Microsite, fully produced in-house

    Tell the story of the season

    Created using both program and archival content

    Utilized multiple media formats

    Destination for all outbound marketing and press

  • Case Study: Microsite

  • Case Study: Microsite

    Point to microsite in blog and in SM

    Use optimized keywords in title

    Collect video series

    Interviews and performance footage

  • Case Study: Mobile App Content app: celebrates 120th Anniversary Season and provides context

    and information to support programming

    Engage users who might never come to Carnegie Hall in person

  • Case Study: Mobile App Original content leverages mobile while expanding on season themes

    Uses locations and quotes from Tchaikovsky's diaries and visit to NYC

  • Case Study: Carnegie Hall Live 13 broadcasts on-air and online

    Live streaming on

    WQXR Mobile app carries CH content/Audio

  • Case Study: Carnegie Hall Live

  • Measuring Engagement Blog: Page views, SM referrals, shared posts,

    subscribers Microsite and App: U.V., page depth, T.O.S.,

    downloads, entrance & exit paths, referring, B.R.

    Video: YT Analytics, Discovery tab, demographics, audience retention.

    CH Live: U.V., chat U.V., on-air, online, retention

  • Distribution

    Now that youve made it, get it out there.

    What platforms should you start with?

  • Distribution Considerations

    Be careful not to fragment your audience

    What does the data tell you?

    Consumption patterns!

    Referring traffic

    Big fish first

    Dont ignore niche sites

  • Distribution: Owned Media

  • Distribution: Paid & Partner

  • Questions? What are some of your own experiences?

    Are you distributing content?

    Whats worked? What hasnt?

    Platform preference?


  • Thank you/Merci/Gracie/Danke!

    Christopher Gruits @MusicYankee

    Mentoring Sessions Next