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    Universal Business School

    Karjat, Mumbai

    Submitted to:

    Prof. Bibhas Basumatary


    Prof. Sushant Nanda

    Submitted by: Group D

    Atul Gurav (PGDM 2) | Shubham Parsekar (PGDM 2) |

    Wendell Godinho (CMBA 6) | Teja Mulagala (PGCM 5)

    |Mohit Bhat (PGCM 5)| Karan Gujral (CMBA 6)


    We Group D hereby declare that the Marketing Plan is our original

    Work. It is submitted in partial fulfilment of the curriculum for the

    degree of PGDM/CMBA/PGCM at Universal Business School,

    Karjat, Maharashtra.

    We further state that no part of this report has been submitted

    for any other degree or any title equal in importance to any other





    We would like to express our gratitude to all the faculty who

    helped us in accomplishing our project.

    A special thanks to our Dean Mr. Bibhas B., by extending his

    invaluable co-operation and guidance to complete our project.

    We also would like to thank the Library staff for their co-

    operation during our project work and special thanks to

    Wendells family for their unconditional support in order to

    complete the marketing plan successfully.



    Topic Page No Executive Summary


    1.1 Product Solution 2

    1.2 Mission 2

    1.3 Vision 2

    1.4 Values 3

    1.5 Goals 3


    2.1 External/Macro Environment Analysis 4

    2.2 Market Analysis 5

    2.3 Competition Analysis 8

    2.4 Buyer Behavior 9

    2.5 Issues and Challenges 10

    2.6 SWOT Analysis 11


    3.1 Marketing Objectives 12

    3.2 Financial Forecast 13

    3.3 Financial requirements 14

    3.4 Resource Requirements 17


    4.1 Segmenting 18

    4.2 Targeting 19

    4.3 GAP Analysis & Differentiation 19

    4.4 Positioning and CVP 20


    5.1 Solution (Product) 21

    5.2 Access (Place) 24

    5.3 Value (Price) 25

    5.4 Education (Promotion) 27



    6.1 Production/Sourcing Plan 27

    6.2 Launch Plan 31

    6.3 IMC Campaign Plan 36


    Letter to Investors 38

    Bibliography 39



    Waffles is going to launch a Ready to cook Cake mixture in a packet

    form, called Break-Fast Booster which is healthier than its

    competitors like Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, as our product contains

    ingredient like (whole grain) Multigrain, which are rich in Calories and

    will help people to match the daily intake of calories required per day.

    The location of the company is in Goa. Product will be launched in

    Dadar (W) Mumbai. Total budget for the launch of the product as well

    as for the marketing and advertisement is approximate 50 lakhs. The

    promotion channels we used were direct marketing, mass media,

    events, news apps, social media marketing, Out of Home Media, Radio,

    Sponsoring of Cookery show etc., which are a part of Integrated

    Marketing Campaign. For the Launch of the product we are going with

    Pre launch, and Post launch strategy. The face of the Product will be

    Nikita Gandhi, UAE (NRI) winner of MasterChef Season 4, India. This

    will help the people to associate it with a healthy breakfast other than

    just a cake. At the time of launch, the product will be sold at MRP Rs.





    Breakfast is the first meal of the day and is very important for everyone

    especially children as it provides nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamins

    as well as protein and fiber.

    Study in 4 metro cities - Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai found that

    nearly 32% skip breakfast and reasons to blame like no time and not

    feeling hungry and late night food habits

    85% of the subjects from Mumbai strongly feel that cereals are good as

    breakfast for kids.

    Our Product will provide a solution by giving them a nutritious breakfast

    in the form of cake.

    1.2 MISSION

    Our companys mission is a two prong approach to benefit our customers

    by providing:

    Healthy options to enjoying fresh, organic Cake

    Moving from all-purpose flour to Multi Grains

    1.3 VISION

    To provide the freshest, highest quality natural ingredients possible to

    create organic and healthy cakes. We pride ourselves in also using recycled

    packaging which allows us to co-exist within a friendly environment. We

    realize that there is a growing demand for healthy choices that dont

    contain unhealthy ingredients that our competitors embrace. And we also

    know that people are not willing to sacrifice the satisfaction of good taste

    and premium quality.


  • 1.4 VALUES

    Integrity: Be real

    Accountability: If it is to be, it's up to me

    Passion: Committed in heart and mind

    Quality: What we do, we do well

    1.5 GOALS

    Our prime goal and objective is to deliver the fresh quality, healthy and

    organic product to our customers in the morning so as to give their morning

    a kick start.



    2.1 External/Macro Environment Analysis


    Since our product is quite specialized, the prices are quite high. In the event

    of extreme inflation or a recession, foods like breakfast cake may become

    a luxury to a lot of people and become something that can be avoided. In

    this case, in order to keep the revenue up and have customers buy our

    products, we may have to decrease the price of our products. However,

    Our Breakfast cake may suffer some losses since we do pay a high price for

    our suppliers.


    People are becoming more health conscious lately so foods like breakfast

    cake that are high in sugar can become less popular, especially with

    parents buying it for their children. Furthermore, trends are constantly

    changing and with desserts and pastries, the trends can change as well.


    Technology does not play a huge impact on a cake manufacturing

    company however, as technology does improve, it can allow us to make

    our website and our business more well known to the public especially

    when we consider expanding out to other countries. New cooking

    products could make the process more effective and increase



    Documents required for setting up the Company:

    Form A

    Photo of food business operator

    Identity Proof: Voter ID, PAN card, Driving License, Aadhar Card

    NOC of Panchayat


  • NOC of Health

    Area plan with Dimension

    Ownership Document/ Lease Deed

    Documents required for License:

    Form B

    Blue Print Layout plan of the premises

    List of Directors / Partners with full address

    Photo ID and Address Proof

    List of food category desired to be manufactured

    Ownership Document/ Lease Deed

    NOC of Panchayat

    NOC of Health

    Appointment, Acceptance and qualification certificate of technically

    qualified person. (Min B.Sc.)

    2.2 Market Analysis

    The baking industry which is estimated to be a Rs.5000-crore

    industry by 2015 is expected to generate more employment and revenue

    in the next few years.

    Blame it on the fast-paced urban lifestyles, rising disposable incomes,

    experimental palates or the increasing number of working women in the

    country, the Ready-to-Cook food industry is on the upswing. The category

    has emerged as the next best alternative to a home cooked meal. The total

    processed foods market in India stands at Rs 1500 crore, out of which the

    Ready-to-Cook segment share is Rs 600-700 crore (barring noodles) and is

    expected to grow around 20-25 per cent over the next five years. (Figures

    Courtesy: IBEF)

    On the other hand, bakery industry is one of the high growth segments of

    the country. As a result of changing eating habits in urban India during


  • recent years, due to social considerations and the improved standard of

    living and also as a result of the influence of globalization, bakery industry

    in India is going through impressive growth rates.

    Bakery products are flour-based food baked in an oven such as bread,

    cakes, pastries and pies. These are of mass consumption in view of its low

    price and with rapid growth and changing eating habits of people, bakery

    products have gained popularity among masses.

    Industry Scenario

    According to report by Research and Markets, the bakery industry has

    achieved third position in generating revenue among the processed food

    sector. The market size for the industry is pegged at US$ 4.7 billion in 2010

    and is expected reach US$7.6 billion by 2015 and to reach US$10.6 billion

    by 2018

    The per capita consumption of bakery products in India, as it stands today,

    is one to two kg per annum, which is comparatively lower than the

    advanced countries where consumption is between 10 and 50 kg per


    Innovations and R&D

    Health and wellness as a trend is seen playing out in instant cake mix like

    in most categories, with players bringing out healthier product options.

    Even the biscuits and bread are no exemption for that matter. Britannia's

    Nutrichoice has introduced its range of ragi, oats and 5 grain biscuits. In

    breads also, the whole wheat/brown bread segment is seeing an upswing

    The manufacturers nowadays were looking for development in the

    mechanisms for bakery products as well as good ingredients.


  • Trends

    While talking about new trends in the industry, the broader food trends

    were also playing out here which included unbranded to branded, rural

    adoption, premiumisation, health & wellness and convenience. These

    trends have manifested themselves in the various new

    launches/introductions that we have seen in the past few years by leading

    players by Pillsbury and Betty Crocker.

    Chef Mahajan states, Indians have always had a sweet tooth. With more

    travel and exposure to the worldwide market, people have now started

    appreciating good quality products, good quality ingredients, exquisite

    finishing and are willing to pay the extra buck. People are less hesitant on

    spending money, leading to the possibility of higher prices, leading to the

    possibility of better products.

    According to Rathi of Devashree, convenience food is the need of the hour,

    as there is increase in number of middle class people and husband and wife

    both are working, so they opt for ready to eat food available in the market.

    Factors for Growth

    As India being health conscious in the recent trends, thus there exists a

    great opportunity to launch our product as there is an immense growth


    Factors for Growth are

    1. Ready to buy instant mix

    2. Need of healthy breakfast


  • 2.3 Competition Analysis

    Value Proposition: At Waffles we believe in nutrition but no compromise

    in taste. We make our Breakfast booster with the goodness of multigrain

    and flavor of cocoa. We don't believe in preservatives and we don't add any

    of it. Our instant cake mix is not prepared instantly, it goes through many

    stages and levels where we ensure the nutrition level reach from 0 to

    maximum. Under hygienic conditions. Hence whenever you prepare the

    cake at your home and served as Breakfast which will fulfil the morning

    nutrition requirements for the body. Betty Crocker, a General Mills brand,

    leads the $382 million market for cake, cupcake and pie mixes, with a 38.1

    percent share. Pillsbury having the 8% share in the cooker cake market.


  • 2.4 Buyer Behavior

    Decision Making Unit: Father is called as the head of the family to take any

    crucial decisions in the family whereas when it comes to food undoubtedly

    mother is the decision making unit. She who decides what is good or what

    is not for the family. At the end of the day it is her decision to choose the

    right product to serve the family.

    Substitutes: In today's there is substitute for each and everything as many

    brands and product categories evolved and which is no exception for our

    Breakfast booster. Substitutes like Pizzas, Burgers, Maggi, Fast food,

    Multigrain products are to name a few.

    Changing Habits: From Stone Age to modern age, humans food habits

    changed over a course of time. Thus slowly people shifting from fast food

    of no healthy values to nourishment options through multigrain. Chances

    exist even it may not be a viable option as some other replace the same in

    near future.

    Trend: There is a great development in multigrain based food products like

    biscuits and bread and breakfast mixes to name a few. Each and every


  • 10

    category has its competition and is very attractive. A product which is tasty

    may not be healthy all the time. In this domain each and every competitor

    providing a tasty product yet healthy and nutritious.

    Research Finding: The results have shown the ready-to-eat market

    segment is defined by high growth in middle class section peoples and their

    life style changes due to job factors. Some sections of the people agreed,

    availability of product choices is also deciding them to buy such products

    impulsively. Even some small section of the people agreed that most of the

    youngster dont want to spend much time.

    2.5 Issues and Challenges

    The challenges would be category-specific. Implementation of packaging

    standardization norms appears to be the big challenge. Volatility in input

    costs is expected to remain and this would add to the woes. The challenge

    for multigrain instant cake mix would be to expand the consumption of

    product regularly. In fact, this challenge is also a significant opportunity for

    this particular segment. With the right enablers from product and supply

    chain, this is a category waiting to explode.

    The cake mix business is not a very high revenue-generating business. With

    commercial property rates so high, it is very difficult to sustain and have

    profitable retail outlets. It is also very expensive in cities like Mumbai to

    expand the production unit due to the same reason.

    Rathi is of the opinion that quality of flour and supply chain were key

    challenges for the bakery industry. Bakery manufacturers have to deal with

    quality of flour and other ingredients. Whereas opportunities are immense

    in this industry as disposable income has increased among the people.

  • 11

    2.6 SWOT Analysis


    Giving Back to the Environment.

    Various Retail Outlets.

    Reasonable Pricing.

    Rich in Nutrition.


    First Venture.

    Difficult in Funding.

    Minimal Marketing Experience.

    No cake flavors.

    Difficult in penetration in the market.


    Partner with other business.

    Expansion in India

    Growing E-commerce

    Building long term relationship with delighted consumers


    Severe Competition.

    Raw material cost may vary.

    No partnership.

    Financial problems.

    Time Management can be a major issue.

  • 12


    3.1 Marketing Objectives

    To be in the mind of the targeted customer as a healthy and tast...