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  1. 1. Mob Museum 1Elia Canales & Alberto Velarde Marketing 494 Experimental Marketing John Jack: Schibrowsky
  2. 2. Mob Museum 2TABLE OF CONTENTSExecutive Summary .........................................3Customer Analysis .4Industry Analysis.........5Competitor Analysis...........7Museum Issues....9Understanding Core Experience...10Summary of recommendation...13Memories......15Physical Surrounding16Modifications to Current Employees.17New Exhibits...19Modification to Current Exhibits.21Modification of Videos.29Marketing Strategy....37Summary....39Works Cited.40Appendix41Catalog.42
  3. 3. Mob Museum 3Executive SummaryThe mob museum is an established credible museum that offers guest the core experience of education, interaction, and engagement, the museum provides guest with knowledge of organized crime and police enforcement. The museum also provides demonstration of how each have evolved over the years and it keeps artifacts balanced and authentic. Through our marketing strategy we plan to attract more customers, engage the existing audience and bring a set of new guest through our whos in control campaign. Our report will feature what existing exhibits that the museum provides along with recommendations plus additional exhibits we believe can make the museum more successful. We plan to provide the mob museum with a fun environment that will immerse guest and also maintain the credibility and prestige of the historical components available in the museum.
  4. 4. Mob Museum 4Customer AnalysisCustomersThe Mob Museum has a wide range of visitors. The following information has been captured by the use of 520 people participating in a survey. Slightly more females than males have visited the Mob Museum. The age group 26 to 54 years of age is their largest age group. The second highest consists of 65 years or older.Customer Expectations (based on reviews from Facebook and Yelp)Understanding what people expect from a museum is key to building and enhancing their expectations. After analysing reviews from Facebook, Yelp, and Trip Advisor we have come to an understand of what their expectations are. Educational is the initial expectation. Entertainment aspect is a welcomed surprise for many guests.Review written on Yelp on March 30, 2014: Sally E. from El Cajon says, All of the exhibits are so informative and beautifully set up. There are many videos to sit and watch, lots of interactive exhibits to partake in, many actual mobster/prohibition/police artifacts to see, and so much more. Customers have described that they are very satisfied with all the information in regards to the Mob and their influence to Las Vegas. Customer found that there was good balance and has a comprehensive history on the Mob and the police efforts to bring organized crime to justice.How did they decide to visit?The reason behind people visiting the Mob Museum is one of the most important reasons to explore and find an answer to. Understanding this concept can help you decide how to use that information the better target other untapped markets and groups. School related visits account for the largest reason why people decide to visit the Mob Museum, it accounts for 31% of their attendance. Walking and driving by is the second largest group that attends the Museum. They account for 19% of their attendance. Coupon book/Brochure/travel guide accounts for the third largest attendance at 12%.What is important? Guest have expressed that the educational aspect and the amount of information was important. The videos, interactive displays, and audio tapes have enhanced their overall experience.
  5. 5. Mob Museum 5IndustryIndustry trendsMultisensory ExperiencesAccording to the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), Multisensory Experiences is an important trend that museums need to take into consideration. Synesthesia describes providing multi-sensory experiences for the multi sensory world the we live in. People are become less interested in traditional experiences that appeal primarily to one sense at a time. The importance of this is to engage all the senses. This can be achieved with the use of emerging technologies.Examples of these emerging technologies include: scent technology, haptic technology (digital touch), and the creation of immersive experiences. Presenting sensory impressions in new ways to enrich and refresh traditional cultural experiences. AAM suggests that the use of technology should be used to re-combine current sensory experiences in order for them to become more effective.Tapping into dataAAM, suggest that data analytics should be used by museums to enable them to hone their business practices and become more efficient in operations such as, sales, pricing, marketing campaigns, development and design. Mining for this information will give the museum an insiders look on its audience. Museums can use data mining to help them understand the creation of personalized promotions, experiences, and discounts based on demographics and past behavior to reach audiences. Mining for additional information such as how a museums attendance data is tied to literacy rates, household income, average number of children, any other community services that yield an intimately detained picture of whom they are serving. Accessing data analytics will ultimately improve their ability to track impact and improve their bottom line.Key IssuesEntertainment Capital of the WorldLas Vegas, Nevada is considered the entertainment capital of the world. There are more than 200 attractions in Las Vegas and it has positioned itself in provide limitless fun to all the people that visit. The Mob Museum, unfortunately, has to compete with not only other Las Vegas based museums, but also all the other attractions that provide a deeper entertaining aspect than the Mob Museum.It is essential that the Mob Museum learns to capture, educate, entertain, and most importantly engaging their audience in order to compete with other attractions. Unlike other attractions on Mob Museum offers an education aspect. According to Susan L.T. Ashley, states the museum education should consist of: enhancement of students and visitors learning experiences through participatory meaning- making.
  6. 6. Mob Museum 6Creating a Valuable ExperienceDoes the Mob Museum position itself as a good buy? The Mob Museum must create value to all the people that pay for the Mob experience. If the Mob experience does not create a perceived value to the guest, they will feel its not worth visiting. As a museum, they need to ensure that they are utilizing all of their resources. According to AAM, people prefer to spend moneyon experiences rather than on acquiring stuff. As such, the Mob Museums needs to position themselves as a good buy and create the illusion of providing people with vicarious ownership of artifacts shown throughout the museum.Industry FeaturesRevenue $8.6 Billion Growth (11-18) 1.1 % Rise # of museum (11-18) 1.4%
  7. 7. Mob Museum 7CompetitorBattlefield VegasAttractiveness Offers realistic military experience where the customer can become immersed in the activity (2) Many of the people in the employee role are actual veterans (2) Wide variety of guns provided (2) An army style scenery Encourage Photos of their WW2 memorabilia Display wide variety of gun packagesAffect to the Mob Museum They market their business as a more of an experience Customers are immersed in the military experience Their scenery is complementary to the core experience Customers get to participate in a live military settingDig ThisAttractiveness Provides a certificate of completion Highly rated on Trip Advisor Experience to use heavy machinery Partnership with a gun garage Highly publicized on television networks Highly rated on Trip Advisor Provides a thrill experience Shows reaction videos to the experienceAffect to the Mob Museum Highly publicized on television networks They highlight their top ratings Their webpage is more interactive and stands out more
  8. 8. Mob Museum 8World Class DrivingAttractiveness Provides a fast racing experience with either muscle cars or exotic cars High brand equity with their car selection High customer rattingsAffect to the Mob Museum Colors that stand out in the website High definition images Bold fonts in the websiteRaiding The Rock Vault LVH TheaterAttractiveness Authentic classic rock Classic rock concert experience Wide variety eras of music Highly reviewed Highly rated in the Trip Advisor Consist of a night activityAffect to the Mob Museum More engaging Geared towards the same age group Considered a top attraction of 2014 according to Las Vegas review journalHow do these competitors affect Mob Museum? Each competitor is implementing an experimental strategy surrounding their core product. Theyre website includes various customer reviews and highlighted their experimental aspect of the experience in order to attract more customers.
  9. 9. Mob Museum 9Museum IssuesThe building The mob museum building is composed of the original 1920s 1930s postal building located in down town Las Vegas. This building is still contains the original wooden doors to the elevators, marble flooring along with the authentic postal boxed located in the first floor. This building held the 1950s Kefauver committee hearings regarding the organized crimes that were held in over 14 other cities in the United States. The building itself is one of the few original historical structures held in the city of Las Vegas. The building includes: Historic and preserved Well maintained Accommodating parking lot Attracting building from far awayExhibits /attraction The exhibits an attraction that the mob museum provide vary from the initial start of the mob and how prohibition had a huge impact in the creation of organized crimes as well as a leadership role that the law enforcement had in the 1920s-1950s crime scene. The various attractions includ