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Adriatic Markets is a company that delivers market research in Southeast Europe with focus on Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia.


<ul><li><p>MARKET RESEARCHSERVICES IN SOUTHEAST EUROPEADRIATICMARKETS.COM</p></li><li><p>Our team has years of first-hand experience in a variety of industries and market niches in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia, as well as extensive experience in gathering data and preparation of market research for a number of clients.</p><p>We provide tailored solutions to companies that have interest in examining Southeast European market, whether for the informational purpose or as part of market entry strategy preparation. We also make available our periodical market research reports to our clients on annual or quarterly basis within industries of interest.</p><p>When we say market research we are thinking of a comprehensive set of compiled data including: competition analysis, potential customer database creation and analysis, statistical trade data, product flow analysis, detailed market insight examined locally, etc.</p><p>With our clients perspective and detailed insight on what clients aims are for the local market we approach market data and deliver high quality market research that gives a great insight of local trade, competition and potential customers.</p><p>Markets in and around Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana or Sarajevo have dierent forms and specifics that could be unknown to companies operating elsewhere this is why foreign companies need reliable source of information on the ground and dedicated partner support.</p></li><li><p>WE PROVIDE DETAILED TAILORED AND PERIODICAL MARKET ANALYSIS OF SOUTHEST EUROPEAN INDUSTRIES/MARKETS OF INTEREST</p></li><li><p>In the last decade or so, our team provided a vast variety of services to international and local companies throughout Southeast Europe (focused mostly on Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia).</p><p>We provide companies interested in doing their businesses in or with Southeast Europe (Adriatic region) with a comprehensive set of services personalized to their specific needs: from research and entry analysis; product or partner sourcing; consulting on company set-up; assistance in HR, real estate and logistics; assistance in procurement, sales and distribution; to the provision of after-sales and representation services.</p><p>Of course, entering Southeast European market incorporates almost always (if research is not done for informational/competition overview purposes only) a combination of needed services we can provide ad-hoc or on long term basis including among other: market research and market analysis, feasibility studies, sourcing, partner/distributor assessment and search, regulatory consulting and assistance, importation and logistics assistance, customs procedures assistance, assistance in sales and marketing, local tender assistance, control of sourced manufacturing/outsourcing processes, market feedback, customer and after-sales services, technical support, and etc.</p></li><li><p>Headquartered in Belgrade, our team/network of consultants for the last 10 years consulted variety of companies on both international and domestic levels within vast number of industries.</p><p>We are today focused on partnering international businesses that are planning to expand their operations and presence in Southeast Europe (also referred to as Adriatic region or Balkans) in a variety of roles and a number of market niches.</p><p>We support our partners on per-project or ongoing basis throughout their presence in the region, from the entry planning phases all the way to representing commercial interests in their sales and marketing activities locally.</p><p>Our services are mainly focused on countries that formed former Yugoslavia including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia but we are able to support our partners throughout Balkans including Albania, Bulgaria and Greece.</p><p>Through our strong relations with local renowned law oices, credit and statistic information agencies, real estate and logistics companies, we are able to support our clients interests in almost all aspects of local operations or through preparation of local operations.</p><p>We have consulted, represented interests of international companies and researched throughout a variety of industries, including: oil and gas, plastics and chemical, pharmaceutical, transport and logistics, power and energy, real estate, infrastructure, agricultural commodities, pulp and paper, packed consumer goods, and a variety of other markets.</p></li><li><p>HTTP://WWW.ADRIATICMARKETS.COM </p><p>Market research 1Market research 2Market research 3Market research 4Market research 4-1Market research 5</p></li></ul>