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  • Market for timber and non-timber products

    Aulia Perdana

  • Producer characteristics

    Sells what is produced, not producing what sells

    Lacking business/entrepreneurial skills

    May not meet market requirements and demand

    Question: Is there a market for products with

    Low quality

    Low added value

  • LINK methodology: A participatory guide to business models that link smallholders to markets / Mark Lundy, Gertjan Becx, Nancy Zamierowski, Alexandra Amrein, Jhon Jairo Hurtado, Erika Eliana Mosquera, Fernando Rodrguez. -- Cali, CO : Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), 2012. 171 p. -- (CIAT Publication No. 380)

  • ACIAR Projects


    Enhancing livelihoods and food security from agroforestry and community forestry in Nepal


    Development of timber and non-timber forest products production and market strategies for improvement of smallholders livelihoods in Indonesia

  • Characteristics of markets and sellers

  • Traded commodities and products

    Commodities Plant oils and polysaccharides Vegetable & fruits Edible mushrooms Cardamom, turmeric & spices Gnetum gnemon (melinjo) Goat meat & milk Wild forest honey Silk Stimulants Sallo timber & small bamboo Basketry Honey Dyes and mordants Aromatics Furniture

  • Participatory Rapid Market Apprasial

    Identify market structure and characteristics in relation to the production system, harvesting, post-harvest processing and marketing practices, Characterize the product flow along the value chain, identifying added values, chain actors and their roles, price structure and margins at each chain actors Analyze constraints and opportunities for change

  • Recommendations

    Market targeting, segmenting, differentiating

    existing customers, competitor customers, non-buying in current segments, new segments

    Product development

    Market testing


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