mark barford executive director national hardwood lumber association memphis, tn

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Mark Barford Executive Director National Hardwood Lumber Association Memphis, TN. National Hardwood Lumber Association Headquarters. 1948 2010 Merchantable Timber (> 12”)400 BBF1 TBF Species mix 52% Red & White Oak 11% Poplar. Hardwood Growing Stock. 2000 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Mark BarfordExecutive DirectorNational Hardwood Lumber AssociationMemphis, TN

  • National Hardwood Lumber Association Headquarters

  • Hardwood Growing Stock19482010MerchantableTimber (> 12)400 BBF1 TBF

    Species mix52% Red & White Oak11% Poplar

  • Hardwood lumber use Million BF20002010Furniture3,700500 Cabinets 900500 Flooring500600 Dim/mould1,000400Exports1,100700Industrial6,8004,300Total Prod.14.0 BBF7.0 BBF

  • Hardwood lumber competition1)World suppliers of hardwoodRussia, SE Asia, Eastern Europe

    2)Substitute materialslong term BIGGEST threat

    3)Our own selves! - Log Exports

    4)False environmental claimsGreen Sourcing

  • Forest Certification not lumberFSC, SFI, Tree Farm, PEFC (European)

    Industry will need to show:1)Sourcing location2)Product is legal3)Location is sustainably managed

  • Bad newsHousing Current Production 500,000(was 2 million at peak)Pulp Mills - Never another new mill in USShipping - Container Rates SkyrocketLog prices Quick to move back up

  • Good newsHousing Pent up demand Wood Energy Pellets/ethanolWorld GDP Stronger More ExportsLow interest ratesPartnerships with other manufacturing groupsProduction to remain low

  • Outlook Five years?

    Even smaller hardwood lumber industryIncreased International businessIncreased NA hardwood forests certified

  • 2010 NHLA Increased overseas grade training and inspection services Why North American Hardwoods brochureHardwoods 101 for clerical workersLeadership Training for the Hardwoods IndustryInspector Training School in Michigan



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