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    Referral Marketing: is it new?

    Referral? What is that about?

    A person-to-person communication between a receiver and a communicator whom the receiver perceives as

    non-commercial, regarding a brand, product or service (Arndt, 1967).

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    Referral? What is that about?

    I win Youwin





    Want to share Coupons/ RewardsMoneyStatusThings



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    Referral Marketing

    People like you. Just one of us.

    Its about People2People

    No more B2B No more B2C Were talking about real Communication

    A new concept for Brand Ambassador.

  • Trust Levels on Communication


    Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family, often referred to as earned advertising, are still themost influential, as 84 percent of global respondents across 58 countries to the Nielsen online survey said thissource was the most trustworthy.

    Millennials show the highest levels of trust in 18 of 19 advertising formats/channels, including TV, newspapersand magazines.

    More than eight-in-10 global respondents (83%) say they completely or somewhat trust the recommendationsof friends and family, while two-thirds (66%) say they trust consumer opinions posted online.

    Humorous ads resonate most in strongly in Western markets; health-themed ads are rated highest in LatinAmerica and ads depicting real-life situations are most appealing in Asia-Pacific and Africa/Middle East.

    High-energy/action advertising themes resonate more with younger respondents, while pets/animal-centeredads resonate more with older respondents.

    Under The Influence Consumer Trust In Advertising (Nielson Study)

    Is the referral enough? Shouldnt wethink about Integration?


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    Trust Levels on Communication

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    Referral Marketing Major types

    Family and Friends

    News and Publications

    Customer reviews



    Source: Shopify


  • Some Referral Marketing Apps


    Alau.me iOS tracking application for apps, letting you know who downloaded them and allowing you to scale attention in both print and online ads.

    Ambassador Transform indecisive customers into motivated brand ambassadors. Ambassador totes easy referral automation, rewarding the best with points and cash to help you better convert.

    Amplifinity to amplifies your lead generation and brand advocacy. The platform delivers a comprehensive suite of referral solutions for businesses.

    Campaigned to increase sales and customer loyalty.

    Referral Marketing


  • Some good examples


    Referral Marketing

  • Some good examples


    Referral Marketing

  • Some good examples


    Referral Marketing

  • Some good examples


    Referral Marketing

  • Some good examples


    Referral Marketing

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    Referral: final notes

    Push notifications can be used to inform and update users about your referral program. Pushnotification work with both new and dormant customers and a great way to remind your users aboutthe ongoing referral program.

    "The Word of Mouth Marketing Association reports that every day in the United States, there are approximately 2.4 billion brand-related conversations. People frequently talk about the products andservices they enjoy, and the companies who offer them.

    people are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend. Strategic use of referral marketing allows professionals to tap into the power of consumer recommendations to achieve exceptionalresults.

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    Referral: final notes

    Word-of-mouth marketing, which occurs when others tell each other about a business, is also considered a form of referral marketing.

    Word-of-mouth is the principle behind things that go viral, like the Old Spice commercials featuring Isaiah Mustafa that were originally released on YouTube.

    This tongue-in-cheek campaign, with the tag line The man your man could smell like, became the fastest growing online viral campaign ever, with 23 million views in 36 hoursand generated a sales increase of 107% for Old Spice.


    But how?

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    Referral: final notes

    Is the pay model enough? What do you Want?

    You need a STORY ;)

    Or do you want a download to stay?

    Downloads and thats it?

    You need Engagement and Huge Awareness.

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    The best referral is that one which we dont need to ask or pay.

    The referral we want is that one which people share and invite because they feel motivated and linked to ourbrand.

    The Five Senses Branding

    Shoyc: A Marketing Approach



  • Shoyc


    Shoyc is supposed to be the next big thing among messaging apps.

    If we consider Whatsapp a competitor, Shoyc will need to be experienced and felt.

    In a growing environment of digital products, with similar features and targets, Digital is, of course, a crucial factorin the strategy But, if you want to get it viral, you will need to connect with your audience.

    You will need to make them feel youre making a difference in some way They already have Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, Snapchat Unless you have a main differentiator, you will need #Buzz.

    The Concept

    You need to #SHOYC it Loud

  • #TheToughLifeOfMessaging #Shoyc to #MakeItEasier


    We are going to recruit a boy in a high school. He will only need to use the app, spread it among his friends, flirt with some girls and record some of the best moments to share

    Ethic and legal proccedures will be needed;

    No messages or images will be shared.

    He will only record the best moments with the app at the school

    Organize and share some parties

    Support some friends who need a word

    Try to get the girl ;)

    He will be a kind of instagramer or youtuber.

    Shoyc Some of the main Actions

  • #ShoycQR #CodeToMusic #CodeToLove #ScanMeIfYouCan


    In the major music festivals of California, Singapura and UK (the core countries), we are going to offer some t-shirts to the most beautiful girls in the festival (they have to be real festival-goers, not promotors) and challenge them to use it in the concerts;

    To know what they are trying to say and so, scan the QR, they will have to download our app (the app must havethis feature, even if only in the festival);

    Shoyc is going to offer something They will only have to download it and share it ;)

    The app will be a kind of sponsor in the festivals The festival will breath Shoyc.

    In every tend we are going to see Shoyc inviting to download.

    Shoyc Some of the main Actions

  • #ShoycQR #CodeToMusic #CodeToLove #ScanMeIfYouCan


    Each QR has a secret and funny message like:

    Buy me a beer. Shoycs offer.

    No Shoyc, no Fun.

    No underwear.

    Where is your tent? Ive been looking for it ;)

    Lets rock ;)

    And finally:

    Share Shoyc with your friends We offeryou and the girl a beer;)

    Shoyc Some of the main Actions

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    Shoyc Channels and Contents

    Owned User Generated Earned Media

    Brand Channels

    Website Social Media Soundbites (the

    best) Ads onSpotify, Youtubeand Instagram

    SEM (Google Ads) SEO Affiliation

    Social Media

    Facebook Instagram Youtube Twitter Blogging


    young targeted Newspapers like P3

    in an international context

  • SEO and SEM


    Directioned keywords (a study will be needed)

    Focus on segment (less and specific keywords, more targeted)

    Google adwords strategy:

    Awareness (this allows users who dont know us to get in touch for exemple, messaging apps no brand);

    Lead (promotes the product, aims to get downloads)

    Contextual (Display)

    Shoyc Suppots

  • Note: G+ is going to be activated for search


    Shoyc Social Media

    Funny and useful. Focus on usergenerated content.Facebook

    Actions like #ShoyQRCodes and#TheToughLifeOfMessaging


    Hashtags used by our target to geton their feed.Twitter

    Youtube The best events on actions like

    #ShoyQRCodes and#TheToughLifeOfMessaging

  • Affiliation, Blogging and Gamification (other referrals)


    Capitalize on influencers based on afiliation programmes: win-win relations (with a marketing plan preparedand ready to use banners and contentes already made, they will only need to edit and share);

    Brand Ambassadors



    Sponsored postings

    App review

    Smart sms and Push notifications inviting to a game (simple narrative) : refer a friend, earn x points; post onsocial media earn free tickets to festivals, etc,)

    Shoyc Supports

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