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Powerpoint display made to educate children, created for Veolia.


  • 1. Marchwoods Silver Dome Marchwoods Silver Dome Illustrations by Tracy Mawdsley Illustrations by Tracy Mawdsley
  • 2. Have you ever looked out across Southampton water and noticed a huge silver dome on the horizon? Did you wonder what it was ?
  • 3. Well, this huge silver dome is a state of the art energy recovery facility. Veolias ERF
  • 4. Officially opened on 10th July 2007 this is Veolias flagship ERF.
  • 5. Designed by architect Jean-Robert Mazaud To make people proud of industry and show them how exciting waste can be.
  • 6. Waste problems In the 1980s, Hampshires landfill sites were running out of space. Incinerators built in 1970s were not going to meet EU emission regulations, and waste levels were continuing to rise.
  • 7. Waste strategy plan Action on waste minimisation Action on composting Action on recycling Support for anaerobic digestion Use of recovery technologies 3-5 waste processing facilities Residual waste to landfill
  • 8. Household waste delivered to ERF Put into feed hopper Dropped into feed chute Pushed onto the grate Separated for recycling or disposal Turned into ash Burnt
  • 9. This plant has the capacity to burn 165,000 tonnes of black bag waste each year
  • 10. Energy is recovered from waste
  • 11. Most of which gets fed into to the National Grid Providing power to over 22,000 homes!
  • 12. It is 110 metres wide 36 metres high And has two chimney stacks 65 metres high
  • 13. Re-use Recycle Reduce Recover energy Landfill
  • 14. Recyclable household waste goes to the materials recovery facility (MRF)
  • 15. Green waste is separated and composted
  • 16. Any leftover rubbish goes to the ERF and if theres too much it goes to landfill.
  • 17. Water from the sea is used to cool the steam from the boilers after electricity is generated.
  • 18. Gases from the boiler are injected with lime milk This neutralises acid gases Cleaned gases are then released into the atmosphere
  • 19. Benefits of the site Waste is managed Energy is recovered Landfill dependence is reduced Methane from landfill is avoided The use of fossil fuels is reduced
  • 20. Recycling is currently 33% (plans to increase to 50%) Landfill diversion is 85% (plans to increase to 100%)
  • 21. The awareness and importance of recycling waste has increased and many people are now keen to contribute. Which in turn makes a better planet for us all
  • 22. So, the next time you see this huge silver dome, stop to think for a moment. Not only has it got a visual impact, more importantly it has a very positive impact on the whole community and the world in which we live today. The End