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Healers Unite MAGAZINE for healers about healers and healing


  • 1.GEEC Rag Magazine | Volume XLVI | March 2013

2. 321 !!!!! Inside This Edition!In The March Edition:- Stop Self-Sabotage - Breakthroughs - Personal - Self-Care For Healers stories of success Coaches and Spiritual Leaders *Are You Your Own*Becoming the Perfect*Are Hormones Really SafeWorst Enemy?Healer To Take? by Karen Monteverdi, CPC by Sarah Lambert,by Dr. Laurie MarzellMind/Body Intuitive *EmpowermentUnderstanding the OrgansPermission and ChoiceSystems in Chinese by Elaine Lockard, BA, Medicine CMEC, CTACC, CHP, CMby Elie Cole, Licensed Chinese Medical Professional * The Mantra of Your Soul by Jamie McConochie, CPC!! ! 3. 645!!!!!!! - Anxiety No More *Return On Investment Would you like free exposure Part 2 for your practice?*Healthy Communication by Karen Monteverdi, CPCby Clelia Saraceni, CPC *How To Engage Your*Charge Based On Value Audience LeadershipWed love to see you here!by Tshombe Brown by BizRichment*Speaking In Front Of - Affiliate MarketingGroups - Gulp, I receivedJoin us each monthmy first invitation, now for insightful stories,what?*Invitation & Productsperspectives and let usby Karen Cappelloby Karen Monteverdi, CPCbecome your source as: Offers, Courses, Sponsors and Advertising. HEALERS UNITE! 4. !!!!! Stop Self-Sabotage: Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? by Karen Monteverdi, CPC !!!Recently! we! offered! a! free!With! the! techniques! they! Learn! to! cultivate! the! best!TeleClass,!as!an!introduction! learned! in! the! class! they! part!of!your!mind.!to!our!program,!called!Being!began! to! understand! the!!Your!Own!Best!Friend.! truth.! Being! Your! Own! Best!The! participants! received! a!!Friend! can! help! you! tweak! creative! visualization! that!Being!Your!Own!Best!Friend!the! little! voice! inside! that!they!could!use!at!home.!!is! part! of! the! Living! sabotages!your!goals.! !Consciously! Education!!Our! intent! in! this! workshop!Program.!Hear! your! heart! desire! and!and! my! experience! helped!!begin! to! let! go! of! the! stress! the! participants! in! their!Part!one!of!this!class!was!to! behind!the!painful!voice!that! quest! to! enjoy! life! with!help! the! participants! to! tells!you:!excellence! for! them! and!identify! where! they! are!!their!business.!lacking! the! mindset! of! selfC To! put! your! attention! to!!support,! in! life! &! business! what!doesnt!work! We!will!be!offering!this!free!through!education.!! Focuses! on! the! negative!TeleClass!again!next!month.!!obsessively! !Part! two! of! this! class! we! Ignore! good! boundaries!This! information! helps! you!offered! the! participants!for!selfCcare! change!the!dynamics!of!your!solutions!for!selfCnurturing.!! To!procrastinate!! magnetism! in! your! energy!! Break!your!agreements!!field.!Part! three! of! the! class! Stay!stuck!!offered! its! participants! an! "Im!not!good!enough"! The! course! offers! real! tools!awareness! of! excessive! "I!dont!know!what!to!do"! to! connect! your! heart!stress! that! creates! many!center.!You!begin!to!listen!to! Calling! you! derogatory!types!of!issues!in!ones!life.!your! inner! dialogue! with! a! names!!! 5. new!perspective.!3. You! gain! clarity! about! full! potential,! they!! your!next!growth!spurt.! essentially! agreed! with! the!The! openness! the! exercise!! criticism.!!creates! offers! you! to!4. You! open! yourself! to! !discover! the! purpose! of! the!step!more!fully!into!your! We! know! there! is! nothing!selfCdoubt.!mission! as! a! healer,! wrong!with!you!innately.!! coach!or!spiritual!leader.!!!!You! then!have! the! ! Your! pesky! agreements! are!opportunity! to! stop! wasting!Once! a! client! commits! to! a!creating! selfCsabotaging!your! time! judging! yourself! transformation,! that! first! behaviors.!!as!bad.!You!learn!the!hidden!step!begins!the!process.! !message,! and! reveal! the!! People! just! like! you,! who!solution!to!move!into!action.! Are!you!ready!to!get!started! help!others!and!are!offering!!with!this!work!today?!a! great! service! can! feel!When! you! take! the! Course!! helpless!in!their!lives,!spend!associated! with! the! free! Think! about! the! following! a! small! fortune! correcting!TeleClass,!you!begin!to!trust! statement:! the! issues! brought! on! by!yourself,!and!stop!becoming! ! selfCsabotage.!!gullible.! You!are!not!living!up!to!!!your!full!potential!!!!Think! about! the! trips! to! the!1. You! will! stop! chasing! ! doctor! for! a! moment.! Many! Bright! Shiny! Objects! to! Criticism! can! turn! into! a!Americans! spend! money! on! receive! real! help! with!costly! selfCdefeating! habit.! unnecessary! trips! to! the! your! life!and/or!Millions! of! people! are!doctor.!! business.!! spending!more!than!10%!of!!!their! wages! annually! being!Being! proactive! about!2. The! process! will! allow!rescued.!!health! saves! more! than! just! you! to! settle! down! and! ! money;! it! can! save! you! create! a! new! focus! for! For!those!who!believed!they!energy! and! create! inner! success.!!were! not! living! up! to! their! peace.!!!! 6. It! takes! selfCdisciplined!Open! your! mind! to! the!Are! you! ready! to! begin! to!courage!to!live!a!healthy!life! possibility! that! an! alternate! change!your!mindset?!style.! It! also! takes! courage! view! may! be! more! real! and! !to!get!to!know!the!real!you.! may! be! truer! than! the!!! thoughts! and!beliefs! Celebrate!the!best!part!of!Lets! get! those! juices!representation!of!a!mindless!you!flowing:! and! thoughtless! story! you! Let! go! of! the! binds! that!! are!habitually!saying.!hold!you!down!Question! #1:! Have! you! ever! ! Create! positive! language!said!the!words!Im!my!own! The! subtleness! of! our!to! produce! a! better!worst!enemy?!internal!language!affects!our! outcome!for!you!income?!! quantum!energy!field.!It!sets! Are! you! ready! for! a! new!Question! #2:! What! action,! the! stage! for! bad! things! to! perspective!thought,! or! belief! moved!happen!to!good!people.! Are! you! ready! to! create!you!to!make!this!statement?!!confidence! in! your! right!! No! one! would! even! know!to!be!selfCexpressed!Question! #3:! Who! taught! but!you,!and!no!one!can!ever! Step!into!your!courage!to!you!to!think!this!way?! make! it! different,! except!grow!in!all!areas!of!life!! you.!!Question! #4:! How! does! it! ! Are! you! ready! to! stand! for!hurt!you!to!think!this!way?!Your! commitment! to! a! new! yourself! in! your! business!! way! of! being! transforms! and! stop! letting! life! get! in!Question! #5:! If! you! could!your! reality! when! you! start!the!way!of!your!mission!you!believe!something!else!what!Being! Your! Own! Best! are!here!to!fulfill.!!would!it!be?! Friend.!!! ! Then! its! time! you! start!Question!#6:!If!you!believed! ! Being!Your!Own!Best!Friend!the! something! else! how!! Join! us! next! month! for! our!would! it! change! your!! free!TeleClass.!business!or!life?!! !! Book!Your!Space!Here!!! 7. !Click! on!the! Image! Karens book Living Consciously: In An Ego Driven Society hit #1 on Amazons Best Sellers List June 2012, under the category Creative Visualization. You will notice in all the courses she teaches, live or otherwise, she utilizes the Laws of Conscious Living empowering students and clients to use creative visualization as they build their business. Karen is the Owner, Program Director & Resident Professional Coach of GreenMountain Enrichment and Empowerment Center (GEEC) a Transformational Life Coaching Business. BizRichment is a branch of service delivering Business Classes Worth Having. Karen Monteverdi, CPC coordinates all business decisions with her team for the delivery and implementation for customer satisfaction through value services, programs, and product solutions.Karen Monteverdi, CPC AKA GOTOCOACH: Expertise in Conscious Living, Complementary Care: Intentional Breathing, GuidedVisualization, Body Intelligence, Perspective Check, Reality Check, Manifestation Imagery & Life Coaching to Illuminating The DarkCorners Of Your Bright IdeasAs the program director, her role is as a management professional who oversees one or more programs that are offered by the company. Shedevelops and implements all guidelines and policies with the purpose of compliance to the organizations mission statements. She alsomonitors the effectiveness of programs and makes adjustments as needed, helps determine through best fit practices, what is needed by theclient base and who will deliver the program base on resources available and again, alignment with the mission of the business.Karen offers these solutions to small business owners, and solo-entrepreneurs as well. Many small service based businesses have a verylimited budget, and as a result, resources often go unnoticed, unappreciated and underutilized. It is the opportunity we offer is to utilizeKarens skills as your contracted program director to document resources and coordinate the use and distribution of such resource todeliver high quality, highly effective services to its community! 8. ! !Empowerment Permission and Choice by Elaine Lockard! !Empowerment!!! dont! know! what! you! want!to! make! that! choice! and! act! for! yourself?! Well,! thats! on! it,! without! hurting!It! is! a! word! we! now! hear! okay.! We! all! have! to! begin! yourself!or!others,!gives!you!every!day!in!our!lives.! somewhere.! The! important!power! and! control! in! your!However,! what! does! it!point!here!is:!! life.! From! this,! you! start!mean?!gaining! more! confidence,! You! are! choosing! to! give!which! helps! to! dispel! selfAA! couple! of! its! definitions! yourself!permission!to!make!doubt! and! instills! more! self!are!"to!enable"!or!"permit".!that!first!step.!trust! and! self! respect.! You!!In! terms! of! Personal!Know!any!choice,!be!it!small!begin! to! heal! on! the! inside!Empowerment,! it! means! to! or! a! large! and! as! long! as! it! and! then! manifest! that!start! giving! ones! selfAmoves! you! forward,! is!healing!in!your!outer!life.!permission!to!move!forward!Empowerment.! It# is# ma