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2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT Mal McLaren Award Sean McHugh, CGCS 440.232.7247 VICE PRESIDENT Public & Government Relations Scott Brickley 330.725.2829 IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Craig Kachline 440.785.0870 CHAPTER ADMINISTRATOR Communication/Benevolent Michelle L. Frazier-Feher, CGCS 216.469.9287 TRUSTEES Golf & Tournament/ Website/Communication Jason Bennett 330.725.9996 Membership/Government Relations Mark Conner 330.864.3737 SECRETARY/TREASURER Program & Education/Strategic Planning/Historical Mark Figurella 330.562.1691 Golf & Tournament/Social Bryan Fitch 440.934.6217 Membership Tobin (Toby) Lane 330.332.9095 Program & Education Brent Palich 440.285.8304 Social/Assistant Relations Eric Snodgrass 330.477.5111 ASSISTANT GCS RELATIONS Dave Willmott 330-239-2383 INDUTRIAL RELATIONS Scholarship & Research Ryan Miller 440.796.7990&

Well this spring has certainly started in a strange way, especially for Northeast Ohio. March came with unseasonable warm weather, so nice that some clubs opted to get their spring aerification in. April doesnt know which way to go, one day its 80 degrees and the next day chance of snow. No matter how you look at it spring has been a great start for the golf season of 2012. The NOGCSA Board is working on many events and outings for the upcoming season. The Reverse Raffle was held on March 24, 2012 at Rain Tree Golf Club and raised $4,200.00 for the Scholarship and Research fund. The moneys raised here is used to support university studies and our Legacy scholarship, which by the way are due to the NOGCSA Board by May 1, 2012 for review. Applications can be had on the web site. This is a great opportunity for a family member of an active or retired member of the NOGCSA to obtain a chance at a scholarship to assist with school. Dont wait get your applications in now. The board is working on many projects and schedules to benefit our members such as Dave Willmott chairing the Assistant of the Year Award, Brent Palich and Jason Bennett putting together the monthly meeting locations and dates. He still needs a few more location such as June location so if you wish to host a NOGCSA meeting let Brent and Jason know. Scott Brickley has been closely watching and involved in our government relations, he has been the associations watch dog on any government policy and laws that may affect the golf industry. Let Scott know of anything you hear out there. Continued on Page 4

Morgan Timberlake 330.353.0816Mission Statement Promoting the profession of the golf course superintendent through education, camaraderie and cooperation among fellow members in Northern Ohio since 1923

Schedule of Events Superintendents Korner GCSAA News Tadge awarded NOGCSA Scholarship Government Relations Jordan Awarded OTF Professional of the Year GCSAA March Webinar On The Road With the USGA By the Board Reverse Raffle Information USGA Green Section Regional Meeting Advertiser Directory

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February 29 - March 1, 2012 Golf Industry Show Las Vegas, Nevada March 24, 2012 REVERSE RAFFLE Raintree Country Club Time: 6:00 P.M. Cost: $65/person May 14, 2012 Club Officials Meeting Barrington C.C. Host: Mark Figurella Time: 1:00 Shotgun Cost: $45/person Program: The History of Golf Course Maintenance in NE Ohio Points: 0.1 TBD June 2012 Host: TBD Time: TBD Cost: TBD Points: 0.1 TBD

August 7, 2012 Vendor Day Host: Scott Brickley Time: Bunker Hill Golf Course Cost: TBD Points: 0.1 Service Points August 11-12, 2012 Family Picnic Clays Park September 26, 2012 Ridgetop Golf Course Annual Clambake Scholarship & Research Tournament Host: Greg Bobbs Time: 12:00 Shotgun Cost: $65/person Points: 0.1 Service Points October 11, 2012 Pro/Super Sandridge Golf Club November 2012 Annual Meeting


Mark Figurella and Eric Snodgrass are working on bringing back some of our social events to what they were in days past. Mark, Eric and Michelle have gotten some great pricing for the annual kids picnic held at Clays Park this coming August 11, and 12, 2012. Then on June 8, 2012 we have limited tickets for the Akron Aeros, this is a Friday night game with fireworks afterwards, all for $7.00 per ticket. Two great events for the entire family, at a great price. Toby Lane is always looking for new members and making sure they are welcomed and informed on what the NOGCSA can do for them and their clubs. Mark Conner and Brian Fitch are the boards newest members. Although new, they both have jumped in anywhere they can to help the entire board. Both gentlemen bring a great deal of knowledge and experience and are a tremendous asset. Ryan Miller and Morgan Timberlake are putting together a vendors day at Bunker Hill golf course on August 7, 2012. This will be a chance to enjoy a monthly meeting and view some of our vendors products and equipment. So you can see there is much to do with NOGCSA. Please try to make a meeting or two with some of your fellow superintendents. Then we have all the fun things you can do with your family as well. If there is anything you would like from your board please dont hesitate to let us know, we are working for you and our association. See you at our next meeting. Warmest Regards, Sean P. McHugh, CGCS NOGCSA President

Contact Gregg Schaner at 614-878-6746 or to learn more.


Unusual Early Spring & CrabgrassAs everyone has probably noticed, its unusually warm right now. But, how warm is It? Consider this: If the forecast holds up, by the end of this week (Friday March 23), the monthly mean temperature in Columbus, OH will be 53.5 degrees, which is the normal monthly mean for April. Also, we will have had 9 days in the 70s, two of which will be at or just above 80 degrees, which is similar to what we saw in the whole month of April last year. In addition, if one looks out the window they will see not only Forsythia in full bloom (our indicator plant that tells us its time to put down preemergence herbicide) but also cherry trees and Bradford pears. Cherry trees normally do not bloom in central Ohio until the 3rd week of April. Soil temperatures this morning (March 19) are 57 degrees in central Ohio. What is unusual is that Kentucky bluegrass is just barely out of dormancy, but soil temperatures will be warm enough this week, theoretically, for crabgrass to germinate. I say theoretically because weve not seen crabgrass in Columbus in March before and all of the other phenological indicators are so out of alignment (no model shows cornelian cherry dogwood, forsythia, cherries, and magnolias in full bloom simultaneously). But, importantly, soil temperatures will be warm enough this week for crabgrass to germinate. Bottom line: get your preemergence out as soon as possible. Remember, even if you see some crabgrass, new plants will continue to germinate up until the first part of July, so at least the preemergence herbicide can prevent subsequent germination. Dont rely just on a post product on these sites. Also, there is always a chance that a late frost will knock out some of the early germinating crabgrass. You should consider the use of a product that offers both pre and postemergence control. Dimension is a great

choice, as is Echelon or Cavalcade PQ. If you decide to use Echelon or Cavalcade PQ, I would wait until crabgrass is 1-4 leaf (which looks to be sometime in mid-late April this year). That way the quinclorac will take out the early crabgrass, plus you wont have to be as concerned with premature breakdown of the preemergence herbicide. If you have the materials on hand, you can also combine prodiamine with Tenacity herbicide and this will give both pre and postemergence crabgrass control. All of the above advice could be rendered unnecessary if we have a turn in the weather to more normal or below normal temperatures. However, there is nothing from the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center (which has been remarkably accurate the past several years) to suggest that this current trend of above normal temperatures is going to end anytime soon. Plan your spring as though everything is 3-4 weeks ahead of last year. Author: Dr. Dave Gardner Crabgrass emergence picture taken by Pam Sherratt May 6th, 2010

Reprinted from the: OSU Buckeye Turf Program Website



Marc Whitney , 262/786-5960 ASGCA Sees Encouraging Signs at Golf Industry Show Domestic renovations, international growth suggest increased opportunity BROOKFIELD, Wis. Cautious optimism was the key phrase coming out of the Golf Industry Show in Las Vegas last week. American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) President Rick Phelps and nearly 50 ASGCA members in attendance shared examples of increased renovation projects domestically and continued growth of the game around the world. There is a noticeable improvement in both the amount of work being done and industry expectations moving forward compared to 12 and 24 months ago, Phelps said. Whether speaking with an architect, superintendent or supplier, there seems to be cautious optimism across the board. Hopeful stories abounded through the Las Vegas Convention Center as a number of renovation projects and remodeling efforts placed on hold during the economic downturn show new signs of moving forward. There is a sense among some that many clubs have

stabilized their memberships and are turning their attention once again to capital improvement projects, including golf course renovation, P