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4th Annual Women in Leadship Development (W.I.L.D.) Conference


  • BUSINESSM A G A Z I N EVOLUME XXIV, NUMBER 3 MARCH 2011Manufacturer & Business Association


    Keynote Speaker Bill Rancic and Legacy Award Winners Leah Humphries (left) and Jayne Huston

  • A conversation with


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    We cordially invite you to join usTuesday, June 28, 2011

    for our 106th Annual Event at the Bayfront Convention Center.

    For more information or to make reservations, please call Ann at 814/833-3200 or 800/815-2660.

  • Who has inspired you as a woman business leader? Dr.

    Gertrude A. Barber inspired me, as well as countless other

    educators and parents, because she was able to help people

    achieve dreams they would not have thought possible. At

    a time when few women had leadership roles, Dr. Barber

    undertook a mission to support children and adults with

    disabilities that has not only transformed the lives of individuals

    and families, but changed our community and the world. Her

    legacy is this mission that continues to inspire us to help our

    children and adults achieve their potential and make their

    dreams come true.

    Who has inspired you as a woman business leader?

    I'm inspired by any woman who has the knowledge, strength

    and leadership skills it takes to be a business leader. I'm inspired

    by my mother who had the utmost faith in me to do anything I

    ever wanted to do. My mentor is Debbie Trocki, the past owner

    of Signs Now. She has inspired me with the trust to take over

    the business, her honesty in business and her encouragement

    for me to run a very fast paced and technical business.

    Who has inspired you as a woman business leader? As a

    certi!ed public accountant and !nancial adviser, I have the

    wonderful opportunity each day to work with very successful

    and dynamic business leaders. These clients and business

    a"liates inspire me to strive for excellence in my profession and

    challenge me to give back to the community in which I live and


    Who has inspired you as a

    woman business leader?

    It has been a permanent calling. The idea that I could be

    something bigger than myself, or the sum of all the small

    accomplishments and failures along the way, is what inspires

    me each and every day. Somewhere along the 31-year journey,

    my job became a career. I take pleasure and pride in being an

    integral part of my community, and helping its businesses and

    people prosper. My own personal expressions of inspiration

    include a desire to create a legacy that others may emulate. As

    an adopted child of a single parent, the work ethic and sacri!ce

    of my mother was the basis for whom I have become today. My

    family is my greatest inspiration and faith is my guide. Thank

    you Dolores, John, Brooke, Aaron, Averi and Amani.

    E][S\3a 3 / SpotlightRadiant Steel Products Company President Andree P. Phillips discusses the operations of this Williamsport, Pennsylvania-based custom manufacturer and its rich history as a producer of radiator enclosures.

    12 / 4th Annual W.I.L.D. Conference Learn more about the Women in Leader-ship Development (W.I.L.D.) Conference on March 25 in Erie and why an estimated 600 professionals and entrepreneurial-minded women will be attending this fourth annual event, designed as both a professional development conference, and a celebration and recognition of the growth of women businesses.

    27 / On the Hill Association State Government Relations Representative Anna McCauslin explains how freshmen Senator Pat Toomey and Congressmen Mike Kelly and Tom Marino are embarking on an exciting opportunity to serve the people of Pennsylvania, by standing for the principles of a free-market economy and smaller government.

    22DEPARTMENTS > 5 / Business Buzz24 / HR Connection 30 / Legal Q&A35 / Events37 / People Buzz

    12EDITORIAL > 7 / Health MattersHow social media is helping members connect with their health-care plans.KELLY KIMBERLAND

    9 / Legal BriefWhy employers are facing a record number of discrimination charges.LISA SMITH PRESTA

    11 / Financial AdviserUnderstanding the tax changes that could impact your future.DEBORAH A. PIPP, CPA

    33 / Blue Ocean StrategyHow successful companies are challenging the industry definitions of target buyer groups to create blue oceans of opportunity.ANGIE ANGUS


    < 16 / SPECIAL SECTION Women Leading the WaySee our new listing of women business leaders and who inspired them most in their professional careers.

    March 2011

    Blue Ocean Strategy Center


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    Manufacturer & Business Association


    Keynote Speaker Bill Rancic and Legacy Award

    Winners Leah Humphries (left) and Jayne Huston

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  • SPOTLIGHT > by Karen Torres

    VOL. XXIV, NO. 3 MARCH 2011

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    ON THE COVER: Entrepreneur Bill Rancic, best known as the Season One winner of The Appren-tice, will be the keynote speaker at the fourth an-nual Women in Leadership Development (W.I.L.D.) Conference on March 25 in Erie. Joining him are this years Legacy Award winners Leah Humphries and Jayne Huston, who are being honored by their peers for excelling in their career goals. See story on Page 12.

    Please explain some of the history behind Radiant Steel Products Company and its founding 84 years ago. The company was founded by my father, Cleo Francois Pineau, because he believed that the heating units of the day, cast-iron radiators, were not very attractive. He patented the first stationary louver to allow heat to radiate through the enclosure and that's why we are called Radiant Steel Products Company.

    What is your management style/phil