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<ul><li><p>MAPs GROUP </p><p>Faculty of Pharmacy, SS Cyril &amp; Methodius University </p><p>SKOPJE, RM </p></li><li><p>Institution The Faculty of Pharmacy is the most prominent high educational institution in the </p><p>field of pharmacy in the country, founded in 1977. </p><p>Undergraduate studies </p><p> Master in pharmacy (5 years) </p><p> Diploma in laboratory biomedicine (3 years) </p><p>Postgraduate studies </p><p> Master of sciences (M.Sci degree) </p><p> Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D. degree) </p><p> Specialization in 8 fields: Pharmaceutical technology </p><p> Toxicological chemistry </p><p> Medical biochemistry </p><p> Medicinal and aromatic plants (Pharmacognosy) </p><p> Sanitary chemistry </p><p> Examination and control of drug </p><p> Clinical pharmacy </p><p> Pharmaceutical informatics </p><p>One/Two years specialisation (Academic): Phytotherapy Cosmetology Pharmacy legislation Farmacoeconomy </p></li><li><p>Infrastructure </p><p> It employs: 18 PhD holders (9 full professors, 4 associate and 4 assistant professors) and 12 PhD students as </p><p>permanent staff = 30. http://www.ff.ukim.edu.mk. </p><p> Laboratories: 15 </p><p> Amphitheaters: 1 </p><p> Class-room: 3 </p><p> All standard laboratory equipment </p><p> GC-FID-headspace (Clarus, Perkin Elmer) </p><p> GC-FID-MS, (Agilent Technologies) </p><p> Semipreparative HPLC DAD </p><p> HPLC DAD (4), (Waters, Agilent Technologies) </p><p> HPLC RR DAD (1) </p><p> UV/VIS spektrofotometar, (Agilent Technologies) </p><p> Capillary Electrophoresis system, </p><p> IR spektrometar Perkin Elmer 1310, </p><p> ELISA reader, </p><p> PCR reader </p><p> Real Time PCR,, </p><p> .etc. </p><p>http://www.ff.ukim.edu.mk/</p></li><li><p>Infrastructure </p><p>Departments: </p><p> Institute of pharmaceutical chemistry </p><p> Institute of pharmacognosy Institute of pharmaceutical technology </p><p> Institute of applied chemistry and instrumental analysis </p><p> Institute of applied biochemistry </p><p>Centers: </p><p>7 different centers (drug quality control, pharmacoinformatics, natural products research, nanoscience technology in pharmacy, etc.). </p><p> Applied activity - (expertise, routine testing, expert reports, applicative projects, etc.) </p><p> Research </p><p> Educations </p><p> Educations Research </p></li><li><p> MAPs group Svetlana Kulevanova, Ph.D., Professor. svku@ff.ukim.edu.mk </p><p> Aneta Dimitrovska Ph.D., Professor. andi@ff.ukim.edu.mk </p><p> Tatjana Kadifkova Panovska, Ph.D., Assosiate Professor, taka@ff.ukim.edu.mk </p><p> Gjoshe Stefkov, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, gstefkov@yahoo.com </p><p> Marija Karapandzova, Ph.D. student. Marija_Karapandzova@ff.ukim.edu.mk </p><p> Jelena Acevska Ph.D. student. jpetrusevska@yahoo.com </p><p> Flora Sela Ph.D. student. floresha_sela@hotmail.com </p><p> Ivana Cvetkovic Ph.D. student. ivanacvetkovic@yahoo.com </p><p>Institute of Pharmacognosy </p><p>mailto:svku@ff.ukim.edu.mkmailto:andi@ff.ukim.edu.mkmailto:taka@ff.ukim.edu.mkmailto:gstefkov@yahoo.commailto:Marija_Karapandzova@ff.ukim.edu.mkmailto:jpetrusevska@yahoo.commailto:floresha_sela@hotmail.commailto:ivanacvetkovic@yahoo.com</p></li><li><p>Research interest </p><p> Exploring MAPs (domestic and regional). </p><p> Inventorisation of MAPs (mapping and resource assessment) </p><p> Conservation of MAPs (in situ and ex situ) </p><p> Chemical characterization of MAPs </p><p> Natural products chemistry </p><p> (essential oils and polyphenols in plants, fruits and food products) </p><p> Assessment of biological/pharmacological activity </p><p> Antioxidant activity (in vitro) </p><p> Antimicrobial activity (in vitro) </p><p> Antidiabetic activity (in vivo) </p><p> Antilipidemic activity (in vivo) </p><p> Antiinflamatory activity (in vivo) </p><p> Hepatoprotective activity (in vivo) Histomorfology of kidney and liver (in vivo) </p><p>Collaboration with other </p><p>members of the </p><p>University and </p><p>Institutions from the </p><p>region and Europe! </p></li><li><p>MAPs of interest - up to now </p><p> Teucrium polium Teucrium chamaedrys Teucrium montanum Centaurium erythrea Vaccinium myrthilus Vaccinium vitis-idaea Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Gentiana lutea L. Helichrysum plicatum DC </p><p> Lamiaceae Thymus sp. (18) Calamintha grandifolia (L.) Moench Calamintha nepeta (L.) Savi Clinopodium vulgare L. Acinos alpinus (L.) Moench Satureja montana L. Micromeria cristata (Hampe) Briseb. </p><p> Pinus peuce </p><p> Pinus nigra </p><p> Pinus silvestrys </p><p> Pinus mugo </p><p> Juniperus communis/Juniperus sp. </p><p> Sideritis scardica </p><p> Sideritis raeseri </p><p> Salvia off. </p><p> Origanum vulgare </p><p> Papaver somniferum </p><p> Craetegus sp. </p><p> Hypericum perforatum L. </p><p> .etc. </p><p>regional </p><p>level </p><p>national </p><p>level </p><p> antidiabetic </p></li><li><p>Completed and ongoing projects: </p><p> Pharmacognosy and Taxonomy of the species of Lamiaceae in the flora of Rebublic of Macedonia, (1994 1996), Institute of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Skopje, Ministry of Science, R. of Macedonia. </p><p> Chemotaxonomy, phytochemistry and pharmacognosy of the species: Teucrium, Calamintha, Acinos, Satureja, Clinopodium and Micromeria in the flora of Republic of Macedonia, Ministry of Science, R. of Macedonia, 1999-2001. </p><p> Antioxidant activity of the plant species from Macedonian flora and their possible use as hepatoprotective agents, Ministry of Science, R. of Macedonia, 2003-2006. COST action 926: EU Commission, Brussels, 2005-2008. Impact of new technologies on the health benefits and safety of bioactive plant compounds, </p><p> SEE-ERA.NET Research Project: Exploring the molecular biodiversity of </p><p>medicinal and aromatic plants; 2007-2008; </p><p> Characterization of chemical composition and biological activity of </p><p>Pinus (Pinaceae) and Juniperus (Cupresaceae) species from </p><p>Macedonian flora and evaluation of possibilities for their medicinal </p><p>and/or commercial use (national level) </p></li><li><p>Projects </p><p>4 SEE-ERA.NET Plus aplications: </p><p> AROMATIC AND MEDICINAL PLANTS - MARKET-ORIENTED ON-FARM DEVELOPMENT OF MORE SUSTAINABLE CULTIVATION TECHNIQUES FOR AROMATIC AND MEDICINAL PLANTS TO BE GROWN IN ALBANIA AND MACEDONIA. </p><p>SEE-ERA.NET PLUS JOINT CALL - SEEERAPLUS (2010) </p><p> ASSESSMENT AND COMPARISON OF THE BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITIES OF NATURAL TRADITIONAL FOOD PRODUCTS FROM DIFFERENT WESTERN BALKAN REGIONS. </p><p>SEE-ERA.NET PLUS JOINT CALL SEEERAPLUS (2010) </p><p> A MODEL APPROACH FOR THE CONSERVATION AND THE SUSTAINABLE EXPLOITATION OF THE INDIGENOUS SIDERITIS SPP. (MOUNTAIN TEA) TRADITIONALLY USED IN THE SEE, WB COUNTRIES. </p><p>SEE-ERA.NET PLUS JOINT CALL - SEEERAPLUS (2011-12) </p><p> CONSERVATION AND UTILIZATION OF THE DIVERSITY OF SAGE SPECIES (SALVIA SPP.) TRADITIONAL FOOD PRESERVATIVES AND SPICES. </p><p>SEE-ERA.NET PLUS JOINT CALL SEEERAPLUS (2011-12) </p></li><li><p> RESOUCE ASSESMENT OF </p><p>BLUBERRIES ON OSOGOVO MTN </p><p> FUTURE PERSPECITVES OF </p><p>POPPY IN R. MACEDONIA </p></li><li><p>Thank you for your </p><p>attention ! </p></li></ul>


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