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  • mapping the customer experience @joyce_hostyn flickr

  • The Experience Cycle, Hugh Dubberly

    compelling captures


    orienting help them

    navigate the world

    embedded become part of their lives

    generative promise

    more good things

    reverberating you just have

    to try this

    connect & attract


    interact extend & retain


  • notices damage, takes pictures & fills in clam form

    takes pictures & fills in claim form

    2 weeks later

    no record of claim

    no open ticket

    so, youre saying the service tech closed the ticket &

    since you dont have an open ticket, you cant do anything until you send out another tech to open a new ticket?

    make it to 2nd level service

    only thing I can do is copy everything thats happened into

    an email and send it on

    why I havent been called back? the visit

    was so the service tech could give the go ahead

    to replace the dishwasher!

    2 weeks later

    months (and lots of hair pulling) later

    brand new service shows up & asks why am I here? whats wrong with the dishwasher?

    Well replace the dishwasher. But a service tech has to give the go ahead. Well send one over.

    youve got to be kidding me... what a way to make me feel

    warm & fuzzy

    guess they havent heard of the plain English campaign

    Im calling with your issue number

    you misplaced the insurance claim one of the service techs filed,

    so he has to do another visit to prepare

    the claim?

  • no content to enable decision


    no proactive education,

    incorrect use

    dissolving rubber, mold, leaking, no troubleshooting,

    disenchanted service tech

    fail to know me, fail to resolve issues,

    fail to educate during service, lost


    detract you really dont

    want to go through this M



    M M

    connect & attract


    interact extend & retain


  • Empathy is not walking in anothers

    shoes. First, you must remove

    your own. Scott Cook, Founder Intuit

  • Statistics are merely indicators. Like numbers and gauges on the dashboard of a car. No single reading can advise on the

    health of the car. The gauges, along with the sound of the car itself, the handling, look and feel, and smell of burning rubber

    all combine to give an indication that your beloved motor may be under the weather.

    ~Art of Community

  • design for service???? this is service design???

    journey maps promote emotional contact with insight, distilling research into a concise, visually compelling story of the customers experience

  • experience as story


    Emotions determine memory when we recount a memory, were sharing the experience of the story we created, not the actual experience

  • customers always have an experience (good, bad, indifferent)

    Managing the Total Customer Experience, MIT Sloan

  • our emotional brain (95%)

    our rational brain (5%)

    Consciously and unconsciously filter clues and organize them into rational

    and emotional impressions

  • emotions influence what we remember, how we evaluate encounters, & our decisions

    Designing the Soft Side of Customer Service, MIT Sloan

  • trust is a primitive psychological variable essential to building relationships

  • control over our environment & knowledge of how events are going to evolve is a fundamental psychological need

  • experiences


    inside out systems misery moments

    Brandon Schauer, The (Near) Future of Managing Experiences

    as a result of

    interactions (touchpoints)

    with emotional resonance

    which happen in a specific channel

    are the stories you tell yourself

  • Customer experience is the full, end-to-end experience. It starts when you first hear about Amazon from a friend, and ends when you get the package in the mail and open it. Jeff Bezos

  • Customer experience is the perception that customers have of their interactions with an organization. Bruce Temkin

  • How to Lead the Customer Experience

    Rather than creating a set of messages and images that associate a company and its products with emotional values, experience pioneers will be focused on creating a business that delivers the brand as an experience incorporating these values.

  • connect emotionally

    foster sense of


    build trust and relationships

    help people make

    informed decisions

    engage in conversation

    design interactions (touchpoints) that

    outside in magic moments

    brand as experience

  • lifetime experience from the first time they go to our web site through the last time they ever use one of our cars and decide not to be a member any more. [We] map that cycle and follow it. ~Scott Griffith, CEO Zipcar

  • We dont do advertising any more. We just do cool stuff, it sounds a bit wanky, but thats just the way it is. Advertising is all about achieving awareness, and we no longer need

    awareness. We need to become part of peoples lives and digital allows us to do that. ~Simon Pestridge, Nike UK

  • Youve gotta start with the customer experience and work backwards to

    the technology. ~Steve Jobs

  • what experience are you trying to deliver?

  • information rich environments



    living a healthy life



    ask provocative questions what will the future look like for

  • who is your who?

  • aka the hero not a passive user

  • sick patient

    consumer of health

    products and services

    Reframing Health, Hugh Dubberly

  • aging as medical

    problem to manage


    nursing home

    orderlies, aids, nurses

    receive care

    human habitat (relationships)


    give and receive care

  • student lifelong learner

  • mentor of heroes

    who actively

    chart their own


    provider of applications and services to passive users

  • What do they

    HEAR? boss

    colleagues influencers


    What do they

    SEE? environment

    friends colleagues

    what work offers

    What do they

    THINK & FEEL & FEAR? what really counts

    major preoccupations worries & aspirations

    What do they

    SAY & DO? attitude in public

    appearance behavior towards others

    PAIN fears | frustrations | obstacles

    Source: XPLANE and Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder

    GAIN wants/needs | measures of success | benefits

  • heroes arent Vulcans people are ruled by emotion, not logic

    what does this do? how much does it cost?

    what are the features?

    how does this make me feel? does it provide meaning or pleasure? how will it affect me?

  • ask what value as mentor you offer your hero

    on their journey



  • what are they experiencing?

  • map the story of the current journey

    experience audit

  • Bruce Temkin, Mapping the Customer Journey

    collect internal insights

    develop hypothesis

    research customer processes, needs, perceptions

    analyze customer research

    map the journey visually

  • desonance

    Map the journey visually

  • Value of Customer Journey Maps

  • nForm

  • Source: DCA, Victims of crime


    l of s




    Reporting the crime

    Before the trial At court After the trial








    Police investigation

    Reported crime

    immediately. Police very good told him what to do and who was coming. Felt secure

    Identity parade. No coaching, no

    reassurance wouldnt meet attacker

    Barrister not very confidence


    Drove him home - grateful, but didnt feel like standard


    Would report a crime again, because found out defendant had been held for 5 months. But court experience was a waste of time

    Received call from detective

    Gave statement in police car

    felt were helping him

    Drove around looking for attacker waste of time as in marked

    car Had to go to the

    detective foreign territory.

    Police station disconcerting

    Gave formal statement.

    Worried whether

    justice would be done. Detective

    seemed dim. Changed the

    statement into his own


    Phone conversations with detective

    kept in touch

    Called up to identify

    criminal on computer system seemed


    Identified attacker felt good, this

    will be straightforward

    Few days before trial,

    still no information on process

    Called Witness Service as

    wanted to speak to barrister. Told

    to arrive early on the day.

    Seemed disorganised

    Pack from Witness Se


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