Manual de Instrues para Bomba de Poro BE0500 ? Manual de Instrues para Bomba de Poro BE0500-3000

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  • Manual de Instrues para Bomba de Poro

    BE0500-3000 Whale

    Em caso dvidas na instalao aps a leitura do manual, favor entrar em

    contato com nosso departamento tcnico atravs do telefone ou email:

    (11) 3477-5655 email:

    Horrios de atendimento:

    Segunda-feira quinta-feira: 8h 18h

    Sexta-feira: 8h 17h

    Rua Anhaia 982, Bom Retiro SP


    Orca Submersible Pump Range

    * (B) suffix represents a bulk item code

    Model Number Description

    BE0500 Orca 500 - 12 V d.c.

    BE0950 Orca 950 - 12 V d.c.

    BE1450 Orca 1300 - 12 V d.c.

    BE1454 Orca 1300 - 24 V d.c.

    BE2002(B) Orca 2000 - 12 V d.c.

    BE2004(B) Orca 2000 - 24 V d.c.

    BE3002(B) Orca 3000 - 12 V d.c.

    BE3004(B) Orca 3000 - 24 V d.c.

    Manual de Instalao e Operao



    Gama de Bombas Submersveis Orca

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    Thank you for purchasing this Whale product. For over 60 years Whale has led the way in thedesign and manufacturer of freshwater and waste systems including:- plumbing, faucets, showersand pumps for low voltage applications. The company and its products have built a reputation forquality, reliability and innovation backed up by excellent customer service.For information on our full product range visit:

    * Flow rates are stated in accordance with ABYC recommendations at a voltage of 13.6 V d.c.

    The Orca submersible electric bilge pump range is designed for use as a bilge pump on marinevessels. These high capacity pumps are compact and powerful, designed for bilge water evacuation.

    Read the following instructions carefully before installing and using the equipment.

    Check that the product is suitable for the intended application, follow these installation instructionsand ensure all relevant personnel read the points listed below. Also ensure that these operatinginstructions are passed on to the end user.

    This Whale Orca Electric Bilge Pump is designed for use as a bilge pump in marine vessels to pumpbilge water only.

    1. This pump outlet must be mounted at least 305mm (12) above the water line when connected to an intake located below the water line.

    2. Not suitable for pumping flammable liquids, diesel, chemicals etc. For use in a bilge system only.

    3. This pump is designed to exhaust standing water only. These pumps are not intended for damage control. Bilge pump capacities may not be sufficient to prevent flooding from rapid accumulation of water due to storms, rough weather and/ or rapid leaks created by hull damaged and or unsafe navigational conditions.

    4. With all applications, it is important that a system of safe working practice is applied toinstallation, use and maintenance. Ensure the electric supply is turned off.

    5. In order to securely fasten this unit, ensure that the mounting surface is a minimum



    3. TO THE USER


    Model 500 US GPH(32 ltrs/min)950 US GPH(57 ltrs/min)

    1300 US GPH(82 ltrs/min)

    2000 GPH (126 ltrs/min)

    3000 GPH (189 ltrs/min)

    Product Code BE0500 BE0950 BE1450 BE1454 BE2002(B) BE2004(B) BE3002(B) BE3004(B)Open Flow Rate @ 13.6 V d.c

    500 GPH(32 ltrs/min)

    950GPH (57 ltrs/min)

    1300GPH(82 ltrs/min)

    2000 GPH (126 ltrs/min)

    3000 GPH (189 ltrs/min)

    Flow Rate @ 1m (3ft) Head

    450 GPH(26ltrs/min)

    850 GPH (52 ltrs/min)

    1100 GPH(65 ltrs/min)

    1650 GPH (104 ltrs/min)

    2700 GPH (170 ltrs/min)

    Nominal Voltage 12 V d.c. 24 V d.c. 12 V d.c. 24 V d.c. 12 V d.c. 24 V d.c.Current Draw 1.5 amps 3.5 amps 5.0 amps 2.5 amps 10.0 amps 5.0 amps 18.0 amps 9.0 ampsRecommended Fuse 2.0 amps 5.0 amps 7.0 amps 5.0 amps 15.0 amps 8.0 amps 27.0 amps 13.0 amps

    Weight 0.28 kg(0.62lbs)0.45 kg

    (0.99lbs)0.82 kg

    (1.81lbs)1.32 kg

    (2.91lbs)2.64 kg

    (5.82lbs)Hose Connections 3/4 (19 mm) 1 (25mm) and 1 1/8 (28mm) 1 1/8 (28mm) 1 1/4 (32mm)Wire Size 1.3mm (16 AWG) 2mm (14 AWG)

    Materials Pump body: ABS, Seals: Nitrile, Impeller:AcetalPump body: Polypropylene, Seals: Nitrile,

    Impeller: AcetalMaximum DischargeHead

    3.0 m (9.8 ft)

    3.5 m (11.5 ft)

    4.5 m (14.8 ft)

    4m (13ft)

    4.6m (15ft)











    Manual de Instalao e Operao


    Cdigo do produto

    Fluxo a 13.6V d.c

    Tenso nominal

    Fluxo com 1m (3ft) de carga


    Fusvel recomendado



    Conexes mangueira

    Bitola do fio

    Carga mxima de descarga









    * Os fluxos so indicados de acordo com as recomendaes da ABYC, a uma tenso de 13,6V d.c.

    A linha Orca de bombas de poro eltrica projetada para uso como bomba de poro em embarcaes. Estas bombas de alta capacidade snao compactas e potentes, projetadas para a evacuao de gua de poro.

    Leia atentamente as instrues a seguir antes de instalar e usar o equipamento.

    Verifique se o produto adequado para a aplicao pretendida, siga estas instrues de instalao e assegura que todos os funcionrios relevantes leiam os pontos listados abaixo. Certifique-se tambm de que estas instrues sejam transmitidas ao usurio final.

    Esta bomba de poro eltrica Orca projetada para ser usada como bomba de poro em embarcaes para bombear somente gua.

    A sada da bomba deve ser montada pelo menos 305mm (12) acima da linha dgua quando conectada a uma entrada localizada abaixo da linha dgua.

    No adequado bombear lquidos inflamveis, diesel, produtos qumicos, etc. Esta bomba destina-se apenas para gua de poro.

    Esta bomba destina-se apenas para uso com gua parada. No destinam-se para controle de danos que permitam ingresso e gua. As capacidades da bombas podem no ser suficientes para evitar inundaes devido acumulao rpida de gua devido tempestades, condies meteorolgicas difceis e/ou ingresso rpido de gua criado por condies de navegao inseguras ou danos no casco.

    Com todas as aplicaes, importante que um sistema com prtica de trabalho seguro seja utilizado instalao, uso e manuteno. Certifique-se de que a alimentao de energia esteja desligada.

    Para fixar bem a bomba, assegure que a superfcie de montagem tenha espessura mnima de 13mm (3/4). NO aparafuse a bomba diretamente ao casco, ela deve ser montada em uma antepara ou placa adicional.

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    thickness of 19mm (3/4). Do NOT screw directly onto the hull, it must be mounted to a bulkhead or on an additional board.

    1 x Orca Pump 1 x Screw Kit

    BE9003 / BE9006 - Electric Field Sensor Switch (Available separately)

    WARNING: Please note that incorrect installation may invalidate the warranty.Preparation - Always disconnect power sources before installing.

    9.1 Location Position pump in the lowest accessible

    part of the bilge. On sailboats, location should be centred over keel (Fig 1).

    Do not mount the pump directly onto the hull. The base strainer must be mounted to a bulkhead or an additional board at least 19mm (3/4) thick.

    9.2 Mounting InstructionsBefore drilling, ensure that the mounted pump will be correctly positioned with the pump nozzlepointing towards thru-hull connector.

    To remove pump body, place hand over body, depress locking tabs and lift body from strainer base.Note: Motor will be removed with body (see figure 2 and 3).For Orca 500, 950, 1300 and 2000

    Use base as template to mark 3 mounting holes for Orca in mounting pad.

    Remove base. Drill three 1/8" (3mm) pilot holes for Orca at marked locations.

    Replace base. Attach with #8 stainless steel fasteners (supplied).

    Re-attach pump body to base. Insert body into strainer base, until base tabs snap into holes in body (see figures 2 and 3).

    For Orca 3000 Use base as template to mark 4 mounting holes for Orca

    3000 in mounting pad. Remove base. Drill four 1/8" (3mm) pilot holes for Orca

    3000 at marked locations. Replace base. Attach with #8 stainless steel fasteners

    (supplied). Re-attach pump body to base. Insert body into strainer

    base, until base tabs snap into holes in body (see figure 3).

    9.3 PlumbingIMPORTANT: To prevent airlock, hose must rise continually upward to the thru-hull connector withno dips or sharp bends. Hose support clips should be used at regular intervals where necessary.

    Orientate the pump outlet for a direct path to the hull connector ensuring an unobstructed hose path.

    Secure all connections with hose clamps. If no thru-hull connector exists, install at 12" (305mm) minimum height above water

    line. Apply marine sealant around thru-hull flanges on interior and exterior of hull.



    Press bothlocking tabsto releasecover

    Figure 2 - Release CoverOrca 500, 950 and 1300

    Pressbothlockingtabs toreleasecover

    Figure 3 - ReleaseCover Orca 2000and 3000


    Figure 1 -Mounting Location

    Skin Fittings

    Suitable Mounting Pad

    Hose must rise upwardswith NO DIPS

    Outlet 12(305mm)minimumabovewater line




    1x Bomba Orca 1x Kit de parafusos

    BE9003 / BE9006 - Sensor eletrnico de nvel (disponvel separadamente)

    AVISO: Por favor note que a instalao incorreta invalida a garantia.Preparao - Sempre desconecte as fontes de energia antes de instalar.


    Posicione a bomba na parte mais baixa acessvel do poro. Em veleiros, a posio deve ser centrada a quilha (Fig1.)

    No monte a bomba diretamente no casco. A base deve ser montada em uma antepara ou placa adicional de pelo menos 19mm (3/4) de espessura.

    Figura 1

    superfcies adequadas de montagem

    Posio de montagem

    A mangueira deve sempre subir

    Sada mnima 305mm(12) acima da linha dgua

    Instrues de Montagem

    no deve haver mergulhos

    Antes da furao, assegure-se de que a bomba montada seja colocada corretamente com o bocal da bomba em direo para o conector da sada do casco.

    Para remover o corpo da bomba, coloque a mo sobre o corpo, pressione as abas de travamento e levante o corpo da base . Nota: O motor ser removido com o corpo (veja as figuras 2 e 3).

    Para Orca 500, 950, 1300 e 2000

    Para Orca 3000

    Use a base como modelo para marcar os 3 furos de montagem da bomba na superfcie de montagem.

    Remova a base. Faa 3 furos de 1/8 (3mm) nos locais marcados.

    Coloque novamente a base na bomba. Coloque os #8 fixadores de ao inox (fornecidos)

    Volte a colocar o corpo da bomba na base. Insira-o at que as abas da base se encaixem nos orifcios do corpo (figura 2 e 3).

    Use a base como modelo para marcar os 4 furos de montagem da bomba na superfcie de montagem.

    Remova a base. Faa 4 furos de 1/8 (3mm) nos locais marcados.

    Coloque novamente a base na bomba. Coloque os #8 fixadores de ao inox (fornecidos)

    Volte a colocar o corpo da bomba na base. Insira-o at que as abas da base se encaixem nos orifcios do corpo (figura 3).


    IMPORTANTE: Para evitar bloqueios de ar, a mangueira deve subir continuamente at o conector da sada de casco, sem fazer qualquer mergulho ou curva brusca. Os suportes da mangueira devem ser instalados em intervalos regulares quando necessrio.

    Oriente a sada da bomba para um caminho direto para o conector da sada do casco garantindo assim um caminho sem obstrues.

    Prenda todas as conexes com braadeiras.

    Se no existir um conector da sada de casco, instale a uma altura mnima de 305mm (12) acima da linha dgua. Aplique selante martimo no interior e exterior em torno dessa sada de casco.

    Pressione ambas as travas para soltar a tampa

    Figura 2 -

    Soltar a tampa Orca 500, 950 e 1300

    Figura 3 -

    Soltar a tampa Orca2000 e 3000

    Pressione ambas as travas para soltar a tampa

    sada de casco

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    9.4 Electrical WiringEnsure all wire connections are at the highest level above water. Use marine grade wire connectorsonly and 16 AWG tinned copper wire. Waterproof all connections with suitable materials (see figures4 and 5).

    Connect positive (+) brown wire (500, 950 and 1300) or red wire (2000 and 3000) to switch. For automatic operation, use an Automatic Float Switch (Whale BE9003).

    Connect negative (-) black wire to ground. Install fuse holder within 72" (183cm) of the positive (+) battery terminal. To test system, feed water into the pump. If flow rate appears low, make sure wires are

    connected properly: Brown or Red to switch Black to negative (battery)

    WARNING: Reversed wiring reduces performance and can cause pump failure.WARNING: Fire hazard. Wiring must comply with applicable electrical standards and includea properly rated fuse or circuit breaker. Improper wiring can cause a fire resulting in injury or death.NOTE Switch off the power prior to making connections. Suggested wiring information is given as aguide only. For full information, refer to the USCG, ABYC and ISO regulations for marine applicationsand wiring gauges, connectors and fuse protection.

    This Orca is designed only to require minimal maintenance.

    WARNING - Before servicing, disconnect power to the pump and drain system.

    Optimal performance Regularly remove motor housing and inspect and clean the filter to be sure that it is not

    being blocked by debris.Annual Checks

    Whale advise that the boats plumbing system should be checked at least annually for leaks and obstructions. Also a pump electrics test is advisable. If you are not familiar with applicable electrical standards, ensure that the electric test is completed by a qualified electrician/ technician

    NOTE - Fully drain the system for winterizingWhale do not guarantee warranty if the system is not fully drained for winterizing.


    Figure 4 - Wiring for Orca 500, 950 and 1300

    RecommendedAutomtic Fuse

    2 TerminalOn/Off Switch


    Black WireBrown WireOrcaPump


    RecommendedAutomtic Fuse

    2 TerminalOn/Off Switch

    Black WireOrcaPumpRed Wire



    Figure 5 - Wiring for Orca 2000 and 3000




    Fiao Eltrica

    Certifique-se de que todas as conexes estejam acima do nvel mais alto da gua. Use somente conectores de fio especficos para ambiente marinho e fios de cobre de 16 AWG. Impermeabilize todas as conexes com materiais adequados (veja figuras 4 e 5).

    Figura 4 - Esquema eltrico para Orca 500, 950 e 1300

    Figura 5 - Esquema eltrico para Orca 2000 e 3000

    Fusvel automotivo recomendado

    Fusvel automotivo recomendado



    Fio marrom

    Fio marrom

    Fio preto

    Fio preto

    Fio vermelho

    Fio vermelho



    interruptor Liga/Desliga

    interruptor Liga/Desliga

    Marrom ou vermelho para o interruptor

    Preto para o negativo (bateria)

    Conecte o fio marrom (500,950 e 1300) ou fio vermelho (2000 e 3000) positivo (+) no interruptor. Para funcionamento automtico, use um sensor automtico (Whale BE9003).

    Conecte o fio preto ao terminal negativo (-) da bateria.

    Instale o suporte do fusvel com 183cm (72) do terminal positivo (+) da bateria.

    Para testar o sistema, alimente a bomba com gua. Se a taxa de fluxo parecer baixa, certifique-se de que os fios estejam conectados corretamente:

    AVISO: inverter a fiao reduz o desempenho e pode causar falhas na bomba.AVISO: risco de incndio. A fiao deve obedecer aos padres eltricos aplicveis e possuir um fusvel ou disjuntor adequado. Fiao inadequada pode causar um incndio que resulte em ferimento ou morte.

    NOTA: desligue a alimentao antes de fazer as conexes. As informaes sobre a fiao sugeridas so fornecidas apenas como guia. Para obter informaes completas, consulte os regulamentos USCG, ABYC e ISO para aplicaes marinhas e medidores de fiao, conectores e fusveis.

    As bombas Orca so projetadas para exigir manuteno mnima.

    Antes da manuteno, desligue a alimentao da bomba e drene o sistema.

    AVISO -

    Bom desempenho

    Remova regularmente a carcaa do motor e limpe o filtro para ter certeza de que no h detritos bloqueando a suco.

    Verificaes Anuais

    A Whale aconselha que a tubulao do barco seja verificada em busca de vazamentos e obstrues anualmente. Tambm recomendvel um teste eltrico da bomba. Se voc no est familiarizado com os padres eltricos aplicveis, assegura que um eletricista/tcnico qualificado faa o teste por completo.

    NOTA: Drene completamente o sistema para o inverno.A Whale no oferece a garantia se o sistema no estiver totalmente drenado para o inverno.

  • Whale, is a registered trademark of Munster Simms Engineering Limited, Bangor Northern Irelandtrading as Whale.

    This product complies with all relevant European directives and standards. Please contact Whale iffurther details are required.

    This Whale product is covered by a 3 year warranty.Please see the enclosed document for details of our statement of limited warranty.

    For installation or service advice please contact Whale customer support:UK Tel: +44 (0)28 9127 0531 USA Tel: +1 616 897 9241UK Email: USA Email:

    Copyright Whale 2017 - All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission isprohibited. WHALE is a registered trademark of Munster Simms Engineering Limited, Bangor,Northern Ireland trading as Whale. Whales policy is one of continuous improvement and we reservethe right to change specifications without prior notice. Illustrations are for guidance purposes only.

    Neither the accuracy nor completeness of the information contained in any product brochure isguaranteed by the Company and may be subject to change at its sole discretion.

    Please note that by contacting Whale Support you will be indicating your consent to receivingproduct updates, recall information, help guides and appropriate marketing messages from us viapost, email or telephone unless you indicated an objection to receiving such messages.



    Pump runsbut does notpump water

    Hose may have blockage orairlock

    Clear the hose of any blockages and ensure that outlet hose runs upward to the thru-hull connector,

    with no dips

    Impeller may be restricted

    Remove pump housing from base. Remove debrisfrom chamber and impeller. Ensure that the impeller

    is firmly attached to shaft and is not cracked orbroken

    Pump does not run Blown fuse

    Ensure electrical connections and fuse arewaterproof and have not loosened








    14. GARANTIA




    Bomba funciona mas no succiona gua

    Bomba no funciona

    Fusvel queimado

    Rotor pode estar obstrudo

    Mangueira pode ter sido bloqueada por ar

    Remova a carcaa da bomba da base. Remova detritos da cmara e do rotor. Assegure que o rotor esteja firme ai eixo e que no esteja rachado ou quebrado.

    Limpe a mangueira de qualquer bloqueio e assegure-se de que a sada da mangueira v para cima sem em direo sada de casco sem mergulhar.

    Certifique que as conexes eltricas e o fusvel so a prova dgua e que no se soltaram.

    Este produto est em conformidade com todas as diretrizes e padres europeus relevantes.Entre em contato com a Whale se forem necessrios mais detalhes.

    Este produto Whale est coberto por uma garantia de 3 anos.Por favor consulte o documento anexo para detalhes de nossa declarao de garantia.


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