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  • Manila An Update from Liberty

    October 29, 2015 OpenStack Summit - Tokyo

  • Akshai Parthasarathy

    Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp


    Sean Cohen

    Principal Product Manager, Red Hat


    Thomas Bechtold

    OpenStack Cloud Engineer, SUSE

    Today's Presenters

  • Agenda

    What is Manila? Why use Manila?

    Use Cases Sahara Containers

    Liberty Updates Distributions Integration

    SUSE Demo RedHat Demo

    Upcoming in Mitaka Share Replication Demo Q+A

  • Manila: The OpenStack Shared File Service Program Bringing self-service, shared file services

    to the cloud

  • Manila History

    Beginnings Juno

    Incubated Project Community Inception Puppet Support Share Servers Tempest Integration

    Kilo Driver Modes DevStack Plug-in Storage Pools Default Share Type Manage/Unmanage Manila UI

  • Manila Today -

    Production Ready Number of Drivers: 14 Blue Prints Completed: 51 Major Blue Prints:

    Share Instances REST API Microversions Experimental APIs Extend & Shrink Consistency Groups (CGs) Share Migrations etc.

  • Manila Deployment Options and Benefits

    Single Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) / Multi SVM driver_handles_share_servers=False/True Benefit

    Network Plugins

    Standalone Network Plugin Nova Network Plugin Neutron Network Plugin Benefit

  • Contributions/New Entrants

    Welcome and Thank You: CloudBase Solutions Fujitsu Scality NEC NTT Letv Cloud Computing and others


    Code Contributions Reviews

  • Why Use Manila?

    Shared File Services Spending Total Capacity

    IDC: Age of Cloud File Services Why not?

  • Use Cases

  • Standalone Share File Services Management

    Replace Legacy Systems Improve SLA Integrate with Automation Frameworks

  • Enterprise Applications

    Lower Cost, Heterogeneous Infrastructure Application Porting: Move Workloads to OpenStack

  • DevOps/Continuous Integration

    Pluggable Infrastructure Storage Service Catalog

    Analytics Containers Snapshots & Clones Consistency Groups

  • New in Liberty

  • Share Instances

    Needed for features like:

    share migrations


  • REST API Microversions


    client 1 with server 1 => version 2.3

    client 1 with server 2 => version 2.3

    client 2 with server 1 => version 2.5 client 2 with server 2 => version 2.10

  • Experimental APIs

    Expected to change at any time can be removed without

    deprecation period Usage: needs to set header X-

    OpenStack-Manila-API-Experimental: true

    @api_version(min_version='2.1', max_version='2.9') def show(self, req, id): .... stuff ....

    @api_version(min_version="2.4", experimental=True) def my_api_method(self, req, id): .... stuff ....

  • Extend & Shrink

  • Consistency Groups (CGs)

    grouping different shares together for the purpose of application data protection (focus of snapshots for disaster recovery)

    example use case: database data and log files are on different shares when doing snapshots for both shares, the data on the shares must be consistent

    supported actions create CG with mutliple shares create snapshot of CG create CG from snapshot

  • External CI For All Drivers

    And others ...

  • Oversubscription

    Tunable for setting provisioned capacity and a subscription ratio added

    Addresses 'infinite' and 'unknown' drivers reported capacity that may lead to oversubscription

    thin_provisoning support needed

  • Share Migrations

    Share Migration allows a share to be migrated from one host pool to another hostpool through the "manila migrate " command, as well as allowing to perform migration between different backends.

    Basic implementation The fallback approach for migration is rsync.

    Slow, inefficient Vendors can utilize API for optimized


  • Availability Zones

    The availability zones support which was inherited from Cinder was reworked this cycle:

    Added public API extension Allow to preserve AZ if creating a share

    from a snapshot and set AZ in Share API or Share Manager.

    AZs will benefit share replication and also give end users control of the locality of their data w.r.t. consumers of the data.

  • Sahara Integration

    Use cases Stores binaries for job templates - NFS is ideal for this case Input and output data sources - Manila-provisioned HDFS and NFS offers more

    options Mount NFS share API

    Binaries and data I/O from an NFS share path New development in Sahara this cycle Mount shares at cluster creation or auto-mount when a share is used for EDP

    Manila-provisioned HDFS Data sources and data processing on Sahara-external clusters Testing and process verification of extant Manila features this cycle

    Coming soon - NFS Hadoop driver (run jobs on your NFS shares)

  • Sahara Integration - Current Implementations

    Data sources on Manila-provisioned HDFS

    API to mount NFS shares to clusters (job binaries and data sources)

    Images by Weiting Chen (Intel)

  • Manila + Containers Ceph Example Simply mount --bind share into container namespace NFS re-export from host

    mount and export fs on host private host/guest net avoid network hop from NFS

    service VM Host mounts CephFS Bind Manila share/volume into

    container Further integration requires

    integration with both Nova and Manila to manage the attach/detach process


    M M







  • Distributions Integration

  • Manila in SUSE OpenStack Cloud

    The Manila service is tech preview in SUSE Cloud 5

    Fully supported in SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6

    Crowbar deployment tool integration

    Controller HA

    NetApp driver

    Custom driver possible

  • Manila in SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 (Beta)

  • Manila in RHEL OpenStack Platform 7

    The Manila service is tech preview in RHEL OpenStack Platform 7

    RHEL OpenStack director deployment tool Offer integration with

    GlusterFS native Gluster NFS NetApp drivers

    Manila Certification program in RHEL OpenStack Platform 8

    Introducing NFS-Ganesha and Gluster Automated Volume Management (based on Heketi)

  • Manila in RHEL OpenStack Platform 7 (Preview)

  • Upcoming

    in Mitaka

  • Upcoming in Mitaka

    Mount Automation Rolling Updates Export Location Metadata Manila QoS Capability Lists Interaction Between New Features Share Migration Loose-ends Remove All Extensions Architectural Directions For New 1st-party Drivers Share Replication

  • Non Disruptive Operations High Availability

    Availability Zones Failures within an AZ

    High Availability Solution Clustered Storage

    Failure of an AZ High Availability Solution

    Share Replication

    Manila State of the Art: Share Replication

  • Demo #3: Share Replication

  • GET INVOLVED WITH MANILA! Manila Resources

    #openstack-manila on IRC (Freenode) Weekly meetings @ Thursday, 15:00 UTC

    NetApp: Red Hat: Suse:



    Manila and Sahara: Crossing the Desert to the Big Data Oasis: Tuesday, Oct 27 12:05pm OpenStack Manila Hands-on Lab Session: Tuesday, Oct 27 2:00pm The State of Ceph, Manila, and Containers in OpenStack: Wednesday, Oct 28 4:40pm


    Manila contributors meetup: Friday, Oct 30, 9:00am

  • Q&A

    October 29, 2015 OpenStack Summit -



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