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Manifest Destiny


  • 1. Manifest DestinyUS HistoryMap of United States Circa 1830

2. 2What is Manifest Destiny?American Progress Color Lithographby George A. Crofutt and John Gast 3. 3What is Manifest DestinyBelief that the US should expand its territoryfrom coast to coast 4. 4US Territorial ExpansionAWhen?1776From Where?Great BritainWhy?US declaredindependencefrom GreatBritainA - 13 OriginalColonies 5. 5US Territorial ExpansionB - Western LandsAWhen?1783From Where?Great BritainWhy?Part ofresults ofTreaty ofParis (endedRevolutionaryWar)B 6. 6US Territorial ExpansionAWhen?1803From Where?FranceWhy?Napoleonneeded $Jeffersonwanted to buyNew OrleansHe got all ofthis instead!C - LouisianaPurchaseBC 7. 7US Territorial ExpansionAWhen?1819From Where?SpainWhy?AndrewJacksoninvadedSpain thensold it to usfor $5 millionD - FloridaBDC 8. 8Mr. Manifest DestinyJames K. PolkElected Presidentin 1844Added moreterritory to te US(by any means)than any otherPresidentDied 103 daysafter his singleterm ended 9. 9US Territorial ExpansionAWhen?1845From Where?E - TexasRepublic of Texas (Independent Country)Why?Texasindependent fromMexico in 1836Northernersfeared it wouldbecome a slavestateFears finallyovercome in 1944PresidentialelectionBDCE 10. 10US Territorial ExpansionF - Oregon TerritoryAWhen?1846From Where?Great BritainWhy?Claimed by fourcountries (G.Britain, Russia,Spain, & US)Americansdemanded 54 40or fight!Britaincompromised 49& US acceptedBDCEF 11. 11US Territorial ExpansionG - Mexican CessionAWhen?1848From Where?MexicoWhy?Polk offers to buyG from Mexico &they refuseWar!US winsIn Treaty ofGuadalupeHidalgo, US offers$15 million for GBDCEFG