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  • | | October 201539Consultants Review

    Manhaday Consultants: Imbuing Corporate & Financial Advisory with Tailored Structuring, Negotiation and Execution

    In todays globalized economy, mergers and acquisitions are being increasingly used the world over as a strategy for achieving a larger

    asset base. For entering new markets, generating additional manufacturing capacities and gaining complementary strengths and competencies, nowadays organizations focus on the M&A sector to sharpen their edges. Unlike the global market, nine years ago the term advisory services was foreign to the Indian space and a majority of promoters were heavily dependant on their charted accountants and accountants who were acting as CFO

    is when Manhaday Consultants, came into exist; incorporated in the year 2006, on the strong principles of Uday

    Being an industry veteran, Uday foresaw the need of the Indian market

    sector, which paved the way to the inception of Manhaday Consultants.

    Since its inception, Manhaday fo-cused on the SME/MSME segment which is one of the greatest support-ers to GDP and gives employment to a large number of individuals than sub-stantial organizations. Indian SMEs are mostly family promoter driven with less professional expertise / quality management for helping their growth story and we thought we could

    knowledge, says Uday Hegde, Direc-tor, Manhaday Consultants. Under his


    services such as Project Advisory Ser-vices, Project & Corporate Finance

    Syndication, Corporate Advisory Ser-vices and Private Equity & Matching international licencee / marketing re-


    depends on how it foresee the shifting market landscape can impact potential deals. When it comes to Manhaday, the

    value of an opportunity by combining

    with the deep industry knowledge. Our strength lies in understanding business gaps and what we can do with our experience and knowledge to make clients grow, says Uday. Manhaday consulting professionals bring deep industry expertise gained from countless hands-on experiences spanning functions, sectors and geographies.

    Over a period of time, this Mumbai-

    delivering well-planned decisions to its clients, which resulted in furnishing their clients with better opportunities

    majority of the clients associated with Manhaday enjoy long term solutions and growth opportunity. We see our

    satisfaction is our motto. We maintain a close and active relationship with

    institutions in the country, proudly expounds Uday. Today, Manhadays industry experience and innovative thinking coalesce to move their recommendations beyond formula & orthodoxy and pinpoint the best and most practical course of action.

    Uday, the promoter believes that its time for India to look at acquiring international companies to do joint ventures and there is also a need for an India focused M&A internet site.

    to spread its wings across international boundaries from Singapore to

    in the US. Looking further, Manhaday is much focused on the Make in India campaign, which allows Indian companies to use their infrastructure to better capacity utilization by taking contract manufacturing.

    Over the period of time, this Mumbai-headquartered firm succeeded in delivering well-planned decisions to their clients, which resulted in furnishing their clients with better opportunities and focused financial goals

    Uday Hegde, Director